Entwined Fates

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She nodded. "Deshiree was threatening to ruin they're plans so they had you kill her. I'm sorry, InuYasha, but I have to kill you," she said as she raised her head, "she won't cease to live with me until your blood is on my hands. thats why I want you to stay away from me."

"Kagome...I don't care if you're going to kill me. I won't leave you alone to fight this battle alone," I said as I scooted over and touched her cheeks, "even if it costs me my life. At least i died knowing that I was loved and killed by the hand of the woman that stole my shattered heart and mended it back together."

I watched as Kagome sobbed uncontrollably. "Oh, InuYasha. I love you," she breathed and threw her arms around me and crushed her lips against mine.

I felt a tear roll down my cheek before she pulled away. I opened my eyes and stared into blue-green eyes and sighed. I scooted away from the confused Princess and sat in my own seat. I looked away from her as i started the truck. i was taking her to my place. Screw her parents.

"Change of plans, princess," I said as i pulled away from the curb and headed towards my place, "we're going to my place."

Chapter Twenty-One

"Why are you doing this?" the princess's silky voice asked, disturbing the silence of the truck.

My jaw clenched reflexively, but I ignored her and continued to drive towards my house. Kagome's voice kept replaying over and over in my head and I couldn't seem to get her words out. The Princess was here to kill me…fine. I wouldn't lift a finger in Kagome's direction, so I death would be my future.


I frowned and sighed heavily. "What?" I growled, wincing at the acid in my voice. I cleared my throat and tried again. "Yes?" I asked, my tone soft, but empty. At least it was hate filled.

The Princess was quiet for a moment. "Do you really intend to do nothing?" she whispered.

I slide a glance over at her and noticed that she was watching me with confused eyes. I looked away and nodded, slowing at a stop sign. Only a block to go and then I'd lock her away in my room. If Sesshomaru couldn't get there in time to stop her, then he'd finally be rid of his half-breed brother.

My jaw clenched and I felt moisture fill my eyes. I realized in that second that I would actually miss my brother. He was a jerk, no doubt about it, but he had become a constant presence in my life. A person that was always there whenever I needed company, good or not.

I pulled up in front of my home and put my beast of a truck in gear, turning it off at the first chance I got. I sighed heavily and turned towards the Princess. I met her blue-green eyes and saw something that made the hateful words that wanted to spill from my mouth, clog in my throat.

"You would really die…for her?" she asked, tears brimming her eyes. She looked…hurt.

I frowned and wondered how on earth my love for Kagome could hurt her so. "Why? Are you jealous?" I growled a second before I hit me that she was. She was jealous of our love.

Her eyes darkened and the hurt vanished under her anger. "You bastard," she breathed, venom underlining her words.

I blinked and tried to figure out a way to cool her off. Jealousy made a lot of people do stupid stuff. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, but everything just kind of…caught me off guard." I shrugged and looked away from her seething form. "I mean, the moment that I proclaimed my love to Kagome, she turned into you. Then I find out that you have to kill me, using her hand… What the hell do you do or say to that?" I asked. I noticed the note of hysteria in my voice and took a deep breath to calm my breathing.

"You do nothing."

I froze at the soft quiver in her voice and glanced over to see that the hurt had returned in her eyes. "Why do you do this when it clearly hurts you?"

I hadn't meant to say that, but it popped out of my mouth before I could stop myself. I looked over at her and sat with my eyes wide. I braced myself for the blow out and clenched my jaw.

I was surprised when she smiled and took off her seat belt. I watched, stunned, as she opened the truck's door and hoped out. I sat there and watched her backside as she ran towards my house. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Sesshomaru open the door and still.

His eyes roamed over Kagome and a strange light lit his eyes. I growled and jumped out of my truck, shoving the keys into my pocket as I ran towards Kagome with my inhuman speed. I would rather be burned alive then have my brother hit on the thing that possessed my Kagome.

I scooped the Princess up in my arms and snarled at Sesshomaru. "Stay away from her, Sesshomaru."

He smiled and a determined look entered his eyes. "Whatever you say, brother."

I growled again and felt my face contort in rage. Surprise flicked across Sesshomaru's face and he took a step back in reaction. When he got over his shock at my hostility, confusion and worry filled his eyes.

"What happened to you?" he asked, staring at me as if it were the first time he'd ever seen me.

"I died," I breathed, refusing to glance down at the unknown woman in my arms.

I pushed past my brother and blinked away the liquid that blurred my vision. I started running towards my room when I felt a hot tear roll down my cheek. My door slammed behind me and I could hear Sesshomaru breathing on the other side.

I dropped the Princess on my bead and turned away from her. The realization that I lost Kagome and that I was never going to be able to see or hold her in my arms again hit me hard enough that my knees buckled. I hit the floor and felt a heart wretched sob wrack my chest. I wanted to die, just then. I wanted it to be all over. I didn't want to live…not without Kagome.

"Kill me," I whispered.

I heard an intake of breath from the other side of the door, but nothing came from the bed. I turned and met her blue-green eyes with my agony filled amber ones. She stared at me with wide eyes and her mouth partially open.

"KILL ME!" I screamed, appearing before her, my hands gripping her shoulders, "just kill me," I breathed in a sob.

I watched as tears rolled continuously down her cheeks in confusion and anger. Why the hell was she crying? She was getting what she wanted. I was giving her a free shot at coating her hands in my blood. Why wasn't she ecstatic?

I watched as she drew her hand back and noticed the knife she clenched in it. I closed my eyes and pictured Kagome's smiling face as I waited for my death. I thought of Heaven and with it came the thought of…seeing Kagome again. I felt a smile curve my lips as peace filled me.

"I'll be waiting for you Kagome," I whispered, "after all, we have entwined fates, remember?"



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