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Chapter 2... Sweet Escape (present day America)

If I could escape,

I would, but first of all let me say

I must apologize for acting,

stinking treating you this way.

Dawn walked along to class, bouncing around with her iPod on. Everyone pretty much ignored her, but she was used to it. She'd just gotten to this university and wasn't all that fond of the people here. She figured she'd just do what she had to while she was here. Books were tucked under her own arm.

Cause I been acting like sour milk

that fell on the floor

it's your fault you didn't shut

the refrigerator,

maybe that's the reason

I've been acting so cold.

Her sketchbook fluttered to the floor. A sketch of a mysterious rider on a black horse was revealed. She picked it up quickly before anyone could see it.

If I could escape,

and recreate a place that's my own world

if I could be your favorite girl, forever

Dawn was always fascinated with ghost stories and she loved the legend of Sleepy Hollow. She'd seen the movie numerous times and had sketched the Hessian (although she doubted very seriously that's what he looked like). In the drawing, he was riding Daredevil through the woods and she was sitting cross-ways in his lap and looking up at him with a smile.

Perfectly together

and tell me boy,

now wouldn't that be sweet?

Dawn had a thing for story-book villains, too. She almost always chose the bad guy over the good one for some odd reason and they fueled her imagination when she sketched during lectures.

If I could be sweet,

I know I been a real bad girl

I didn't mean for you to get hurt


we can make it better,

Tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet?

Sweet escape, sweet escape.

It was night-time. She couldn't wait to get home to her apartment and get some rest. She already had plans to order a pizza, have a hot bath, and settle in with a good book. Many of her books were worn out and dog-eared, but she loved them just the same.

You melt me down,

I'm at my lowest boiling point,

come help me out,

I need to get me out of this joint.

She was also in the process of moving from her dorm room, so she had a lot of stuff in her car. Dawn hadn't been here very long, so she didn't exactly know her way around perfectly. She often got lost in the dark and tonight was one of those nights. Thankfully, she had a full tank of gas. As she navigated wrong turn after wrong turn, Dawn began to think she was never going to get home.

Come on, let's bounce

instead of clowning around,

let's look for some common ground

She began to get sleepy. She wondered why there were no more lights at all. She didn't even see any car headlights anymore. The road had become bumpy and unpaved. It was also full of holes.

Up ahead was a covered bridge. Mist floated around it.

It probably wasn't a good idea to go there. It looked so old that it might fall apart if she even breathed on it wrong, but Dawn was strangely drawn to the bridge. Transfixed, she slowed down.

So, baby, time's getting a little crazy

I'm getting a little lazy

waiting for you to come save me

I can see that you're angry

by the way that you treat me

Hopefully you won't leave me

Want to take you with me.

For what seemed like an eternity. The small yellow car was swallowed up by the blackness. Eventually, Dawn emerged on the other side.

She was exhausted. Deciding it would be easier to find home in the morning, Dawn shut the car off and leaned her seat back. Sleep overtook her in a matter of moments.

She awoke when the sun shone on her face. A bird sang somewhere in the distance. She rubbed her eyes and looked around.

A man with wild dark hair was talking to a boy nearby. Two horses were tied to a tree. They were dressed in really old clothes. Dawn couldn't help but stare. Cautiously, the man approached the car. He jumped visibly when Dawn rolled down the window.

"You have the strangest carriage I have ever seen. Have you no driver? And where are the horses?"

Dawn was surprised.

"This is a car. You've never seen a car before?"

The man gave the hood a thump with his fingers.

"Where am I, anyway? I was trying to get home and I seem to have gotten lost," Dawn explained.

He wasn't listening. He walked all the way around the car, looked under it, then, finally came back to face her.

"You're in Sleepy Hollow, Miss."

Dawn's dark eyes grew wide.

"Sl-Sleepy Hollow?" she stuttered.


Dawn's head hit the steering wheel with a resounding THUMP!

"Miss? MISS! Wake up! How do I get her out of this contraption? It's usually me that does the fainting," he complained. The boy came over.

"Perhaps if we pull this handle," he commented, pulling at the car door. It sprang open.

"Let's take her back to Katrina's house. She'll know what to do."

"Shouldn't we bring her things with us so that they don't get stolen?"

Ichabod sighed. The strange machine was full of things, but it wasn't much more than they could carry comfortably.

She had several art supplies, a backpack full of books, notebooks, and pencils, a guitar and an amplifier, another bag that Ichabod did not search, and a few changes of clothes. Of course, they did not know what some of these things were, but they didn't bother to question them until later.

They removed her silver ballet-style shoes and lay her on the nearest bed. They gently covered her up and put all of her things in a pile against the wall. Katrina made some chamomile tea for the strangely-dressed girl to calm her nerves.

"We should probably get her carriage, sir," Masbeth told Ichabod, "they may think her a witch, sir."

"Quite right, Masbeth. Even I can't help thinking she's here for a reason," Ichabod said. They rode their horses into the woods, looped ropes around the small car, and with some difficulty, dragged up the hill and hid it under some old, ragged sheets in the barn. Then, they dusted the sheets with straw to make it look like it had been there forever.

"I'm just thankful we found her before the Horseman did," Ichabod commented as they were finishing up, "there's no telling what he'd have done to her."

Masbeth nodded.

"I thought he was resting in peace, though," Masbeth told him.

Ichabod's heart pounded in fear just remembering the Hessian.

"Maybe. But there's no guarantee that he doesn't check up on Sleepy Hollow now and then," he reminded his young assistant, "and if Lady Van Tassel could control him, surely there's someone else out there who potentially could."

"If you're so scared of the Hessian, why did you move back?" Masbeth asked.

Ichabod's expression shifted, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"Because Katrina didn't like New York," he said slowly, "I only wish to make her happy."

Masbeth knew it was an obvious answer, but he was inwardly laughing at Ichabod's childish expression- he looked like a schoolboy who'd gotten his first kiss on the cheek.

"Let's go see if she's awake," Ichabod suggested.

Sweet escape, sweet escape

(I wanna get away

to a sweet escape.

I want to get away,