Chapter 1

After weeks of traveling ash and co finally made it to pallet and were heading toward ash's house. Delia ash's mother greet them with her usual cheerful attitude

"Ash, Max, May, Brock! You're finally there I thought you'd never make it in time! Hurry up! We're supposed to be there at 3pm and its 1pm you only have 2 hour to change clothes, eat and get ready!"

"Yeah mom I know" answered the black-haired boy before entering the house followed by pikachu, May, Max and Brock. The reason to Delia's excitement was that Professor Oak was celebrating his birthday and had invited the entire town, trainers and some friends to a big sleep over because he planned on organizing a pokemon tournament too and despite the fact he was exhausted from the trip, Ash was thrilled especially since Gary and even Richie were going to enter the tournament. There weren't any prize because it was only to entertain the old folk but still it was a golden occasion to challenge and beat his 2 rival. Brock wanted to enter too and Misty that he hadn't seen in while was going to be there as well. So after some baths, change up and decent dinner they all pack things for 3 days and headed toward the Oak Mansion.

When they arrived, they found out that the place was crowned! Almost everyone had arrived they were last. Gary greet them with his trademark smirk

"Hey Ashy-boy! I see last like always, hope you'll improve during the tournament"

"Ha Ha! Really funny Gary now let us in" and as he did Ash spotted Richie and Misty talking together. The party split, Brock saw Tracie and went talk to him with Max while Ash and May joined Richie and Misty and Delia went looking for Professor Oak.

"Ash!" exclaimed Misty

"Hey Misty"

"I didn't think you'd make it in time!" said Misty with a surprised face. Ash was getting tired of everyone thinking he's always late or couldn't read a map and just replied "Well we did" he them introduce May to Richie. The four of them talked for about an hour before Professor Oak showed up with Delia at his side.

"Hi trainers and friends, it's with pleasure that I'm announcing great news to all of you. As you've all been told there'll be a tournament for trainers willing to enter. This tournament is in honor of my engagement with Delia Ketchum" To those words ash's mother blush and ash look at the couple with surprise. He knew that they were going out of course and he accepted it but still this was a pretty big shock. The rest of the people weren't as surprised as him and cheered the couple.

"Thank you all of you and now let's celebrate my 52nd birthday for the rest night. All you rooms are assigned and if you need help to find them or put your stuff in them just ask any servant they'll help you. Also the tournament will start tomorrow afternoon everyone who wants to enter must register during the morning before 11am. Now let's all party and have fun!" He didn't need to say it twice before everyone did. There were a buffet, dances, games and plenty other stuff. Ash was walking toward the food but before he could say anything May took him to dance. Misty just watch them go as Richie shyly ask her to dance too she agreed and went with him. Ash was surprise to see Misty dance, he knew she loves too but just couldn't imagine her dancing with someone other than him. He didn't notice that he was staring at them all along but May did and both of them started to feel jealousy. After 4 or 5 songs Misty started to get tired so she took a break and told Richie to continue he if wanted and that she just needed to take a short break.

She was taking a drink when she bumped into someone. It was Gary Oak, ash's rival, and she had spilled her Sprite on his luxurious tuxedo.

"Sorry, I didn't see you and…"

"Don't mind it" he cut her off and gave her one of his trademark grin "but now you own me a favor" he said

"Depending what it is" replied Misty suspiciously and Gary laughed.

"I just want a dance"

"What!" cried Misty everyone stare at her she apologized and look straight onto Gary's cool blue eyes.

"You heard me"

"What about all the other girls just waiting for you to ask them to dance"

"They'll just wait longer, so are you coming or what" he gave her his hand and she just took it. Misty search for Richie but found out he was dancing with someone else and that Ash was still with May so she put all her attention on Gary and they started a conversation. Just after she looked at them Ash and Richie stared at her with shocked eyes seeing her with the player that was Gary. Richie felt a little heartbroken and ash frustrated that Gary was trying to steal him Misty with all the rivalry stuff. May was just desperate that all ash's concentration was on Misty. Gary however saw the looks that both Ash and Richie gave him and Misty wondered how much she'll have to do to repay Gary's tuxedo. This surely was going to be a long weekend thought the 5 of them.

First Chapter up! So how do you find it? If there's any mistake or incoherent sentence plz tell me cuz its my second year in advanced English and I'm not very used to it neways c ya guys!