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"So, how's the betting pool doing?"

"Around eight hundred in various currencies on Naruto, about the same on Fullmetal, and 5 demands to cease and desist, prevent and/or compensate property damage, and assorted variants therof."

"Pretty much as expected, then."


"Alright, then. So, which one have people actually bet more on?"

"I'm actually not quite sure, I can never remember the conversion factors–"

The dark-haired man in a neat colonel's uniform and the taller, considerable more disreputable-looking ninja ambling beside him rounded the corner and stopped dead in shock, the small ledger the two had been examining forgotten.

The square they had just entered was crowded, but their attention was on just two individuals. The bright green spandex jumpsuit of the man with thick eyebrows and bowl-cut hair was perhaps more obvious, but the large man with a blond mustache and a single lock of hair above his forehead relieving his baldness just exiting a shop on the other side of the square was eye-catching in his own right, even if the major's uniform he wore hadn't been very similar to the colonel's. Even as the first two men watched in horror from the entrance to the square, the gazes of the spandex-wearer and the Major happened to intersect.

"Oh, hell no–"

"Nevermind the pool, this takes precedence!"


The ledger forgotten, the two men who had been poring over it moments before tore back around the corner at a dead run. Carelessly weaving around rubble and dodging flying masonry, assorted projectiles, and the odd shadow clone, the Flame Alchemist and Frog Hermit dove straight into the tangle of yelling, crackling energies, and blows that was forcibly remodeling the surrounding city block and each came up holding a yelling, kicking, irate blond boy by the scruff of the neck.

"Yes, yes, nevermind that–"

"A much more urgent mission just came up. Now go!"

Threats blithely ignored, both boys found themselves yanked down the street and flung around the corner, landing in a furious heap at the entrance to the square. They were instantly back on their feet and attempting to locate their respective superiors to exact revenge…when they noticed what was in front of them and stopped dead, eyes wide.

The light was already gleaming off of Gai's smile as the Beautiful Green Beast of Konoha began moving into his Nice Guy pose. And pink sparkles were already starting to become visible around the beatifically serene Major Armstrong.

A faint noise of denial came from both boys, and a single glance between them established temporary truce before they dashed off at top speed.

"Hey, hey, hey! Do you know where I can find thick- I mean, do you know where Lee is?"

"Major Armstrong, have you seen Lieutenant Hawkeye, I need her help with something–"

Some things just can't be allowed to happen, after all.

But as the two boys carefully but rapidly steered their successfully distracted targets out of the square in different directions, the same thought ran through both of their minds regarding their respective superiors:

Bastard's going to owe me big for this one.