Office of ADA Ron Caver

One Hogan Place

Wednesday December 7, 2005

Court was delayed in the morning. Carver and Novak spent the time drafting up terms of any deal that they would be willing to offer.

They saw the delay as a sign of extreme desperation.

The four detectives sat with the counselors in Carver's in office.

The phone rings and Carver answers. Carver almost seemed like he was deeply in love with the person on the other end, judging from the smile that came across his face.

He hangs up and then speaks, "Detectives Goren. Stabler. Mr. Platt requests the pleasure of your company at Riker's. Sounds like he has something to get off of his chest."

"What can we case he asks," Elliot says.

"Twenty-five to life," Casey says, " And we drop the assault and attempted murder charges."

"Feeling generous, " Bobby asks.

"We're just leverage," Alex retorts.

"Leverage that looks good in heels and can hold their own," Olivia adds.

"Have fun on the play date," Alex says, as Bobby and Elliot leave.

Riker's Island

Elliot is pacing, while Bobby sits. They wait for Malachi's arrival.

"How was dinner," Bobby asks.

"Good. But the talk with the ex didn't go so smoothly."

"I'm sorry."

"Nah. It helps reinforce in my mind why we're divorced."

Bobby starts to object, but Malachi is escorted into the room.

Malachi quietly takes a seat.

"Where's your lawyer," Elliot asks.

"I fired him. He's a liar. He was going to lie to that jury. I can't have someone lie for me."

"Well, you know you don't have to talk to us," Elliot says.

"I know But I need to. However. I need..."

"The DA sent word that if you cooperate fully and confess...They'll drop the assault and attempted murder charges. Twenty-five to life," Elliot informs.

"And you get a shot at parole. Someday," Bobby adds.


"Let me call the DA," Elliot takes out his phone and calls Casey.

"What made you decide to confess, Malachi? Guilt? Because you might have gotten away with it."

"Detective Goren. I screwed up."


"It's. Complicated."

"What have you got left to lose? You're going to prison for the rest of your life."

"And I deserve that. But...I hurt your partner. And she's...a mother. I didn't know."

"Well, most people don't. But...there's something else."

"I just wanted them to realize that they were going to ruin their lives. I had to save them. From themselves."


"And. I, all I can hear. Is my mother screaming at me whenever I would watch these girls. And I just couldn't..."

"Let them end up like her?"

"Prisoners in their own minds. God forgive me. I wanted that girl dead...For being envious. And I wanted to violate them both. Make them realize that they are worth waiting for. I...I'm so sorry..."

Malachi puts his head down on the table and sobs.

Major Case Squad

One Police Plaza

Monday December 19, 2005

The four detectives are in Captain Deakins' office.

"You know, upstairs is very impressed how the four of you handled this case and got it done."

"It was...,"Bobby started.

"Excruciating," Elliot adds with a laugh.

"No, it was fun, sorta. It's good to change the routine up sometimes," Olivia says.

"That and it keep the partner homicide rate down," Alex adds.

Olivia looks at her watch, "We'll, we've got to get back. The paperwork won't do itself."

"Yeah, and she's got a desk to ride," Elliot retorts.

The captain sees the visiting detectives out of his office.

"Again, a pleasure," he shuts the door behind them.

Now, the four detectives shake hands and say their good-byes.

"You know, I think I was wrong about you Elliot. I thought you would just be a loose cannon. But. Well, I was wrong."

Alex chimes in, "You'd better write that down. Bobby Goren was wrong."

"Well, for the record, I thought you wee just a weird crazy sort. Turns out, you're just. Observant," Elliot says.

Olivia laughs, "Boys, this is touching. Really."

Alex shakes her head and walks back to her desk.

Elliot and Olivia get on the elevator.

"You've got my number, call sometime. Maybe you can cook for me," Elliot says.

Bobby nods, "Sure. And if you lost my number. Maureen has it."

Before Elliot can say a word, the doors close.

"Loose cannon."

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