SMST: Hero Unlimited Next! 1 –By DS Wynne

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Note: This is a multi-fusion story.

Special note: With the season two of "Justice League Unlimited" starting, I felt that it was time to see what Lady Usashinko ("Sailor Moon") Rantsu is doing. But don't worry, I will still be working "SMST: Hero Unlimited", so don't worry about THAT.

Part 1

2006 CE: Jubaan District (Tokyo, Japan).


Sailor Moon (aka "Usagi Tsukino") was flying all over town, as she enjoyed the sights.

"Wait up, Usako!" Tuxedo Mask (aka "Mamoru Chiba") says, as he desperately tried to keep up. For the past few weeks, 'Moon was teaching 'Mask how to fly. For the past few months, Usagi and Mamoru have been dating one another, trying to see they were meant to be, but not really rushing things. Mamoru still had to deal with a lot of Usagi's baggage…Ranma Saotome being an issue…but he is willing to deal with things on a case-by-case basis.

Sailor Moon giggled, as she arced backwards and floated by 'Mask's left side.

"Don't worry, Mamo-chan," 'Moon says. "If you fall, I'll catch ya!"

"Very funny!"

Just then, 'Moon's Justice League Unlimited communicator, built into her broach, signaled and lit up.

"Sailor Moon here," 'Moon says. "What's up, J'onn?"

"We got word that Lex Luther escaped from prison," the Martian Manhunter says.

"So, what does this have to do with me?"

"The last member of 'Black Hawk' believes that Luther and a few his 'colleagues' are making an impromptu stop on Black Hawk Island, so formal request for 'League aid has been made. And YOU have yet to fulfill your duty roster fulfillment."

"J'onn, babe, you KNOW that I've been on an…extended vacation."

"Taking time from what happened to you last year is one thing; going on those mating rituals with Mr. Mamoru Chiba for weeks on end is another."

Tuxedo Mask was about to ask something, but 'Moon shushed him.

"Fine, J'onn. Tell me what to do."

"Hawkgirl is leading the mission, and is on her way to the island with Flash and Fire. Pick up 'Wild Horse' while you're at it, since HE needs to fulfill his mission parameters as well."

"Understood, J'onn. Sailor Moon OUT."

With a sigh, 'Moon turns to her boyfriend.

"Look, I got business to take care of," 'Moon says, as she wraps her arms around Tuxedo Mask. "And when I get back, WE can take care of OUR 'business'."

With that, the two heroes shared an intimate kiss.

"Ta," 'Moon says, as she places her left index and forefinger to her forehead…and disappears.

Tuxedo Mask will never get used to Sailor Moon's various tricks.

And then, he remembered something:

He was still high in the air, and he has yet to figure out a way to get down smoothly.



"Well, we're here," said Ranma ("Magnificent Kamen") Saotome, as he wore his "Men-in-Black" outfit and shades, which he usually wore on "field missions". "Man, this place takes me back."

In spite of his apparent age, Ranma was an immortal warrior whose sole mission is to protect "the Moon Princess", either as "The Magnificent Kamen" (which includes his alternate "royal knight" outfit) or as "Sailor Helios". He had other guises he could wear (such as his Green Lantern role), but those guises would affect whatever balance there was vis-à-vis the time stream.

Speaking of which, since the Green Lantern Corp and the Guardians of the Universe know of Ranma as a member of the GLC in the 24th1/2 century, there has been a debate in whether or not he should have any dealings with the GLC of the present century. In fact, with the GLC restarting, the Guardians were wondering if both Ranma and Usagi (who originally received HER Green Lantern power ring and battery as a gift for saving Oa that one time) should help rebuild the GLC, since they were experienced wielders of the Oan's "gifts".

Besides, Ranma preferred to utilize his own potent power without the need for a ring, and he avoids using the ring out of fear of contaminating the timeline.

"Yep," 'Moon says," as she sniffed the air. Her senses were razor sharp to a inhuman degree. "You smell that?"

Ranma sniffed the air as well.

"Three people…one of them is Lex Luther-"


Three "old school" iron giants-types trudged forward, intending to attack the duo.

"After you?" Ranma smiled.

"Thank you," Sailor Moon says.

The two went to town.

Ranma ran forward, and jumped over a thrown fist. He reached the head of the robot, and-


- And smashed it into its body, effectively rendering it useless.

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon takes aim with her "handgun", which was nothing more than 'Moon forming a handgun gesture with her right hand.

"Moon Crescent BEAM!"


'Moon's attack vaporized her enemy robot's head.

"That's that," Ranma said, as he lugged his enemy to 'Moon. "I can't believe how hard these things were back when we were part of the JSA and the All-Stars."

There was still some sorting out in both Ranma's and Usagi's memories of the timeline. One thing was clear was that they have experienced multiple eras; in one timeline, there was a "Justice Society of America" and the "All-Stars Squadron", a team formed during the Second World War. However, those teams have never existed, if the history books were to believe. The changes have gotten a lot worst, especially in light of the Justice League. There used to be the "Justice League of America", which formed in the early 1960s. Now, known simply as the "Justice League", this team had formed very recently, though for the very same reason (i.e. a "Martian invasion"). Now, the Justice League has become the "Justice League Unlimited", which has incorporated heroes and teams from all stripes, including those who would have been part of the older teams.

In the end, the "Moon Princess" and the Chaos Factor took it all in strides, since they just KNEW that the time line will change anyway, and only those closest in relations to Usagi and Ranma will realize the changes along with the two of them.

On this particular day, Ranma and Usagi will have to help out the last member of the Black Hawks, a covert team of airmen who fought against the Adolph Hitler's war machine. They remembered them from the old timeline, when they had teamed up together. However, only Usagi remembered them from the NEW timeline, when, while returning home from a deep space mission, she and the Justice League (sans Batman and the Flash, since they was doing something else at the time) were caught in a temporal wake. Somehow, Vandal Savage had altered the timeline, where he had deposed Adolph Hitler as the ruler of 1930s Germany. The team had the unfortunate duty of deposing Savage and restore Hitler's power, all in an effort to restore the correct timeline. And it was from that adventure that Usagi knew Chuck from the old Blackhawks team.

"Take a look at this," Ranma says, as he popped up the hatch of the droid. "Looks exactly like Luther's handiwork."

"Yeah, it is," 'Moon replied.

Suddenly, they heard an explosion from the far-side of the island.

"Let's go!" Ranma says, as he and Usagi took off.

Meanwhile, mechanical sharks, octopi and birds were attacking Hawkgirl, the Brazilian "Fire" and the Flash. They were having a slight problem with them.

"Damn it, where is Sailor Moon!" Hawkgirl fumed, as she smashed yet another droid.

"I don't know, Hawkgirl," Flash says, as he vibrates his hand into the machines, in order to vibrate them into pieces. "We seem to be doing pretty well."

"I would rather that we do better," said Fire, as she had slag another droid.

Suddenly, two blurs moved about the droids, and then stopped.

"There you are!" Hawkgirl says. "So you here to FINALLY help?"

"Already did," 'Moon smirked.

As if on cue, the remaining droids fell apart.

"Wow," Fire says.

"An atomic screw-driver does a body good," Ranma said, as he waved his Time Lord instrument.

"How are you two so fast?" Flash asks. "Did you get touched by the 'Speed Force' or something?"

"Or something," 'Moon says.

Just then, Chuck comes from his hiding place. Being not as spry as he used to be had forced him to take cover.

"Ah, Sailor Moon," says Chuck. "Glad that you can make it."

"Wouldn't miss the party, Chuck-kun."

The combined team makes its way to the headquarters, where they confronted-

"Lex Luthor," Hawkgirl says. "What are you doing here?"

"Making a withdrawal, of course," Luthor replies with a smirk. He then notices Sailor Moon, who was still sporting two tiny "Braniac" symbol on her left and right cheeks. They were acquired when Lex and Braniac and merged as one being, and had attempted to absorb Sailor Moon as a way of taking over the universe in one fell swoop. Thanks to the Flash, 'Moon was freed, but had absorbed Lex and Braniac's knowledge and strength. Now, only Braniac's consciousness exists in the mind of a now-powerless Luthor

She's right there! Luthor thought. We should take her now!

Not yet, Lex. The Moon Princess will de dealt with in due time.

"Besides," Luthor continues. WE have what we want…but that doesn't mean we can't still give you a hard time. Gentlemen?"

Dr. Polaris, the SECOND master of magnetisms, after Magneto, tapped into the iron within everyone's blood to immobilize our heroes.

"GAH!" Ranma said, as he was pinned to the ground.

Hawkgirl flew out of the area, while Fire converted her body to a living flame; the Flash had run out of the area.

The Key used his device to open a gate way to an endless void, which sucked 'Moon inside.


"Sailor Moon!" Ranma cried.

"I got you, buddy," Flash says, as he moved forward fast enough to punch Dr. Polaris.


Freed, Ranma got up, turned to face The Key and cracked his knuckles.

"Bring back Sailor Moon…or else."

"You are nothing but a normal human," the Key sneered. "What can you-"



The Key realized that his outfit and equipment was in Ranma's hand.


"Me to know and you to find out. Now?"

"Just…break my weapon."

"Gladly," Ranma says, as he snapped the Key's key gun.

Sailor Moon spilled out. Strangely, her hair was stark white, while her costume was worse for wear, patched only this and that. She looked like something out of a "Heavy Metal" cover (i.e. with skins of animals, breastplate, bracelets around the ankle and arm, feathers interwoven around her head like a crown…and was bare-footed). 'Moon seemed a bit more lean and tanned, and her facial markings were even more prominent.

"Wha-?" 'Moon began, as she raised her spear in defense. "Where am I? Where's Morgan?"

"It's me, Ranma!" Ranma said, as he rushed over to "Savage" Sailor Moon.


"Yeah, I forced the Key into bringing you back from…wherever."

"Oh," 'Moon says, as she collected herself. "That's right, this is Blackhawk Island."

"We better get out of here, so that we let the others take care of things."

'Moon nodded.


Luthor and his team were able to make their escape, by causing the island itself to self-destruct. Luckily, Chuck was able to deactivate before it blew up.

With the crisis over, everyone who knew the Blackhawks paid their respects.

"So…where did you end up?" Ranma asks, as he gets a spare blanket to cover up his ex-wife.

"I was in some savage land at the center of the universe. You remember the Hollow World, right?"

"Yeah. We went there to stop one of Doc Savage's arch-nemesis from using as a base of operations."

"Well…I was there again. And it was during a war with Demos the Sorcerer and his allies. And I was there for twenty years before you got me out. We have got back to find out what happened to Morgan and my daughter!"

Ranma merely nods. The last thing he wanted to deal with is the idea that Usagi had another life. So he moved on the next subject.

"Well, you do know that the way to the Underground Kingdoms is hard access, since that world essentially exist on a separate plane."

Usagi nods in understanding. She'll use whatever resource there is to her disposal, but she needs to know if Morgan and her daughter was okay.

A week later…

"HA!" Sailor Moon said, as she "clocked" the head of "Dr. Diehard", a member of the sadistic group known as "The Extremists". Dr. Diehard was yet another "master of magnetism" bent on conquering the world, and had tried to use Earth's nuclear arsenal to hold the planet hostage. Dr. Diehard's team included the feral "Tracer", who was fighting the equally feral "Vixen", "Gorgon", who takes delight in using the tentacles on his head to inflict massive pain and suffering, "Dreamslayer", a fire-headed sorcerer who's magics were potent on their own, and then there was "Lord Havok", a super-soldier-like experiment gone horribly wrong, who was forced to done armor to hide his disfigurement. With 'Moon was Batman, Vixen, as stated, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl.

"I am a master of magnetisms, girl," Dr. Diehard sneered.

"And I am the master of the cosmos, fool!" 'Moon sneered, as she reversed the polarity of Direhard's power. "You know only know of ONE force of nature…electromagnetisms. I know all FIVE forces!"

"'Five'? I thought there was only four!"

"It's called the Grand Unification Theory…look it up!"

Suddenly, Diehard was cut-off from his power source….


Idiot, 'Moon thought to herself, as she willed that gravity be less than 1.0 (one being the measure of Earth's gravity in relations to other celestial bodies) so that Diehard would not fall to his death.

By the way, Usagi only knew about the GUT from being in the future, which was standard practice for those who were in the Sciences or Engineering. After all, how can you create a stable warp field if you don't know how the universe works? And it was from there that her understanding of the universe has grown by leaps and bounds, as both a scientist and a mystic. And in both cases, Usagi knew by instinct, no longer by rote, how to break down a "problem" to discover a "solution". Add to Brainiac's knowledge and strength, with Luthor's cunning and drive, Usagi was frightened at what she was evolving into. It was the love of her friends and family that kept grounded spiritually. She wondered if this was how the Q got started in their evolution; it certainly explained their attitudes towards "lesser" species. Already, Usagi was becoming impatient with those who were not "intellectual". Luckily, she had to remind herself that, at one point, SHE wasn't an intellectual at one point in time herself.

Later, after the Extremists were placed in custody…

"Usagi, you okay?" Batman asked. He and Superman were the closest in their relationship to the Moon Princess.

"I'm fine," 'Moon replied. "It's just that I've been trying to locate the Hollow World, but I've been having no such luck."

Batman knew, based upon what the action-reports has told him, that Usagi lived like a savage barbarian in some mythic land. From what he could deduced, The Key had sent Usagi to a random dimension; in this case, Usagi wound up in the Hollow World (also called the Underground Kingdom), bypassing whatever mechanism that normally keeps that realm hidden. He also noticed a slight brutality and Earthy-ness in his old friend. Sailor Moon's ruthlessness in dealing with the Extremists (!) was an example of this.

At least her blond locks were coming back.

"I'm sure that you will find the Hollow Earth…someday."

'Moon merely nods her head.

"Shayera Hol?"

Everyone turns to see a rugged, dark-haired man who makes Indiana Jones looks like a 98 lb weakling.

"Yes?" Hawkgirl replies.

"My name is Carter Hall…and we need to talk about our destiny…together!"

Usagi immediately recognized the man as the original "Hawkman", from her old memories. Was this the same man?

"Another 'old memory'?" Batman asks quietly.

'Moon merely nods her reply. She then turns to Batman.

"I got to go," 'Moon says. "Let me know what goes down."

And with that, she teleports back to Japan.

When Usagi re-emerged, she appeared in her apartment. Officially, according to the "new" timeline, Usagi had graduated in the year 1997, went on to college at the University of Tokyo for four years (as an Economics major), followed by four more years overseas at the Harvard's School of Business (as a MBA and DBA major) and Law (a JD degree) in the United States. Having completed her studies, Usagi returned to her home in Japan, where she took a job working for Nabiki Tendo's "start-up" company in Information Technology, since Usagi did have a background in computer science and networking.

Unofficially, Usagi had used her other identity as "Lady Usashinko Rantsu" to get the Mishma Zaibatsu to provide the initial investment in Nabiki's company, as a favor to Ranma. Furthermore, a doppelganger of hers, USAF Lt/Col Dr. Serena O'Hare, is off gallivanting across the universe, having only briefly returned to Earth recently to give a briefing to her superiors within the USAF Space Command.

(A/N: See "SMST: The Galactic Far-Gate Affair" for further details. Check it out!)

At any rate, life was pretty good. She was still in touch with her Sailor Scouts and affiliated allies, and her future daughter Renee is coming into her own as "Neo-Sailor Moon", who frequently visits her and Mamoru from time-to-time. And best of all, her mortal parents Kenjiro and Ikuko are happy with being new parents twin kindergarten students (Ken and Irene). Usagi figured that her mother probably wanted to avoid the "empty-nest" syndrome a bit longer.

As for her personal life, besides having a healthy relationship with her boyfriend Mamoru and her ex-husband Ranma, she is still in contact with Ami (who is a civilian scientist with the secretive American operation known as "Project: Stargate", thanks to being an intern with the equally secretive "Project: Quantum Leap" and "Project: Backstep"), Rei (who has taken up the duties of a Shinto shrine maiden full time, while pursuing a part-time day-time soap acting gig), Makoto (who went off to Europe to train as a chef, returned to open her own restaurant in Juuban, and is a frequent participant on the television show called "Iron Chef"), and Minako is a television news anchor (with Luna and Artemis the Guardian Cats living with her). Michiru is still a professional violinist, while Haruka is still a professional racecar driver. Their adopted daughter Hotaru lives with the Tsukino family (with "cousin" Renee), as begins her freshman year at the Nikomi Institute of Technology.

Setsuna decided to take a few years off by going off on a well-deserved vacation in her ancient homeland in Greece.

As Usagi showered to prepare herself for bed, she wondered if she made the right decision in preventing Mamoru from suggesting that they live together. Fact of the matter is that she was traditional in that if she was to live together with anyone, it was to be married. And quite frankly, she liked having her independence. Besides, with the two of them being immortal, why rush things? Still, she was still feeling the affects of her time-lost adventure, being the proverbial "Savage" Sailor Moon, as Ranma had called her. She had a lover, which resulted in a daughter being born.

"Man, my name is appropriate enough," Usagi smirked. She did wonder why she could still reproduce after being alive for thousands of years, since the normal female anatomy limits reproduction capabilities significantly. Then again, she was anything BUT normal.

And then there was the thing with Carter Hall. No doubt, he has return to reclaim in lost bride, from the looks of thing. Of course, Shayera was never the warm and fuzzy type, no matter what the incarnation, she will have to wait and see how THAT project turns out.

A few days later, at the JLU Metro-Embassy… "Hey, guys," 'Moon says, as she steps off the elevator, and entered the central hub. Ever since the fiasco with concerning CADMUS, the JLU has taken great pains in redeeming itself in the eyes of the public. Having an Earth-bound embassy would help in this regard. "Hey, Shayera, you're looking good." Shayera was decked out in a dress that enhanced her sex appeal. "Yeah, well, these two clowns seem to think Carter Hall is a creep," Hawkgirl says with attitude. "He has a website devoted to YOU, Hawkgirl," Batman says. "Look, all I'm saying is that you should be careful," John ("Green Lantern") Stewart says. "I can take care of myself, you know!" Shayera says. "I'm going, and you can't stop me!" With that, Hawkgirl leaves the central hub in a huff. "Hmmm," Sailor Moon muses. "You know, I'm pretty hungry. Come on, Bruce, let's eat." "But…you just got here!" John says. "Who's going to monitor the station?" "I got the person that would just LOVE doing this." Twenty minutes later… "So, you remember everything, right?" 'Moon says. "Yeah, yeah," says Sailor Helios. "I don't see how I have to do this AS 'Sailor Helios', you know." "Hey, you're the one who registered as two separate heroes. So 'Sailor Helios' has to fulfill her quota. So THERE!" "Fine, whatever. Just GO!"

"Thanks, Ranchan!" Usagi said, as she gave Ranma-chan a deep kiss…just as Fire and her friend Ice enters the central hub.

"Oh, my!" said Ice, who, being from Scandinavia, could generate ice-based affects.

"Wow," said the Brazilian hero. "I didn't know Sailor Moon was into girls!"

A few hours later, Shayera and Carter make it to a crypt underneath an Egyptian pyramid. Unknown to both of them, they were being followed by a criminal known as "The Shadow Thief". He made his move just as Carter Hall revealed him self to be-

"I am 'Hawkman'," Carter says, as he dons of pair of fake wings and a harness made from "Nth Metal", and alloy that Hawkgirl's mace was made from. In effect, Carter can fly. "You and I are previous lovers from a past life."

And Hawkman begins his tale about a pair of Thanagarians who came to Earth accidentally, and helped to create a new civilization.

"Look, I don't know what you are talking about, but I am NOT your past life. That artifact that gave you those images is for Thanagarians, not for humans."

"Well, THIS human doesn't care…as long as I get the prize!" said a voice.

Just then, a shapeless, living "shadow" appears.

"Call me…'the Shadow Thief'!"

The 'Thief splits in two, and begins to attack the pair.

"Get down!" Hawkgirl says as she tried to use her mace to pound the villain. However, the villain's intangible form proved to be nuisance. The pair of shadows managed to overwhelm Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Once the two secured…

"Tell me how to get into the crypt…or SHE dies!" Shadow Thief says, as he pressed talons into Shayera's face.

"Ah!" Shayera screamed.

"Don't!" Hawkman cries out. "I'll…tell."

"No, don't!" Hawkgirl says.

"I…must," says Carter, as he activates the opening of the crypt proper.

Sure enough, a Thanagarian ship was inside, and intact.

"Wow," Hawkgirl says.

Carter looked around, expecting the golems, Thanagarian robots, to have struck at this point. But…they didn't.

"What's wrong?" Hawkgirl asks.

"I'm not sure," Carter says. "SOMETHING should have happened by now."

The Shadow Thief, seeing the treasure room, rushed forward to claim his prize.

"I don't think so!" said a voice.

Shadow Thief turned around to see Sailor Moon holding up a fancy hand-vacuum.

"YOU expect to stop me?"

"Yep," Usagi says, as she activated the vacuum device…



A short time later…

"Well, that's that," Sailor Moon says, as she holds up the jar containing the Shadow Thief. "Thank dimensional science!"

"How did-?" Carter says.

"I knew a short-cut," Usagi says. "I was here when Karter and Shayera died and was buried, a long time ago. I AM an immortal time-traveler, by the way."

"Why didn't you stop the Shadow Thief earlier?" Hawkgirl demanded.

"We needed to see how this 'Thief operated," Batman says, as he rubbed his sore shoulder.

"And Bats was kind enough to be the guinea-pig, while I determined a way to combat the 'Thief's capabilities."

"So…you believe me? That I am Shayera's true love?" Hawkman says.

Usagi sighed.

"Hawkman…Carter…you can't force anyone to be your true love…especially where Shayera is concerned."

"HEY!" Hawkgirl fumed.

"She's right, you know," Batman says. "You can't force love on anyone."

Hawkman nods his head.

"Then…I'll be Shayera's friend."

"Gee, thanks a lot!" Hawkgirl replies.

At Sailor Moon's suggestion, the Thanagarian tomb was resealed. Using Earth elemental magic, 'Moon covered the area in a mound of sand and dirt and then changed the landmarks to prevent anyone from locating the Tomb of the Hawks.

Later, back in Japan…

Usagi was looking over the nighttime skyline of Downtown Tokyo. The Mishma Zaibatsu owned many of the surrounding buildings, so getting an apartment, as a single woman, was no problem.


Already attuned to the electromagnetic spectrum, Usagi could tell that Mamoru was leaving a phone message. She then places her fingers on the right side of her face, tapping directly into the link.


"Oh, Usagi," replied Mamoru. "I was about to leave a message."

"Um…could you come on over? I would like to have some company tonight."