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A Painful Memory

Ch 1

The Dream and A Poem

It has been a month since Olivia's mother died, and her dreams are haunting her.


Olivia sat in her closet with tears flowing down her face like a river. Her mother had just come home drunk as usual and beat her. Little Olivia had a big bruise in the shape of a hand across her face. When her mother always come home drunk and beat her, Olivia would run to her closet, sit in a corner behind her clothes, and cry. And wish she had a better life like everyother child in the world. Just as she was thinking this Bill, her mother's boyfriend opened the closet door, obvestly drunk. Grabbed Olivia by the leg and pulled her out if the closet as she was kicking and screaming and onto the floor. He picked her up roughly and threw her on the bed. He began to Undress her and himself. Just as he began to touch her.

End of Dream

Olivia started screaming "NO, STOP PLEASE JUST STOP!" Elliot sat straight up from hearing his wife's cries.

"Liv honey wake up" he said shaking her lightly trying not to startle her. Olivia shot straight up with tears running down her face. Elliot took her into his arms and held her tight and kissed the top of her head.

"Shh its ok" he said reassuring her.

Olivia couldn't speak from all the tears running down her cheeks, her throat hurt from screaming.

"Do you want to talk about it Liv? Elliot asked as he hugged her to let her know that hes there for her.

"No..not right now" Olivia said finally being able to speak

"Ok, whenever your ready im here." he said


"Ok we have to get ready for work anyway" Elliot said trying to change the subject.

"El I think im going to call in sick today"

"Ok Liv" Elliot said as he got up to get showerd and dressed.

"Ok Liv im leaving now" Elliot said to Olivia as she sat on the couch watching the news.

"Ok, have a good day at work and be careful" she said kissing him on the lips.

After Elliot left Olivia went into her room and went into the closet and pulled out a box. She took a deep breath before opening it. Inside were poems, a diary and many other things from her childhood, well what she had of a childhood. Which was not much. She opened a folder piece of paper and read it allowed.

A Painful Memory

By: Olivia Benson

I remember the day my mother first came home drunk,

when she came in and hit me my heart sunk,

It continued everyday until I moved out,

The painful memories will follow me with out a doubt

Though my heart is broken and my scars will not heel,

I still love her I dont know why but you can't help how you feel,

Even though shes gone it still feels like shes here,

The memories of her come back more and more with every tear.

So here I sit 12 years old,

I hope someday to grow up to be strong and bold,

And be nothing like my mother or father,

But cruelness and drunk run in my genes so why even bother.

By the end of the poem Oliva had tears pouring down her face again.
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