A Card Captor Is Born By inavder pixie

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AN: A new captor arrives, having already much power. When Sakura gets a bit jellous of this new chick getting too close to Li and a new queen comes, will things explode?


"Mom… I don't wanna start a new school… what if I don't fit in?" Azuru complained as her mother pulled up to the front of the school.

"Honey, you'll fit in fine. Just you go and have fun!"


"Students, we have a new class member today. Azuru, please stand up and introduce yourself." The teacher said, as Azuru stood.

She gulped hard. "K-k-konn…ichiwa. My name is… is… Azuru…" She slowly continued about how her family always traveled and how she never really made friends.

"Li… there's something about her that… I dunno. Maybe she's a Card Captor?" Sakura watched Azuru intently (sp?).

"I'd sure like to find out…" Li replied, almost drooling over Azuru. She had long, blonde hair that reacher her butt. She had it in a half ponytail tied with a small, black bow. Her eyes were a deep, mystifying red that could cast a spell on their own.

Sakura was shocked. D-did Li just… is he… NO! "Miss Ayami?" Sakura asked, raising her hand. (They are a year older… and they have a new teacher.) "May I be Azuru's tour guide? She'll need help to get around."

"Why, thank you, Sakura! Azuru, why don't you go sit behind Li? There's an empty desk there." Miss Ayami ordered, continuing (sp?) the lesson.

Azuru took her seat. Sakura noticed a small bear-like keychain/stuffed animal on one of her belt loops. It looked like a red Kiro (sp?).


"Azuru!" Sakura called as Azuru got out of the line with her food. "Azuru, sit with us!" She makes me sick… flirting with… nevermind… I must find out what that keychain was! "So… do you know Li from somewhere?"

"No… but I feel like I've known him forever… and you too, Sakura." Azuru explained, as Sakura and her friends laughed.

"Really, now? Oh, Azuru… you really are something." Sakura smiled and saw that keychain again. "Hey, Azuru, what's that? She asked, pointing to it.

"Oh… um… this? Oh… it's just a stuffed bear I like to call Kyoko. She's a girl… I mean… if it were real, it would be a girl. I like her, she's seems to be my only friend at times." Azuru sighed sadly but smiled.

Sakura frowned as her friends laughed harder. Maybe… maybe Azuru isn's so bad… afterall. "Hey Azuru, do you want to come over to my house after school?" She asked sweetly. I need to find out, anyway.

"R-really? Thanks, Sakura! You're really nice!"Azuru smiled and giggled. "Arigto."

Pixie: That's it! I hope you enjoyed it. I liked writing it and sorry it was so short. I do, however have a preview for a later chapter! Here it is:

It was 7:15, and Sakura was early. Her and Azuru were having a sleepover. She opened Azuru's door. "Azu-San?" Sakura called. She set walked into the kitchen and dropped her stuff, covering her mouth. Her eyes swelled up with tears. "NOOOO!"

There was Azuru, pressed up against her kitchen wall, her hands trying to grab the wall. "NNOOOO!" Sakura shouted again. Pressed up against Azuru was Li, kissing her hard.

One of his hands was on the wall for balance, and the other just above Azuru's breast.

Obviously, Li had kissed Azuru, but you could tell she was enjoying it. "LI! AZURU! WHYYYY!"

Pixie: That's IT! I show you no more! There, I gave away the story. .;;

Li: Man, you rock, Pixie. I get to kiss Azuru! WOOHOO! Man, she's hot.

Sakura: Li…. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU blahblahblahblah…

Li: Soooooory.

Azuru: Giggle. Deep Blush.