The lesson that Vincent had tried to teach had apparently gone above Lydia's capacity to listen. The snobbish blonde had been far from pleasant even more so when the tall young duke had denied her bauble after bauble; due to her continuous rudeness.

In addition with each firm refusal, Vincent in turn would walk right by Lydia's desire and approach one of the many ordinary everyday items in the many shops before turning to either Victoria or Hildegard.

"Ms. Hildegard I do believe I neglected the purchase of an inkwell for you did I not? Oh what am I saying of course I did…dreadfully hard to write without the ink you know."

"Dear Lady Everglott…how thoughtless of me…I completely neglected a thank you gift for your father! Have you any suggestions? Oh for heavens sake...The answer is starring me in the face…ammunition for his musket! Wouldn't you agree dear lady?"

"Flowers for you're deceased friends? I think that's a wonderful suggestion Miss Everglott. Might I suggest the white and the yellow roses?"

With each of Vincent's seemingly innocent questions followed by his self provided answers, the young duke would immediately act on them. Inkwells were bought in abundance and then given freely to Hildegard, more then the trembling maid could ever use in a single lifetime.

Crates of ammunition were gathered, enough for their small village for a year. And roses of pure white and sunshine yellow practically overflowed the shop's largest basket.

Lydia's delighted smile at the very romantic gesture obviously meant only for her turned to pure hatred when Vincent turned and smiled at the other woman as he held out the basket.

"Well is this enough for your friends?" Duke Vincent Just asked with a bright smile causing Victoria to heavily protest his actions though her words held an amused yet delighted tone. "Mr. Just, I daresay I shall soon enough to cover the entire cemetery at this rate!"

In Lydia's mind enough was enough. And as the group laden with packages for the underlings she made her move. "Vincent darling…in case you had forgotten you DID agree to dinner with my parents tonight. Remember? You have something IMPORTANT to ask them."

The inferior waif caught the hint immediately and with a gasp released the handsome man's hand in the process dropping the package containing her mother's dress on the ground. With a smug smirk, Lydia instantly took Vincent's newly freed hand.

Vincent smiled back. "Yes I do…" Lydia's triumph ended abruptly when her intended's smile disappeared and he ripped away his hand harshly. "And you can tell them to forget the business proposal or any others until your atrocious behavior towards GUESTS to our town improves."

The blonde's mouth dropped open in shock and her eyes started to tear up. "But Vincent I-l"

The young duke had by now run out of patience. "Miss Squanson! Apologize to Ms. Hildegard and Miss Everglott now!"

"Apologize?! To that ragamuffin waif?! Vincent darling surely you jest!" Lydia scoffed with disbelief as well as amusement as she looked down at the shorter lady on the ground quietly stuffing pieces of yellow fabric back into the dress box.

"Enough!" With a wave of Vincent's hand, guards had been summoned and with a few muttered words, Lydia to her shock was being lead away. Turning in her captor's arms she was rewarded by the sight of the love of her life helping up her rival.

Lydia clenched her teeth tightly as the unworthy lady slowly smiled and nodded her head in understanding. "I see it now." The beautiful blonde hissed under her breath her words inaudible to the males keeping her prisoner.

"The way to my happily ever after with Vincent is through that tavern wrench. And I can assure you Victoria that I will make what remains of your life exceedingly miserable for your bold transgression."

Unaware of the dark planning in motion, the dark haired young man had in turn led his companions down another pathway back towards the waiting carriage with the boisterous Auntie Betsy standing next to it.

"THERE YOU ARE DEARS! HERE! LET AUNTIE BETSY TAKE THOSE FOR YOU!" Without waiting for a response, their arms were rapidly emptied and their contents placed in the packed vehicle. Vincent chuckled.

"It's a good thing we're returning to your town tomorrow at the rate you lovely ladies enjoy to shop we just might need another carriage."

Victoria jabbed a pointed finger at the duke's chest in response to his teasing. "Might I remind you LORD that it was your own GENEROUS nature and while we are both flattered by your kindness it IS a bit MUCH. Especially for someone you have just met not to long ago."

"True…but I believe I have grown rather fond of you…Ms Vicki Dee."

Auntie Betsy clasped her hands in delight as the proper young lady let out an annoyed yell at the unwanted pet name before proceeding to chase Victor's laughing look a like around the carriage for once not caring about proper appearance.

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