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ch 2

The Sonogram

She folded the poem up and placed it back in the box. She pulled another wrinklely piece of paper out of the box and read it out loud.

A Cry In The Night

I cry myself to sleep everynight,

and pray to god tomorrow there won't be another fight,

Just for once that I could have a normal day,

and be treated by my mother in a decent way.

Why does my mother have to be like this I just dont know why,

Maybe she gets enjoyment out of seeing me cry,

Everyday the pain grows worst,

The beatings grow harder and with more force.

There was a "A" that was written really sloppy below "The beatings grow harder and with more force.". As if she was going to write another part in the poem. She remembered just as she was writing the "A" her mother came into her room and hit her for no reason.

She let a few tears out and folded the paper back up and placed it back in the box. Next she pulled out a sonagram, she ammeditly put her hand over her stomache and remembered. She wanted to tell Elliot about her baby that she had to give up in highschool, but she was so scared to tell him. So scared that he would leave her, scared of what he would think of her. She had wanted that baby more than anything but, she just couldn't because of who the father was, and she was afraid she couldn't be a mother, that she would hurt her baby like her mother hurt her.

She decided she would tell Elliot later either at dinner or when he came home, which ever one came first.

Late that night

Olivia and Elliot sat at the table eating dinner. She was more nervous than shes ever been. She didn't know what she would do if she told him and he left her. She took a deep breath and decided to tell him after dinner.

after dinner

Elliot..." Olivia said not looking up at him.

"Yea" he said looking up at her.

"I have to tell you something, but I don't know how you will react." She said quietly

"Ok...go head tell me."

"hold on ill be right back" she got up from the table and slipped into the bedroom. Minutes later she came out with a box in her hands. She sat down and opened the box, and handed the sonogram to Elliot.

"Whats this Liv?" Elliot asked curiously.

"I think that you should know that when I was in highschool, my mother's boyfriend Bill, raped me."she didn't look up at him. She took a deep breath before continueing.

"I got pregnant, I had an abortion, I was afraid." she said as she started to cry.

"Afraid of what Liv?" Elliot said as he took her into his arms hugging her and kissed the top of her head.

"That I wouldn't be a good mother, I was afraid of who the baby's father was."

"Shh...it's ok" he said reassuring her. "why didn't you ever tell me?" he asked

"Because I was scared."

"Scared of what?"

"That you would leave me." Olivia said in between sobs.

"I will never leave you, I don't care about whats in your past it doesn't matter to me." he said reassuring her again.

"Liv, look at me:

she slowly looked up.

"I love you, Olivia Benson, for who you are, not whats happened to you in your past. Do you understand me?"

she nodded "I love you too, Elliot Stabler." she said