Red Beauty Sisters By invader pixie

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Chapter 1: Supreme Powers

POV: Minako/Princess Venus

I opened the doorway to the Neo Queen's chambers. There she sat on her large canopy bed, reading to Chibi-Usa and ChibiChibi. I curtsied. "Milady."

"Goodnight, Moon," Usagi narrated. She looked up at me as well as the girls. "Hello, Minako-Chan. Would you like to hear a bedtime story?"

I giggled. "No, milady, thank you."

Neo Queen Serenity frowned. "Please, Minako-Chan, how many times have I told you to call me Usagi?"

I smiled. "One more time, milady." All four of us laughed. My face turned more serious. "Milady, there have been rumors around the palace that an assassin is after you," I said in a hushed voice the girls could not hear.

Usagi frowned. "That is not good. Well, I suppose I will just have to wait and see, yes? Order some guards in front of my door to stand post at night, as well as my girl's. Good night, Minako-Chan."

I bowed. "Yes. Good night… um… Usagi-Chan."

Usagi smiled again. "And will you take the girls to their room?"

I nodded. "Yes, milady." I walked over and picked up ChibiChibi, and Chibi-Usa walked behind me. I curtsied to King Endymion as he walked by the girls and me.

After tucking the girls into bed, I went to my own room. After a few minutes in there, which included me getting in my nightgown, Ami came in.

"Ami-Chan!" I exclaimed as she burst open the doors of my suite.

"Mina-Chan, I have just received disturbing news. One of our night guards spotted the assassin coming in the palace. When he sent a search party after him, the assassin was not to be found. Twenty guards have been placed at each of the royal family's rooms. However, we, too need to be on guard," Ami explained.

A few moments of silence stood before I spoke again. It was a lot to take in. "So do we transform and protect them?"

"All four of us are going to guard the princess's doors, because without them, the royal family with cease. And her majesty can protect herself and Endymion. All right? We're meeting in the Great Hall. Be there," Ami ordered. With that, she scurried out of the room.

I sighed and opened my doors, locking them behind me as I left. 'This will be hard without the outers. Michiru… Haruka… Hotaru… Setsuna-Sama… all… gone. If they had not been so much older than us…'

Perhaps some explaining is in place. Well, recently, all of the outers have passed away. As if by some magically connection, they all died at the exact same time. We, the inner senshi, suppose it was of old age. If that is so, then we inners will die soon as well. Or perhaps they died of using too much magic. They had just built Saturn a new palace with just magic. Whatever the reason, now, they are all gone.

This will be our first battle without the outers. I suppose this "assassin" business needs some explaining, too.

Neo Queen Serenity, Tsukino Usagi, has recently made a huge decision. Half of the moon will move down to Earth. This is because the moon kingdom is slowly dying out… our crops do not produce and our livestock dies of some mysterious disease that does not effect humans in any way. Our population up here is starving and dying.

Many people dislike Usagi-Chan's decision. They think that they should all stay here and try to fix our problems. Usagi listens to her people. So, she decided to move half of the population to Earth, and the other half would stay here, on the Moon, and try the fix our problems. Those who are staying rejoice. Those who are not… are not too happy.

What does this have to do with the assassin? Well, we suspect that the assassin is one of the people being sent to Earth. Why he or she despises the queen so much for doing that, we are unsure of. This is the third attack of the assassin, and this is the first time he or she has made it into the castle. I hope now our situation is clear.

I opened the doors to the Great Hall. I saw Rei, Ami, and Makoto there. "Are you ready?" I asked them.

They all nodded.

"Venus Crystal Power!"

"Mercury Crystal Power!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power!"

"Mars Crystal Power!"

Then, in unison, we all shouted, "Makeup!"

All four of us headed up the guard Chibi-Usa and ChibiChibi's room. We went there and found all 20 guards lying on the floor. The doors to the room were wide open.

Mercury went over and put two of her fingers on the man's wrist. "No pulse. They're dead."

It was not a brutal death. Perhaps they had been killed with magic. That we do not know.

"Let's hope the girls are alright," Jupiter said with fear in her voice.

I nodded. Slowly, we entered the room. "Well, whoever did this is gone now."

Mars nodded. "Look!" she screamed, pointing to the bed. There lay the bodies of Chibi-Usa and ChibiChibi.

I screamed.

Ami went over to check their pulses. She stood up after a few minutes and turned to us, tears caking her cheeks.

I gasped.

"No…" Jupiter murmured.

Ami nodded.

"We can't sit hear mourning! Whoever did this might have already attacked Usagi-Chan and Endymion!" Mars shouted.

We nodded and dashed out the door.

The same look was in front of Usagi and Endymion's door. 20 dead guards and the windows open.

"There's no use going in," Ami said slowly, "We know what happened here."

I gulped, holding back tears. "This is… horrible!"

"It's… over. The Moon Royal Family is all dead… no heirs… no nothing."

Mars swallowed back her own tears. "And worse, Usagi-Chan was with child. It was to be born next week."

"I say we all get some rest. It is late. We shall talk about this in the morning," Ami ordered.

Without word, we all went away.

I lay in my bed, sobbing. Usagi-Chan had been my best friend since forever. She had always been there for me. Always.

"Usagi…" I muttered under my breath. This assassin would pays for his evil deeds. He would pay for killing Usagi and her two girls and one unborn baby boy. He would pay.

Dressed in all black with a black veil, I headed to the Great Hall for breakfast the next morning. I spotted Rei, Ami, and Makoto in the same attire.

"We have much to discuss, Mina-Chan," Ami said as soon as I walked up. "First of all, us four will be ruling the moon until we find a new queen. Secondly, the move to Earth has been postponed until further notice. Thirdly, we have our top scholars investigating the crime scenes to find out exactly what happened, and hopefully some evidence of who committed it."

"More major news," Makoto said, "In two weeks, us four will be heading to Earth. None of the women here can serve as a permanent queen in Usagi's stead. We are going to search Japan for one. The temporary queen will be a girl name Pichi. She is in Usagi's court and has pledged to be an honorable queen until we return."

"Also," Rei added, "We found a note from Usagi on her bed. It reads:

Ami, Minako, Makoto, and Rei,

I am sorry to have to leave you this way. Is was horrible. I want you to not harm the person who murdered my family and me at all. He was angry. I am also sorry to tell you… I knew I would be dying. I had forseen it. I did not want to tell you. It would trouble you, and you, too, would have been killed by the assassin. He hid evidence of himself very well to keep you from finding him out.

Lastly, I also foresaw you going to Japan. I want you to look for two sisters named Aya…

And the rest is covered in blood."

I choked back tears again. "This is all troubling news," is all I could say.

The other three nodded.

"Alright, well, for right now, we need to put our sorrows behind and fix up this kingdom before we leave to Japan. Come on, girls, we can do this," Makoto said, forcing a smile.

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