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Infernal Wrath

Before the doorways had a chance to clang aganced there struts, Jak was moving, dark lightning cackling along his form. He felt the high like, surge of power as he allowed himself to shift the rest of the way to his dark form. His skin paled to a ash white, as the coronas of his eyes resided, leaving only endless pools of complete oblivion, as twin horns started growing from his brow, and each of the nails on his hands extend into a six inch razor sharp blade. Finally his teeth elongated into razor sharp fangs, completing the demonic visage of his combat form. A low rumbling growl echoed though out the battlefield, foretelling an ominous fate for any foolish enough to step upon it. The first marauder barely has a chance to make out the deadly being before him, as it stuck it's claw up though it's chest, the dark eco enchanted blades shredding though armor flesh and bone like tissue paper, sending what was left of his body up, and into the lava behind the stand. What was left of his face first.

In a single fluid action, Jak wiped around unleashing a wave of dark eco. The three marauders that had just leapt from there own platform barely having time to look up before they were cut down, the black lightning burning it's way though ever cell in there body, leaving nothing but a triage of ash in it's wake. Continuing the rotation he brought his claw back around, gutting the warrior that just landed behind him. His eyes blazed, as the sounds of five more sets of feet hit the ground, tensing he jumped up into the air, back flipping onto one of the box like structures, dark energy flooding into his forearms. With a near psychotic grin, he lashed out he unleashed a series of rapid blasts ripping into three more of the desert fighters, as two of the remaining warriors opened fire with red eco bolts emitted from some sort of blade gun hybrids. He felt one of the blasts bit into his shoulder, dark eco spurting from the relatively minor wound that would have torn the limb from a lesser being, as the second flew just buy his head. A clang sounded as four more doors burst open, he let out a growl, as he once more jumped back this time into the center of the arena. Landing into the center of the battlefield in a crouch, as he completely flooded his limbs with eco, preparing for one of his two mass slaughter style attacks. Kicking off he put a spin into his jump as he folded his limbs to his body, waiting until the peek of his jump to lash out his fully charged limbs his normal aura of canceling lightning suddenly exploded outwards in hundreds of vicious bolts of dark power.

The four marauders that had just landed hadn't the time to see there end, all they experienced before the bolts climbed there lives was a odd swirling screeching sound, then pain, inhumanly amounts of pain. The two gunners that had seconds ago shot at the demon however, managed to see the bolts of lightning lance into there chests as the dark energy surged it's way though them, the raw power completing every part of there body leaving nothing but a small purplish explosion of energy in there wake.

A warning siren buzzed into the air, and on impulse, Jak leapt up onto one of the hut like structures that contained his crazed opponents. Watching as the stage he was standing on moments before lowered itself into the lava, leaving only the box like structures that protruded from it afloat. He cocked his head a bit then gave a smirk, as the molten rock swept away the charred remains of the first of his victims. He smirked, this had proved a interesting 'challenge', but now that he had seen how the game was played, it as time to bring in his own rules. "What do you say we Finnish this Dax?"

The orange rodent currently supercharged into a semi cazed state by the dark eco of his partner simply nodded, his eyes lightly cackling hinting at some hidden power of there own.

This time he waited, and watched as the next wave jumped out onto the battlefield, studying their movements with the mind that the combination of his eco enhanced instincts and cunning elven intelligence had produced. The small group of savage warriors searched around for their target, a cold chill racing down their spines, as some primal instinct told them that a far superior predator was stalking them. The demon waited silently, as they got into position then broke a chunk of the structure off and tossed into the center of the field, the red and silver armored marauders ran into his trap. With a demonic roar he lunged into the center of the arena. His opponents looked up, as the dark elf as came crashing down, slamming his energy infused fist into it's center, setting off a massive shockwave of dark eco in his first, and most powerful attack, the dark bomb. Waves of power tore though the box like structures on the arena, and ripped though the supports of the structures around him, as they caved in and fell into the lava pits, the agonized screams of those still inside surpassing even the roar of the crowd. What little remained of the now half vaporized gladiators that had acutely being inside of the ring few out impacting blow the stands, the weakling trail of the wave insuring that they stayed fused it.

Within the stands themselves, the people were shocked, this… elf had just slashed, blasted, and vaporized his way thought everything and everyone in his path like it was some twisted game. Even the single minor injury that had landed on him had already regenerated.

He was powerful,

He was cunning,

He was now lose in their city, as dictated by there most sacred of laws.

There was a moment of silence, as everyone contemplated this. Then amidst the crowd, a single elf, a young promising warrior, that held no particular worth in this story aside from this miniscule part. Having reached his option about this situation, he did what any sane person would do. Letting out a loud "Hell ya!" and pumping his fist into the air, he was followed swiftly by the rest of the audience.

Jak breathed in and out heavily, that attack was always draining as hell. Straightening his back he felt a few vertebra crack, as he retracted his claws, and horns as his eyes shifted back to there normal state, however his skin and hair did not darken to there natural hew, it was stuck in it's unnaturally pale tone. It didn't take the Dark elf long to notice this, "Oh hell…" he murmured as he examined one gray white, faintly clawed hand. "Oh well, at least it suits me, right Dax?"

The orange rodent was just shaking off the mental effects that being exposed to dark eco always had on him. "Yah, hay we match now! Orange Lightning and the Silver Fiend!"

Jak grinned at that. He, could always count on Dax to make light of a situation. Looking up at the platform he coiled aganced the center of the once proud 'arena'. "Hang on Dax!" Warning given, he jumped, extending his claws at the last moment to latch half way up the wall. Then jumping again from there to the platform, using his momentum to swing himself onto it. His eyes instantly met an impressed Damos "Is that all?" he asked a slightly arrogant smirk.

That smirk was cut off however when he felt a set of eyes on him, turning to face them, he spotted an oddly clad elf, glaring with cold red eyes. He felt a wave of unease borderline on sickness flow though him. He let out a slight hiss. Shaking his head he tried to hear what Damos was saying, "…angerous indeed, I see the rumors were true after all…"

Looking up at the leader of the wastelanders, Jak nodded "What can I say? I'm good at what I do."

Daxter chose this moment to chip in his two cents. "I told ya you didn't want to piss him off!" He was grinning like a madman, weather it was do to being proven right, the small amounts of dark eco still surging though his body, or some combination of the two, we will never know.

Damos nodded "Wise words little one. Here" he tossed a small metallic object to them, Jak checking it before it touched the ground, much to the disfavor of Daxter who wanted to get one of the 'toys' for once.

Daxter pouted "Hay! What about me?" with small smirk Jak picked the deposed scattergun and handed it to his miniscule partner.

"That battle amulet, is a sign of your victory. If you are victories in two more arena fights, you will ear your citizenship to Spargus." Tossing another item down he continued. "Here is a gate pass, that will allow free passage in and out of the City. But beware, there is no true refuge outside our walls. The dessert is less kind then I." He sat down a sage like look to his face… meanwhile Daxter grinned at the weapon, garbing it and holding it like a long lost lover.

Damos raised an eyebrow "Are you certain he can handle such a weapon?" He was curious, 'Jak' had proven more dangerous then even his appearance had suggested, it was quite possible that the small creature on his shoulder was also more then it appeared.

Jak nodded "So long as he has something to brace aganced. Back in haven he was my gunman when I was driving." He grinned at his partner in crime. "He's a good shot with a blaster, and half descent with a scattergun."

Dax was currently pulling a Rambo impression on Jaks shoulders, cocking his gun and grinning evilly "And don't you forget it!"

Damos nodded "A good shot with a blaster hum? This was to be your prize, I see no reason not to give it to you." interested he though down a gun mod, interested.

Dax scurried down the dark elf snatching up his new toy, attaching it, and grinning as the weapon switched into blaster mode, He grinned early. "Ho Yah! Now were cooking!"

Shaking his head, Jak scooped up his partner and leapt over to the exit, spotting a familiar scarred elf in the hallway. "You again. What do you want?" Jak monotoned black eyes narrowing

The rather large elf grinned, his Australian ascent kicking in "Those were some sweet moves in the arena, I got a job for you, interested?"

To be continued…

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