Written by Patriot For Christ

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Marvel characters. There. There's my disclaimer. I do not own any of the technology I have in this story either. They are not mine!

Rising from his bed, Peter Parker headed over to the kitchen to prepare himself some coffee. It was sometime around two in the morning, and Peter had suffered through a sleepless night. There was nothing to do, either. His X-box was stuffed in the back of his condo somewhere, and MJ was out of town finalizing some of their moving information.

After grabbing a cup of espresso, he headed towards the TV and flipped on the satellite. He flipped through the channels until he realized it was set to MJ's TV shows. No wonder he was watching Home, Garden, Crafts, and such shows.

As he switched it back onto the normal one, he set it on the news. He watched the normal--traffic jams around New York, and such. Of course, that is until he watched in terror: live footage of a mysterious person attacking, terrorizing, and tossing victims around the top of a building in New York.

He knew what he had to do. He raced into his room and grabbed his Spiderman costume and put it on in less than thirty seconds. He tossed his normal clothes onto the bed, opened his window and jumped into the night.

Swinging through New York, he passed by several small buildings and about a billion buildings. Finally he came across the building he had seen on TV. He climbed up the top of it as quickly as he could, only to find that there was scattered bodies all across the top of the building. He jumped over to one of the people and felt for a pulse. There was none. Whomever had come here, had massacred about twenty people.

Peter Parker was not one to live with something like that. He was furious once he found that these people where dead.

He walked across the top of the building, sulking and wondering to himself what just happened when-

"Spiderman?" someone asked. The voice was raspy and hurt.

He turned around. "Who's there?" he asked.

"It's me, Debbie Richards the reporter for channel 3 news." the lady said, trying to push herself up.

Spiderman jumped over and helped her up. "We've got get you to a hospital." he said, picked her up.

"Wait, grab that camera over there. I will not go unless I have that camera." she said.

Spiderman grabbed the camera and quickly made a webbing backpack that he tossed over his back. He picked her up over his shoulder and swung off. By the time he had jumped off, she had fallen back into unconsciousness.

As he was swinging he wondered to himself, "What's so important about that camera? What could possibly be on it that she needed so bad?"

He quickly dropped her off at the hospital and left a small note, telling the hospital workers what happened.

After that, he quickly swung off, taking the camera with him. He was going to go home and find out what was on it. Something serious. Something special. Something… Dangerous!