Red Beauty Sisters By invader pixie

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AN: Last chapter four characters died. Was that too many? T T In this chapter the girls go to Japan again! But something unexpected happens! Oh no!

Chapter 2: Red Beauty Sisters

Minako let out a huge sigh. It had been a stressful week. She had been appointed queen and leader of the senshi until the trip to Japan, instead of all four girls being queen. Therefore, people were coming to her with all of their complaints.

On the last night before the girls were to head to Japan, Minako held a huge meeting. Anyone on the moon who wanted to come could, and they all did.

With the three other senshi behind her, Minako gulped and began to speak.

"My people, friends, family, foes, all of those who inhabit the Moon Kingdom. Seven days ago the entire royal family was murdered. We still do not know who did the crime. Neither he nor the queen wanted us to know. However, I ask that if you were the murderer that you come and see me after the meeting. I do not wish to punish you in any way, the queen would not have allowed it. I simply wish to talk with you.

"Anyway, I mainly wanted to bring you all here tonight to announce something important. After discussing it all week, the senshi and I have decided to go to Japan and search for a new queen, one who may be the reincarnation of someone in the royal family. Lady Pichi, one of the court's council members, will be ruling in our stead until we return with the new queen," Minako sighed. "Because neither us nor Lady Pichi can handle such a large movement, we will not be migrating to Earth."

Large cheers arose from the crowds. Minako smiled. I've done something right, she thought.

"So, with that, we senshi will leave in the morning. I pray on Neo Queen Serenity's grave that you all be blessed while we are gone. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Queen Pichi!" Minako announced.

The tall, black-haired woman stood up and came next to Minako. The crowds cheered again.

The other three senshi stood up and along with Minako, bowed to Pichi. Minako removed her tiara, formerly Usagi's, and placed it upon Pichi's head. Then the four walked off and went to Ami's quarters.

"First thing in the morning," Minako announced, "We're leaving."

Rei nodded. "It will be nice… going back to Japan. We'll get to see all of our friends and family. We'll get to go to school again… fall in love again…"

Minako giggled. "We have one mission, Rei-Chan, one mission alone. And that's to find a new queen."

"But the letter said it was two girls," Rei argued.

Ami frowned. "She has a point."

"I don't care. We're looking for one person," Minako sighed. "But if there are two, then one will be princess and heiress."

"I wonder if there are new senshi in our place in Japan?" Makoto asked.

They all looked at each other and nodded.

"We're leaving a little early," Minako said finally. The other three senshi nodded.

All of them stood up and held hands. "Sailor Teleport!"

The sun shone in Ami's face. "Mom?" she called out.

A woman opened the door and came in. "Yes, Ami?"

"Mom!" Ami said, jumping out of bed. She rushed over and hugged the woman, crying.

"Ami, sweetie, you make it seem like it's been years since we've seen each other!" her mom said.

"It has," Ami whispered. She went over and looked out her window. Ami gasped. "M-mom! This isn't Tokyo!"

"Oh, sweetie, are you alright? You seem to have forgotten everything! We just moved to Osaka!"

Ami's eyes widened. "Wh-WHAT!"

"Calm down!" her mother shouted, "It's gonna be alright!"

"No! We have to go back to Tokyo! We HAVE to! I'll run away if we don't!"

"Ami, sweetheart, we can't. We can't afford the plane trip back!"

"Have we already sold our old house?"

"No, but—"

Ami sighed. "Thank goodness. I have enough money for myself to go back. If you don't wanna come back to Tokyo with me, don't."

"Ami, you don't sound like yourself. My Ami would never say such things!"

A tear rolled down Ami's cheek. "Mom, I have to go back! My people are counting on me to find a new queen! I have to find a new queen to rule the moon in Usagi's stead!"

"So that's what this is about. Usagi getting hit by a train last week." Ami's mother started to cry, too. "Listen, sweetie, I miss her, too. But you're going crazy. Just rest. I'll call the school."

"No," Ami snapped. "I'm leaving. Now." She brushed past her mother and left the house.

"Ami!" her mother cried after her. "Ami-Chan!"

"Tsuki no KAASU," a girl with red hair sang in a microphone, "Tsumetai yume no naka de..."

A crowd cheered.

"Hey, everyone! My name is Ayaka and this is my band, Scarlet Rose! Tonight we'll be doing Curse of the Moon!"

"Kotoba no nai sekai de bokura wa ai wo kataru. Itsuka kimi ni todoku made. Kizu darake no kainade daki yoseta kuchibiru no. Haritsumeta negai tokashitakute. Nee aishiatta kako no. Utsukushisa sutesareba. Ashita motto kirei na yaoru e yukeru kara…"

A few minutes later…

Ayaka smiled as the crowd before her cheered. "Thank you so much! And I want to thank my little sister, Miki, my little computer dork, for doing lighting for me!"

The crowd cheered once again as a little redhead girl came on stage and bowed.

"Domo arigatou, minna-san," the girl said in a muffled voice. "Miki desu."

An hour or so later…

Ayaka yawned. "Thanks for everything today, imouto-chan."

The little redhead girl smiled. "You're welcome, onee-sama."

"Are we going to patrol the city tonight?" Ayaka asked.

Miki smiled brightly. "Yes. We must, it's our job!"

"Red Star Power, MAKE UP!" both girls shouted.

Rei sighed and looked out her window. "What's taking them so long to get here?"

Minako and Makoto rushed in the door. "Rei-Chan!" the said almost breathlessly.

Rei smiled. "Took you long—"

"Rei, you have to come downtown with us! There are sailor senshi!" Minako nearly shouted.

Rei's eyes widened. "Nani ka!"

The three girls ran out of the temple and headed for downtown.


The three senshi saw two redhead girls on top of a building fighting a youma. There was quite a crowd around the building.

Soon, the youma was gone and the two girls stood back-to-back.

"Watashi wa Akai Beppin Kyoudai desu!" the two announced. (AN: For translations, see author's note at the end!) "Ashi, oshiokio!"

The crowds lit up and cheered and the two girls disappeared.

Minako's eyes widened. "Who are they?"

"An enemy," Makoto quickly answered.

"No. They might be the new rulers of the moon," Rei said.

AN: Cliffy! XD Anyway… I'll translate all of that junk for you! Not the song, no. Go to for the song translation. Ok…

"Domo arigatou, minna-san," the girl said in a muffled voice. "Miki desu."

"Thank you very much, everyone," the girl said in a muffled voice, "I'm Miki."

Onee-sama big sister

Imouto-Chan little sister

"Nani ka!"


"Watashi wa Akai Beppin Kyoudai desu!" the two announced. "Ashi, oshiokio!"

"We are the Red Beauty Sisters!" the two announced, "Evil, we will punish you!"

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