A Card Captor Is Born By invader pixie

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AN: Just so you know, the chapter title is about Kyoko, since she's a "stuffed animal." Whelp, in this chapter… Sakura finds out the truth about Azuru. But, wait… could Azuru… be BETTER than Sakura and be the Master of the Clow?


"Thanks for inviting me over, Sakura." Azuru said, blushing as she sat her stuff down on Sakura's bed.

"No problem." Sakura reassured her. "So, Azuru, if I told you anything, would you believe me and swear not to tell anyone?"

"Um… sure…" Azuru unsurely answered. "Whatever you have to say, your secret is safe with me."

Tell me a secret, I will tell you mine

"Well… you see… I'm…" Sakura hesitated. What if she tells! "I'm…"

Tell me about the desire you hide inside

"I'm secretly…"

There is much that we should have done

And I think I know it is you

But I keep on trying…

"I'm… M-M…" Sakura sweated.

and I think it's too real…

"Yes, Sakura?" Azuru nudged her on.

"Azuru, I'm the Master of the Clow Cards and I need to know if you are a Card Captor… or were a Card Captor at some point." Sakura gulped and saw Azuru gasp.

"Th-then you're the one Kyoko told me to find in Tokyo! Sakura! I'm a Card Captor, too! And this keychain is Kyoko!" Azuru smiled brightly. "You must also have Kero, then! Kerberos(sp?)!"

Kyoko blinked and tore away from the chain. "Master, my name is Kyoko." She smiled at looked longingly at Sakura. "I've been waiting a long time to meet you, Sakura."

Kero jumped off Sakura's pillow. "Kyoko? Is it really you?" He walked over to the bear-like animal. Sakura and Azuru looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

"Yes, Kero-San, it's me." Kyoko smiled. "Kero's my brother, girls."

"WHAT!" Sakura and Azuru shouted. "HOW COME YOU NEVER TOLD MEE!" They shouted in unison.

"We didn't want to make you look for us, that's all." Kyoko explained. "A looooong time ago, we needed to separate to find you two. I went alone and Kero went with Yue. We've been apart ever since."

"That's so sad!" Sakura said. "But, no offense, why were you looking for Azuru?"

"Well… Sakura, that's why we needed to move here and find you. You see, Azuru might just be as good as you, so we needed to put you two to the test." Kyoko told them. Sakura screamed and Azuru smiled and giggled.

"Kero! You can't do this to me!" Sakura shouted. "I'm the Master! ME! NOT HER!"

"Sakura, do as you're told." Kero ordered. "You two be ready in the park in an hour. Kyoko and I have some catching up to do." He smiled at her and they flew out the window.

Sakura dialed a number on her phone. "Hi, Tomoya? Yeah, I need an outfit and your camera ASAP. Why? To whoop Azuru's butt."



"There, there, Sakura." Tomoya comforted her. "You'll win back the crown all in good time… it's okay… ssshhhhhh…" Tomoya was slowly stroking Sakura's hair. "Calm down…"

Saoran (sp?) blushed and watched Sakura fall apart. He crept away slowly and bumped into Azuru, who had now all the "Azuru" cards and the book. "O-oh… h-h-hi… um… A-A-Azuru…"

Azuru was in an incredibly adorable outfit. It was a pink kimono and a red hat that matched. Her hair was up in odangos that had bells hanging from them. Saoran thought she was beautiful. "Hi, Saoran!"

"IthinkyoulookgreatandIwaswonderingifmaybeyou'dliketocomewithmetothemoviestomorrownightwithSakuraandTomoyo." Saoran spat out. He was nervous.

Sakura shot up from Tomoyo's lap. WHAT! Her, come with us?

"Sure!" Azuru giggled. "I'd love to as long as Sakura's there and it's okay with her!"

Sakura blushed. What? Why… is she being nice to me?


"What's wrong, Sakura?" Eriol asked, walking up to the girl with her head in her arms. (AN: Yeah, yeah, I know. It's Eriol. But let's just pretend he's not Clow Reed, okies? He's just a normal Card Captor that happens to be in love with Sakura-Chan, okies? Live with it. NO FLAMES!)

"Trust me, Eriol, you don't wanna know."

Pixie: WOOHOO! Another chapter done! SCORE! Anyways, do you remember the little segment of a later chapter I gave you last chapter? Well! Here's what happens soon after that!

Sakura was weeping and running at the same time. She knew it was late at night, but she was just so mad! She couldn't see, her eyes were swelled up with tears. She ran into something—no, someone. "HUH! W-who is it?" She asked in a muffled voice.

"Sakura, it's me, Eriol. What's wrong?"

"Sniff. Azuru and I were having a sleepover tonight and I decided to get there early, so, you know, stuff. Sniff sob. So, when I got there I found Saoran and Azuru kissing! Not only just kissing, SOB SNORT, but making out!" Sakura began to sob heavily.

"Are you okay?" Eriol asked, concerningly. This is your chance, Eriol! Get her while you have the chance!

"Yeah, I just have a lot of steam to let out." Sakura muttered angrily.

Eriol looked into Sakura's shining eyes. "Kiss me."

Sakura blushed heavily, Eriol could see it through the dark. Kiss me. She repeated in her head, and slowly leanded up toward Eriol's warm breath.

Sakura: covers eyes Is it over yet?

Eriol: Hey, baby, lookat what we getta do!

Sakura: clings to Pixie SAVE ME!

Pixie: Get off. Now. shoves Sakura away Your guy, your problem.

Sakura: But you're the one who paired us together!

Pixie: True, true…

Li: And proud of it! Azuru is hot!

Sakura: LIIIII!

Pixie: Don't fret, dear animated child, I have a surprise ending! menacing laugh