A Demons Redemption

Hello readers, I've decided to attempt write a Fanfic of my own a Jak 3 AU. To but it simply I dislike the way the game turned out, both with Light Jak, and the degradation of Certain characters coughKeriacough. As such I've decided to make my own version. There will be no Light Jak, there may be a Light Eco user, but there is no guarantee to it. Jak's Dark powers will develop further, during the story, to composite for the lack of light abilities. Errol will play a role in this but he might not be like the insane cybernetic bastered we all know and hate.

Pairings: JxK, DxT, TxA, and surprisingly SxS,

Special thanks to Red Mage 04 who's story Risen Demon inspired this tale.

Disclaimer: I don't own Jak, Jak II, Jak III, or any of the cast, so… Back fowl demon layers Back!

On with the show.






Daxter had spent a great deal of time with his bud Jak, and the bulk of that was spent with the elf mute. As a side effect he could read him easier then a book (not that that was easy for someone of his ah… stature)

And right now he could only read three things off of him. Anger, Confusion, and Fear.

"For Horrendous crimes, aganced the people of Glorious Haven City! You are here by banished to the wasteland for life…" Veger had a sadistic grin to his face when he declared the sentence. Jak was seriously torn between transforming and gutting the bastered with his claws, or just blasting the bastered with enough eco to atomize every last inch of him, or rather he would be, if he could risk it.

Before 'arresting' Jak, they had made certain to have on hand his only true weakness, his friends. They had gone right after Keria and Samos, trying to use Torn or Ashelin would have being suicide, aside from being the two most politically powerful elves in the city, they both happened to have no less then three concealed weapons on themselves at any given time. Same for Sig, or Daxter, as the first, was a heavily armed and armored, veteran hunter and warrior with ties to the meanest fighting force known to elf kind, and the later had even nastier back up always near by… namely him.

It had started with an unwelcome, but useful surprise for him. His dark powers, did not, as advertised, disappear; in fact if anything they grew stronger! His body now produced more then enough Dark Eco to maintain his dark self indefinitely. He could now call on his powers to an almost reckless degree, so long as he didn't use to many heavily draining attacks he wouldn't even have to transform back to recover! However this gift came a price, he was finding it harder and harder to change back, and he was starting to retain traits from his darker half. Even now He looked rather pale, not the ash white of Dark Jak, but still far more then normal, and his eyes that used to be such a shining blue were now a light consuming back. Additionally, while not the six-inch blades of his claws, his finger nails hand grown and sharpened slightly, turning black as well, and his K9 teeth had become true fangs.

Dax had made a few cracks about him becoming a vampire, but Jak found it far from amusing, even less so when he once in the heat of battle bit into the neck of a metal head grunt, and somehow drained every drop of eco from it's veins.

As his powers grew, so did the anxiety of the council, is cozen, had done all she could to tell them that he was safe, and that it was better to have that power directed at the enemy, rather then themselves if they were to try anything foolish.

They turned out to be that foolish, but not enough so to attempt to capture him with out an elven shield.

'And I let them succeed.' He though bitterly, as the ship slowly rose into the air, once more tempted, he wouldn't even need to transform, he could just channel a small dark bolt up at the engines and nock it out of the sky, it would look like an accident. He even raised one arm at it and dark lightning cackled in-between his fingers, "Dam" he murmured as he lowered his hand.

Daxter looked at his friend "Why didn't you blast them?" he asked cocking an eyebrow "I mean I know we'd still be stranded here, but the guy marooned us here for the precursors sakes!" the little orange rodent yelled

"He might have left orders for the guards to kill them if he had any 'accidents' I can't take the risk." He growled, then gave a sigh. "Come on, we got to find some water if we are going to survive out here."


The two of them had been walking for what felt like hours, and dark eco enhanced or not, they were both close to collapsing from dehydration. It the only reason that Dax hadn't already collapsed was that Jak was shading the fur-covered rodent and he had let Dax have the bulk of the water he had managed to gather from the cacti he had found.

Jak stumbled slightly; the heat was getting to him. He could barely stand, when he herd something shifting into a defensive stance, he let the dark eco inside of him rage. At once his claws extended into knife like blades, two horns sported from his head, as both his skin and hair shifted to grayish white, lastly the corona of his eyes was consumed by darkness, as energy began to cackle around him. He growled as a large red vehicle drove by him, red eco blasting out of a turret on it's top.

With a roar he let lose a directed blast of dark eco, half decimating it, half vaporizing it. He readied another blast then wiped around firing again taking out another of the crimson armored transport. "That wasss very foolisssh of you." He hissed out.

He waited a moment, then leapt out, digging his clawed hand into the gut of another doom buggy, right as it flew overhead, metal eco, and some blood flew out of the gapping wound.

The two landed one in a crouch, one in a heap of scrap metal. The dark elf gave a grin, that one was salvageable, and there was probably some water on whoever was driving that thing. He waited a moment, listening for a moment once he was certain he was in the clear he walked over tot the wreck, shifting back to his 'normal' self. He ripped the gap in the floor of the vehicle as wide as he could, pausing for a moment to look at the mangled form of the marauder inside, before grabbing the canteen. "Ok Dax you get first dibs."

The orange rodent currently residing in a jury-rigged pouch made out of the dark channeler shawl shot up his friends side, and down his arm, latching onto the water bottle like Krew to a sandwich. Letting go of the small container with a defiant 'pop!'. "He he he, there ya go buddy." The Elf turned ottsel had the decency to look sheepish.

Jak just chuckled as he shook his head chuckling. "Next time, you do the fighting, and I'll drink the water." He raised the canteen to drink, then stopped, wiping around he saw a another group of dune buggies approaching, but these ones weren't firing, and they were of different design then the others.

The dark elf let a little dark eco flood into his system, not enough to fully change, but more then enough to blast any one of them if needed. "What do you want?" he asked, eyes narrowing.

To be continued

I'm an evil prick aren't I? It always bugged me that they never explained exactly how they apprehended Jak I mean the guy is a one-elf army!

I don't know when I will update next, it could be a week, or it could be a month.

I am also looking for a Beta reader any volunteers are welcome.