Title: Blessed Are The Meek

Authors: AlexCabotIsQueen and S.E. Holmes

Summary: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5. Always on the outside looking in makes someone act out. SVU/CI crossover.

"Are people born wicked or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"

-Glinda, Wicked

It is after three in the morning and Elliot Stabler is at home, sleeping; almost peacefully, for a change. His dreams appear to be pleasant as a small smile creeps on his face. It is a change from the unrest of the nights which have haunted him as of late.

His dreams almost carry him away, but then the ringing of his cell phone shatters the silence. He answers.

As he hangs up, he switches on the desk lamp and sighs.

He gets out of bed and gets dressed. He grabs his badge and gun as he leaves the empty house. He finds the irony in the situation... with every late night ring of his cell phone, it signals the shattering of another life.

As he drives into the city, his mind drifts to his children and wonders if they are safe. And even if his ex-wife is. He knows that his worst nightmare would be to receive a call about something like this that had befallen any of them. Like this victim tonight: who is going to get that phone call for her?

He pulls up outside of the hospital. He sighs again, gets out of his car, and enters. Olivia Benson meets him right inside the doors.

"Fill me in."

"Victim is Adriana Fitzpatrick. 26, white. Beaten and raped….ER doc says she's pretty shaken. But after what she went through, I'm not surprised."

"Nothing surprises me anymore," Elliot writes down the information that Olivia gave to him, "Let's see if we can grab a minute of the doctor's time before we talk to Adriana."

The walk over to the doctor outside of Adriana's room.

"Doctor, this is my partner Detective Stabler. How is she," Olivia asks.

"To be perfectly honest Detective Benson, she was beaten within an inch of her life. Literally. Most of what she says is just mumbling. She keeps saying she has to get back to Oz."

Olivia shoots Elliot a look.

"What….I'm supposed to know where Oz is or something?"

"What's the musical Kathleen is obsessed with….Wicked, is it?"

"Yeah. The one about the earlier life of the witch. You think this victim is in the musical?"

"They did find her in one of the alleys behind the theaters. Maybe she is."

"Possible. Let's check that out," Elliot says, "Anything else Doctor?"

"Well…she had something on her forehead when she came in. At first, I thought the guy just spit on her, but when I cleaned it off, it smelled like olive oil. Excuse me."

Elliot puts that in his notes as the doctor walks away. The two detectives enter Adriana's room. Adriana's eyes meet with theirs. Elliot stops closer to the doorway and Olivia walks over to her.

"Adriana….I'm Detective Benson and this is my partner Detective Stabler. We're here to talk to you about tonight."

"…..Oz…I'm lost…I have to get back."

Elliot comes closer, " Maybe if you tell us where Oz is….we can help you get back," he takes a seat beside her.

Adriana cries, "I'm sorry….I….I'm an actress. I'm an extra in the musical Wicked. I'm just shaky, that's all."

Olivia sits down on the opposite side, "Adriana….we need to know what happened tonight. What do you remember…..did you know him?"

"No. I didn't even see his face…..not all of it…..but his eyes. There were like, like a hazel, you know?"

Elliot is taking notes while Olivia questions, "Was he short?...tall?...what was he wearing?...what did he smell like?..."

"I…I don't know. I couldn't see. And how do you tell how tall someone is while they're on top of you?..." Adriana says as she tries to fight back more tears.

"Did he say anything?"

Adriana's eyes grow wide with fear, "Yes...he…uh, put oil on my forehead and my hands…after he…raped me…and then he said…through this holy anointing may the Lord in His love and mercy help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit…I'm sorry…I can't…," She begins to sob more.

Elliot reaches out to touch her arm but she moves away, "We'll talk again after you're feeling more up to it…but you have been very helpful," He hands her his card, "And if you can think of anything else, please call."

She grabs his hand before he can get away, "He. He took it."

"Took what?"

"My…rosary. It was my great-grandma's. It's very special. I never go anywhere without it. Please…find it."

"If you can tell me what it looks like…what stones are in it…"

"It uh, it's really expensive actually. It was made for her for her wedding. It's a silver chain with seven rubies…well, they look like rubies, anyway."

He writes down her description and smiles as he and Olivia leave the room.

"Glad you were there for that one…I don't even think I knew there were stones in a rosary. So we're looking for one of yours, huh?"

Elliot gives her a dirty look, "Just because I happened to be a Catholic doesn't make this guy one of mine, alright? But he is…and apparently thinks he's holier than the rest of us."

"How's that?"

"You know what he said to her," he flips through his notes, "Through this holy anointing may the Lord in His love and mercy help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit."

"Yeah? What is it?"

"That is what is more commonly referred to as the Last Rites. Good thing I paid attention when my grandfather was dying."

"But don't they only give that to you before you die?"

"Not always. Sometimes when someone is extremely ill. Which tells us he got interrupted. She's only alive because someone disturbed our perp."

"Something tells me he's disturbed enough on his own."