The Bride, The Groom and The Other Woman

A young man is marrying a CORPSE!

To any passerby this would seem like some bizarre and unholy nightmare. No one would ever willingly marry a CORPSE. At least no one in there right minds. Surely he must have been possessed by a demon or a devil. They would say as they watched the young lady with the skeleton arm and leg walk down the aisle towards the young man standing at the front of the church with an old skeleton.

Yes. That is what they would say…..had they been there. But most had gone into hiding the moment the dead had appeared. The lucky few who had stayed were granted a few precious moments with their departed loved ones. Once they had stopped screaming and hitting of course.

Inside the church the dead guests watched as Elder Gutknecht conducted the marriage ceremony. Unlike the last time, Victor made no mistakes.

"Your cup! Shall never empty…for I will be your wine."

He smiled at the deceased woman next to him. Emily took a deep breath and repeated the vows smiling the entire time at the man who would soon be hers.

A small smile appeared on the bony face of the old Skeleton leader. "Drink." He said gesturing to the goblet. Emily handed it to Victor and the whole room went silent. Despite the fact that she had been dead for several years, for one moment Emily could have sworn she heard her heart beat.

Victor stared at the goblet before looking at Emily. The smile started to disappear from her face and her body grew tense as she realized he might be having second thoughts. Then he smiled at her. Emily relaxed.

"And never death shall we part." Victor adds. A moment later he drinks deeply out of the goblet, before handing back to the elder. Knowing the young man had sealed his fate everyone watches silently. It won't be long now.

They are right. Victor manages to smile at his bride…right before he falls to his knees as his body started to convulse. Though knowing what would happen, Emily was still alarmed and was quick to support her love as the convulsions became worse. After a moment it stopped. Victor slowly turned to look at Emily and she smiled. Gently she takes his hand. Victor is momentarily surprised, but then he smiles as well and lets her help him up. Wordlessly they continue to stare at one another lovingly. In the audience several of the ladies are wiping their eyes and eye sockets including Mrs. Plum. "It's so Romantic!" She sighed.

Finally the little skeleton boy had had enough. "Are you gonna kiss her or not!" he yelled out. The crowd laughed. Victor and Emily blush a bit in embarrassment before they do just that.

Behind them the guests happily applauded the newlyweds. After many years of waiting Emily had finally gotten her happily ever after. Nothing could interrupt this happy scene.

And then Victoria ran into the church.