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The Epilogue

Linda Park and her boyfriend of a little over three months sat at their favorite booth in their favorite diner, smiling at each other around the straws of their sodas. It was a fairly average Friday night for the two of them.

He reached for her hand across the booth, and smiled brightly. "I love you, Linda."

"I love you too, Wally." She said and smiled just as bright.

Wally raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.

"Oh!" Linda exclaimed. "I forgot to tell you! WKEY-TV offered me a job this morning."

"No way! That's awesome, babe." He ran his thumb over her knuckles. "What position?"

She cleared her throat. "Well, um…I'll be a field reporter. I'll be doing fluff pieces again. BUT! It pays twice as much as CCN did. And the best part is that they're hiring Gus too. So, he'll be my camera man."

He smiled. "That's wonderful."

She nodded. "I'm excited. I start Monday."

"Start what on Monday, exactly?" A female voice asked, and Linda pulled her hand away from Wally.

She tossed her black hair over her shoulder and smiled at the couple joining them at their booth. When she had first started dating Wally, the idea of them publicly hanging out with other superheroes terrified her to no end. It wasn't so much being with other superheroes. It was someone figuring out who Wally was through his association with other superheroes The thought of Wally being vulnerable was absolutely panic attack inducing – not that she would ever tell him that.

But these two were Wally's best friends. And she had learned to accept them. Even though they were unmasked when they fought the bad guys, they tried to make sure no one would recognize them.

It was easier for John. He put on a Tigers baseball cap and sunglasses. Shayera had to get a charm from a magician in the League to hide her wings. She had pulled her red hair loosely into a bun and square glasses perched on her porcelain nose.

They looked so average you would never guess they put on spandex and saved the world on a regular basis.

Shayera sat down next to Linda, and John sat down next to Wally.

"My new job at WKEY-TV," Linda replied, careful not to knock into Shayera's hidden wings as she sat down.

Shayera nodded approvingly. "That's great, Linda."

"You ordered without us?" John asked Wally, gesturing at the sodas on the table.

The redhead waved a hand at the waitress. "Just the sodas. You are late."

"By five minutes!" John exclaimed.

"We were thirsty," Linda said and gave a shrug.

The waitress walked over to their booth, a happy smile on her face. "Hey guys. The usuals?"


"Mm hmm."


"Actually," John began, clapping his hands together. "I'm going to try the barbeque chicken dinner."

She nodded and walked off. "It'll be out soon, guys."

The other occupants of the table stared at John, their eyes wide and mocking. "Well, someone is feeling adventurous tonight," Shayera said.

John shrugged, leaning back in his seat. "I felt like a change."

Shayera flashed her boyfriend a teasing look; he grinned at her.

Wally sipped at his soda. "Do you guys know what movie you want to see?"

"That new Dakota Fanning movie looks interesting," Linda offered.

Shayera shook her head. "I want to see that movie with the pirates."

"Oh yeah," John chimed in. "That one looked good."

"Isn't there a new Disney movie out?" Wally asked.

Shayera narrowed her eyes. "You mean that animated one? Wally….you are too old for animated movies."

"Says you!" Wally exclaimed. "I, personally, don't believe anyone can ever be too old for an animated movie."

Linda smiled to herself and leaned back, choosing not to jump in the oncoming argument. They were such an odd group…one she never expected to be involved with in a million years. But, nevertheless, they spent every Friday night together: first at Sal's, and then at the movies.

And then Saturday the three of them would go back to work for the League and she wouldn't get to see her boyfriend again until Tuesday. Oh well, at least he wasn't clingy.

Linda rested her chin on the palm of her hand and watched her boyfriend argue with their friends about animation. The job of a superhero's girlfriend wasn't easy. It involved a lot of sacrifices. She only got to see him a few days out of the week. She worried every time he went on a mission that he'd never come back. She worried that someone would figure out his secret identity. She worried, selfishly, that someone would come after her because of who he was. She worried about the future, and if he'd even be around to have one with.

It felt like she spent all of her time worrying about him, instead of actually being with him.

"Linda?" Wally asked, pulling her out of her trailing thoughts. He took her hand in his again. "What do you think?"

She looked around the table noticing that everyone was looking at her expectantly. "Hmm?"

"You wanna see the pirate movie?" John asked.

"Oh," she smiled and nodded. "Sure!"

"That settles it then," John said. "One questions remains, though. Who's the better pirate: Jack Sparrow or One-Eyed Willie?"

Shayera rolled her eyes. "One-Eyed Willie was dead. He doesn't count."

John stared at her, mouth agape. "Doesn't count? After all the traps he set up? Doesn't count? It's the Goonies, Shayera."

Wally kissed Linda's hand again, winking at her before joining in the argument.

No, the job of a superhero's girlfriend wasn't easy.

But Linda loved her job very much.

The End.