Too Much Like

by Lady Pyrefly


"We're going to the store." Robin's voice echoed slightly in the common room of the Titan Tower. Slight humming came from Starfire, as she bounced eagerly up and down on the balls of her feet.

Beast Boy hardly looked up as he mashed the buttons on his video game controller. He stared intently at the screen and said, "Yeah, okay. Don't forget my tofu."

Cyborg was standing in the doorway with his darling car keys in his hand. Starfire hopped happily over in his direction and asked, "And for you, friend Raven? What can we get you from the store of groceries?"

Raven, from reading her paperback novel on the couch, looked up rather surprised. "All three of you are going?" The dark hood covered her face and made it impossible to read her reactions. Robin sighed. Standing behind the couch, he recounted the story of the last time someone had tried to drive the car without Cyborg around. The end result was, of course, not pleasant. With a nod and a smirk towards the end of the story, Raven said nothing.

Robin cleared his throat. "Yeah, so, you guys stay here, watch the city. Anything happens, you let us know, okay?" They nodded.

Whooooosh. A door slid shut.

Thunk. A game controller hit the floor.

Rushtle. A paperback was pushed across the floor.

And two pair of lips were drawn together like magnets.

There was silence, complete, blissful silence, in the Tower. Finally, however, Raven pulled away. She stared upwards into green eyes, and smiled, kind of. She caught her breath. Beast Boy, too, grinned down into Raven's face. He kissed her again. Raven found her hands snaking upward around his neck, fingers twirling around his hair. This was, oh, much too much.

"Beast Boy," Raven said, pulling away and sitting up on the couch. Beast Boy was forced to crawl off of her and took a seat next to Raven. "Beast Boy, I think this is getting...a bit much." She took a sidelong glance at the changeling next to her. His expression was unreadable, so she continued. "I think this is getting...too much like an actual relationship." The green boy raised an eyebrow at her, rather confused. Raven paused. This next part was going to be the hardest. "Someone…asked me out."

Beast Boy tried to act nonchalant. "You can say yes, if you want. It's not like this is a real relationship."

Raven sat back against the couch and slumped. This was…very out of character for the demon girl to say the least. She mused a little. "I don't want to," Raven murmered, more to herself than anything else. Looking up, she saw her changeling friend with a faint smile playing on his lips. "But its not like this is a real thing," she added, just in case.

"No, of course not," Beast Boy said, leaning in. "Just too much like one."

Lips again met, and silence again reigned.