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Aerith walked down the high school hallways. She was terrified! This new school was so much bigger then her last school which was located in a small rural community. This was a bigger city with a lot more people. She had no idea where her next class was. She griped her books tighter and walked over to a boy with long silver hair and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and she froze in place. He was handsome, but intimidating. "Um… can you please help me find room 35, Pre-calculus?" She gripped her books tighter, waiting for a response.

"Sure, follow me." He smiled at her with a gleam in his eye that made her uneasy and started shuffling through the crowd. The crowd seemed to part for him as he walked. She quickly followed him, glancing at the other students strange looks. The crowd started to slowly disappear and soon they were the only ones in the hall way. The bell rang and she jumped. Her eyes got big; she was going to be late for class! Could she afford to be late to a new class? How would that look!

"Excuse me, I was wondering how much farther?" she said to the boy in front of her.

He turned around and announced, "We're here." He opened the door and let Aerith in. She looked at the teacher in the front of the classroom and then to the class. Everyone was looking at her! She turned red with embarrassment and mumbled a thank you to the boy leaving the doorway. She smiled shyly at the teacher and walked up to him.

"I'm Aerith Gainsborough, I'm sorry for being late." She apologized.

"It's nice to have you in my class, don't bother about being late this time, it happens a lot to new students, please take and available seat." Her teacher responded gently and gestured toward the seats. Aerith quickly nodded and went to the back of the class room. She would have preferred to have the back corner but it was already taken, so she had to take the seat to the left of it. She set her huge pile of books on the corner of her desk and took out a note book.

Aerith felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. She turned to find a pretty brunette girl on her left. "Welcome to St. Materia, I'm Belle." She extended her hand in greeting, and Aerith took it and shook it.

"Thank you for welcoming me." She replied

"Do you have anyone to sit with at lunch yet?"

"No, I didn't even think about it!"

"Do you want to eat with my group and me?"

"I'd love to, thank you very much."

"No problem. Meet me in front of the Attendants office at noon."

"Alright, thanks!" Aerith turned around in her seat and started taking notes in class. She glanced over to her right and saw a punk-ish boy sitting beside her, in the seat she was originally going to sit in. He looked up at her, feeling her eyes on him, his face devoid of emotion. He was gorgeous. She smiled and introduced her self, "Hi, I'm Aerith, nice to meet you, what's your name?"

"Cloud" was all he said before turning to face the teacher again. Aeirth turned back to and realized they had gone over this chapter her last week of her last school she already knew this. She took the notes anyways teachers were different and this one might want different things. Toward the end of class she looked over to Cloud. He was sleeping. He was in a pose that would have looked like he was just taking notes and but she could see him from the side and she saw his eyes closed. The bell rung and everyone got up, Cloud stayed sleeping. Aerith glanced at the teacher and then reached over and gently shook his shoulder. He slowly raised his head up and looked at her. She smiled and pointed at the clock then got up and left He watched her exit the room, didn't she know who he was? No one gave him a helping hand, especially not someone like her. He rose from his seat and walked out the door.

"What boring classes I have! Isn't there anything more challenging?" Wailed Aeirth while walking up to Belle for lunch. Her classes were so easy her little brother could do them, and he was a freshman!

"I know it's easy, but some people aren't as… gifted as us." Belle replied meeting Aerith. "This way to the Cafeteria." Aerith followed her down the hallway and into the lunch room. While getting lunch Belle told Aerith about the people she was going to sit with, "there's Kairi she's a freshman very bright for being one and pretty mature for her age, then there's Jasmine, she's a transfer student from Arabia. Then theirs Aladdin, his Father owns an antique shop on Main Street. Aladdin and Jasmine are dating and she told me that she was planning on staying here longer then the semester she was scheduled. Then theirs Jane, she's so funny, she's from England. And she is so funny" they started walking to a back corner of the lunch room, "oh I guess we have a new arrival." Belle said while taking a seat next to Jane. "Kairi who's your friend?"

Kairi looked up and responded "Sora, he just moved here, he's in my English Class"

Belle looked at Aerith, "there you go, and this is Sora a new addition"

Aerith looked at the spiky haired brunet boy and replied, "I know, he's my little brother." She then sat down next to Belle.

"Now that you said it, I do see a little bit of family resemblance." Belle replied the rest of the table nodded in agreement. "It's cool that you two ended up sitting at the same table"

"Did you here about the new students? I heard they're major geeks!" Tidus whispered to his table. His whispering earned him a slap on the back of the head by his girlfriend Yuna.

"It's not nice to call people names, Stereotypes are wrong; they could be very nice people!" She proclaimed as she glared at him

"But look, their both sitting at the Nerd table!" Tidus returned, pointing at the table in the corner. The rest of the table turned and looked. Tifa the leader of the table and the star Soccer and Softball player tuned back around after looking.

"Belle and Jane are really friendly, you shouldn't make fun of people just because their smart." Tifa said smiling at the table.

"Nicely said Tifa" Rinoa exclaimed from beside Tifa. She looked at the table and noticed the group was kind of small. "Where are Hercules and Meg?"

"Probably making out in the Janitors office again." Tidus muttered under his breath causing the table to brake out in laughter. "Well… they've been caught I don't know how many times!"

"No one doubts your opinion, Tidus" Tifa remarked, "I think that is very likely."

"Yeah, Meg is like, a total Nympho!" piped Rikku brushing back a braid from her face.

"Well… I hope he doesn't give her too much protein during Lunch" Tidus joked making the table laugh again.

"Cloud, where were you?" asked a boy with long black hair. He wore red and black he had red eyes to match. Vincent was the biggest Goth in the High school and just happened to be Clouds best friend.

"I fell asleep during class" Cloud replied sitting in-between Leon and Riku.

"An other all nighter?" Asked Yuffie sitting across from Riku

"Yeah, and through out all my classes only one person woke me up."

"Who was it?" Leon asked from beside him.

"Some new girl."

"I heard about her! Yuffie added. "I hear she's super smart, and that she's very pretty. If she's smart theirs a big chance that she can be sitting with the geeky group." Immediately everyone turned and looked across the room. Aerith was there, sitting beside the Present runner for Valedictorian, Belle Miller. The group turned back around, "I told you so" piped Yuffie. "Hey Vincent, are you going to eat those Chicken Nuggets?"

"No, why"

"Can I have them?" Yuffie asked. Vincent pushed his tray over to Yuffie and she eagerly grabbed the nuggets and put them on her tray. "Thanks!"

"How can you eat that stuff, its disgusting!" Riku scoffed

"Does that mean you're not going to eat yours?"

"Take 'em"

"Alright!" Yuffie didn't even wait for Riku to push his tray over she reached across the table and snatched them off his tray. "So guys what are we doing tonight?"

"Detention" groaned Paine.

"What did you do?" Yuffie questioned


"I know you did something!"

"Fine, I put bee bees in the schools heater"

"Won't that like, make noise?"

"Yeah, that's the point, annoy teachers"

"COOL!" Yuffie screamed making people turn and look at her.

Paine turned and looked back at them "If you have a problem don't sit so close!" then she went back to her conversation with the group.

Cloud glared at the doorway to his next class, Chemistry. He loathed this class; it's the only class he's having problems passing. By looking at him you wouldn't think he was a straight "A" student, but he was except with this class, which was putting a major kink in his Grade Point Average. Suddenly there was a feminine "eep" behind him and he felt himself being thrust forward from someone running into his back. Notebooks, pencils, pens, and texts books fell as the two people landed on the cold cement floor. Cloud turned to see who person was that ran into him. It was the new girl, Aerith. She had been in his Pre-calculus class.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it!" she exclaimed as she reached down picking up her note books and text books

"It's alright, If it gives me an excuse for being late to class, I'm glad" Cloud reassured as he also started picking up his note books and text books. His happened to stay in a nice pile for the most part. But the Aeriths had gone every where. He helped her pick up her stuff.

"Thank you, I really appreciate you helping me" Aerith smiled at him and he felt as if a friendship could be born. It was in her smile, it was so genuine. "We better get to class now, before we miss something."

"Yeah, Chemistry?" Cloud asked

"Yes, you too?" Cloud shook his head and they walked into the class room. Aerith grabbed the seat next to cloud and took out a floral print note book, ready to take notes. Someone beside her got her attention and she looked over.

"Hi, you're the new girl right? Aerith?"

Aerith shook her head and replied, "What's your name?"

"Oh how silly of me, I'm Rinoa. Have you liked school so far?"

"Yes, it's nice the people here are so much nicer then what I thought they'd be"

"Yeah, I'm glad that you're enjoying school so far. Be careful with this teacher Ms. Devil she's a little eccentric. Never mention dogs to her"


"No one knows for sure, theirs a Rumor that she use to be a famous fashion designer and then she tried to make fur coats out of dogs, and that didn't go over to well with her"

"Fur coats made out of dog? How terrible!" Aerith Professed

"Class, Class, Settle down, today I want you to Read chapters one through three in your text books and then get with the partner I assign you and answer all review questions. I want his done by Wednesday." Ms. Devil then passed out work sheets to complete also. "And here are your vocabulary words this week. There are 20 of them as usual." The class groaned as she started calling out names of pairs….

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