Sadly due to persistent theft, Love and Disappointments has been removed from here and can be found officially self-published on Amazon soon.


Love and Disappointments was a self-directed writing project that I posted online during high school. Because of those circumstances, I never intended to publish it and wanted to leave it available for free for the people who wrote me about how much they enjoyed the story or what it meant to them. This edition is unedited, a capsule of my high school craft, as you may be able to tell. Over the years, the wonderful JAF community has reached out to me to let me know that my hard, if imperfect, work has been stolen and published online by other people. I am deeply saddened that something I wanted to share openly could be treated in such a way but am touched and awed by the strangers who fought on my behalf each time to get the work taken down. It has been nearly two decades since I began this story, and I am moved that it has resonated so deeply and lastingly with its readers.

To protect my work and the heart I poured into it, I am publishing it for anyone who would like to return to it or discover it anew.

With endless gratitude,

Audrie Melone