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Chapter 10


The crowd who had been quiet for awhile, cheered again like insane. Even though there had been no battle, something unexpected happened, not only Gary made a really sweet love declaration but two life-long rivals shook hands. This could have been the start of a new friendship. You could see the two guys bear hugging each other almost like good old friends or even brothers. May looked at Ash surprised, he had matured so much in a short period of time, it was just unbelievable. Although she knew that Ash was kind and a good person, she never expected to accept all of this that easily. Gary also surprised her a lot. He had trained so hard, she knew it every times he wasn't with them he was either training or relaxing from his hard training. Maybe no one had noticed but Gary had been really tired lately. She knew Misty would have normally noticed but she was really tormented at the moment, even her, didn't notice it until Brock told her. Well to resume she knew that Gary had a lot of pride and reasons to win this match and it surely took him all his will power to forfeit. She smiled. Gary must REALLY like her. It was amazing how fast the two of them fell for each other…maybe they were soul mates. She was interrupted in her thought by Misty's voice.

"Should we go down and congratulate them?"

"Oh well I don't think so, look at them" May pointed at the two excited young men "I think they're having a great time together" May added smiling. Misty also smiled.

"Yeah you're right, let's go find something to eat then!"

"You bet I'm starving!" agreed May

"You sound like Ash now!" and the two of them left, giggling.

Almost like sisters.

At the same time

"Hey Gary, where are the girls? I don't see them anymore" Ash asked

"I don't know, let's go look for them" proposed Gary

Misty was putting coins in the food machine while May was waiting aside of her.

"Misty, may I ask you a question?"

"Sure go ahead May"

"Well I was wondering, who were you going to choose"

"Oh, I hate to have to have to choose between two wonderful person but I think that-"

"Hey girls, we finally found you!" a happy Ash cried at them

"Told you, they'd be eating! Misty's appetite's like one of a Gyarados!"

It wasn't long before you hear a big Bam and someone moaning in pain…

"So is her temper…" added a moaning but grinning Gary

"You did deserve it" Misty replied to his comment

"I'd think I'd deserve a kiss instead"

"Oh yeah? Why? For losing? I now see how much you really care for me Gary Oak" she teased him

Gary then tickled her. Misty burst out laughing.

"Please Gary, stop it you're killing me!" she begged between two laughs

"I'm killing you? See if I care" he grinned

Ash and May exchanged a glance. They were well aware of whom Misty had chosen and that this was an important egoshippy moment so they left, unnoticed by the new couple.

"They're really cute together!" May, after leaving Misty and Gary, giggled at the childish scene she had just witnessed before "Don't you think so, Ash?"

"Yeah…" he replied absorbed by his thoughts

"So Ash, how are you feeling now?" May asked Ash, slightly worried

"Stupid" he replied half smiling


"Because I never realized how much Misty loved me or how Gary now loves Misty or again how much you love me" he said, halting

"It's ok you know, you didn't do that intentionally so you shouldn't blame yourself" May replied, embarrassed and stopped too

"Only for the first two cases…after awhile I realized you loved me or people made me realize it. I just wanted to have Misty, no matter how much it'd be costing me. I didn't want to lose her to anyone especially Gary…"

"But it's because you loved her, you loved her since years even if you took time realizing it! Stop being so hard on yourself, you're really brave to let her go even though your feelings" she smiled to him

"I love you May" he let out and then sighed at the look on her face "See, I was just too much caught up in the fight to even notice…or care; I knew I had you as cocky as it sounds… Is it too late?" he asked worried

"It's never too late for love, Ash" smiled May

Ash also smiled.

"So what do you want to do?" he asked sheepishly

"I don't know, maybe you'd like to prepare for Agatha's battle"

"Sorry, no more training for me and either way I couldn't defeat her...What about we spend sometimes together? "

"Oh, Ash, I'd love to!"

"Want a donut?"

Gary and Misty spent the rest of the afternoon together and so did Ash and May before the finals. They all went to support Ash during his match against Agatha. The battle had been short but to the difference of Agatha's other opponents, it lasted longer. Ash and Pikachu had even been able to harm Agatha's Ganger, she had decided that since it was finals she might as well use a strong pokemon, with a powerful thunderbolt attack. Agatha had been quite impressed and had given Ash her prizes and most amazingly, smiled to him.

"You're good, kid" she had told him, Ash had grinned to the compliment

So Ash had had the prize money and new invention of Pr. Oak, which he gave to Gary for his researches.

"I'd never had been able to put up a 'good' match against Agatha without the training I did to beat YOU" he explained him, smiling "Use it for your researches"

They had shaken hands, this time the rivalry was really gone…or maybe not but still there was now a blooming friendship between them.

Months later

In the cerulean gym, waiting besides the stairs was Gary. He seemed a little bit stressed.

"Misty, hurry up! We have to be there before everyone else!"

"Coming, Gary!"

She was looking in her messy room for the gift she had bought just the previous day. She looked into her drawers and found out something that caught her attention. It actually wasn't the present but an old letter. She opened it reminiscing.

Dear Misty,

By the time you read this letter, I'll be gone. I know I didn't say goodbye. I'm sorry. I just couldn't put up the courage to do so… I never loved someone as much as I loved you and letting you go was tougher than any pokemon battle could have been. I want you to be happy, that may be one of the reason I'm leaving.

You're a great girl and I'm sure you wouldn't let yourself be happy if it meant leaving someone else sad. No matter what happens, no matter where I am, just want you to know that if you're in need, I'd come running just to see you. I'm not a perfect person and I get sometimes weak but I really wanted to be the right one for you. Hope the one you're with now will give you all the love you deserve. I trust your judgment.

I just want to tell you, before I'm gone for good, that you changed me. You made me discover a side of me I didn't know. You didn't give me all the love I longed for, but more, I gave love which I think is much more precious. For a moment you put a sense to my life, a sense I could see every times I looked into your eyes. I know that one day I'll find someone else to care about but I also know that you'll always have a place in my heart that no one has ever taken before.




She folded the paper, making disappear Richie's neat handwriting, and put it back in her drawer, a sad smile on her face. She was closing her drawer when she noticed a wrapped box under her bed. She wouldn't have found it if she hadn't find the letter.

"Even when you're not with me, you're always there to help me, Richie" she thought


"I'm ready!"

She finally went downstairs. Gary gasped at how beautiful she was; she had a green flashing robe who was reflecting her eyes and to which her long red hair contrasted. She was wearing a necklace that Gary had bought her a month ago for her birthday and the little cute timid smile she gave him almost drove him nuts. He suppressed the urge to kiss her right now and held his arm which she took and they went to his car.

After about an hour of driving they arrived at Pallet.

"So, nervous about being the bridesmaid?" Gary asked Misty

"Yeah, a little bit. But I think it'll be fine I'll have May with me. What about you? You and Ash are going to be the best men" Gary chuckled to that

"I know, gramps was so worried about us battling for the title that he chose both of us. He should have known that it was the opposite, I hate making public speeches."

Misty patted him in the back

"C'mon you gotta take your responsibilities!"

"And you're the one talking?" he replied amused to her

"Got a problem with that?" she threatened

"Nope!" he grinned

They joined May and Ash and soon ceremony started. The couple took their bows and the party started. They were everything; caviar, vine, chicken nuggets…Everything! The fiesta was as great as the one the couple made before, six months sooner, at the Oak mansion.

Our 4 friends went in a quiet place talking and staring at the new married person. Delia was beautiful in her dress and Pr. Oak was really elegant.

"Look at how happy mom is" exclaimed Ash, smiling

"Yeah, makes me remember how happy I am when I'm with you" said May daydreaming

Ash's smile grew wider and he put May into a kiss.

Misty and Gary looked at them amused. They really looked good together.

"Save it for later Ash! The main couple for today is the one now dancing" she teased him and pointed at the Oaks dancing.

Ash and May blushed. Ash and May split up and he took May's hand in his.

"Marriages are so great!" May happily sighed, she tighten her grip on Ash's hand

"I know, but I think this may be the last one I participate to…"

Gary put his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder

"I wouldn't think so if I was you" he said

"What are you thinking about?" she asked him "If you're talking about my sisters, just know that they're not interested in life-long engagements."

"You'll see one day"

Ash and May, who had understood, shared a knowing smile. This time it was Ash who pull May to the dance and, followed by Gary and Misty, they joined the married couple.

"A KISS, A KISS, A KISS!" everyone screamed

Blushing, Delia and Samuel kissed passionately under the eyes of everyone giving an example to all the soon-to-be married people in the crowd.


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