Your Naraku's what!

Chap 1

"I need you to kill Inuyasha." Naraku said, "yes master" said two really weird looking girls. One had long aqua blue hair that was down to her knees with a priestess outfit and a bow and arrow her face was as pale as the moon with light green stripes with two red as roses lips and two cat ears and tail. She was even more talented than Kikyou and Kagome put together, she was a half demon priestess, she was Naraku's strongest creation yet this cold hearted looking girl realized after killing many villages and people, she was lonely. Naraku gave her a cat but she needed more so she asked him for a sister, which is when we move on to her sister, Kailey. She had black hair put up like Kikyou's and a dark blue kimono with white orchids on it and a yellow band, she had two big purple stripes on her cheeks and purple eye shadow along with purple lips. She looked like Kikyou but was a demon, her power was to change her form, she wasn't half as strong as her sister though, then Naraku realized this was a mistake his strongest girl, Gabrielle was turning into a ninny with Kailey's help she started to trip a lot and laugh more and on her perfectly cold appearance started to change so she smiled a lot and now wouldn't obey him as well as Kailey did, when they when they were supposed to be killing humans they played hopscotch with them it was ridiculous! So he thought he would get Inuyasha to kill them or maybe they might kill him now that would be nice. "He is very strong and evil so be very careful, and remember we are the good side everyone else is evil." "yeppy doodle!" "whatever." So they started there search for Inuyasha….

Hahhahahahahaaha not much of a cliffie I know I know I suck at righting geese….oh ya read, review and recycle wait ummm I mean uhhh gimme RAMEN RAMEN RAMEN ! Starts rocking in force gabby looks at her "odd…sesshy isn't real!" "WHAT?" starts to cry…..