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Hey Arnold

"A picture's worth a thousand words"

Arnold was walking home along side Gerald; they were come home from high school. "Ya schools out finally after all those years, so Arnold you excited about the senior trip?" The senior class had decided on Disneyland Resort California for five days as the senior trip. "Heck yeah, Gerald. Anyone who isn't must be insane" At the same time across town Helga was walking home with Phoebe. "I'm insane Pheebs" Phoebe looked at Helga confused "What do you mean Helga?" Helga let out a light sigh. "Well schools over, and where about to go on a five day senior trip to Disneyland Resort California, and I find myself not enjoying it as I should be" Phoebe looked at the ground "Does it have to do with ice cream?" Helga just nodded. "Well Helga you could use this opportunity to finally reveal you love for ice cream" Helga raised her brow at her choice of words. But she knew she had to use code words, fearing that someone might overhear them. "I guess your right Pheebs" Phoebe looked at her "You guess I'm right, I know I'm right" Helga let out a chuckle at Phoebe's response. "All right Pheebs your right, now can we continue?" "Yes" They walked to rest of the way toward their homes.

Arnold finally arrived home and waving good bye to Gerald. "See ya later Gerald" "Catch you on the flip side Arnold" Gerald left for his home. Arnold walked after the stampede of animals followed by Abner. 'Who do these animals belong to anyway besides Abner' Arnold thought before going in. "Hey Short man, how was school?" "It was fine grandpa" said Arnold as he took off his backpack. "So Short man, you all ready for your senior trip?" "Yeah grandpa, just have to pack a few more things" "Ok Arnold, dinners at 6:00" Arnold headed for his room. "Ok grandpa" Arnold could hear objects being thrown at Oskar from the hallway as well as Suzie yelling at him. 'Just another day at the Kokoshka's' he thought to himself and he could hear Mr. Hyunh singing his usual country song, which was a surprise since he was Korean. Arnold made it up to his room and grabbed the remote attached to the wall next door via velcro. He switch on his stereo and his favorite music came on, he had like the mix he burned a few days ago.

He went to work packing his clothes for the five day trip, he was excited about the trip, then thought that maybe, just maybe he can get Helga to show her soft side. For years he always felt there was something more to the mystery that was Helga, and he was determined to see the real her. Soon it was 6:00 when a knock came at the door, Arnold was shaken out of trance, "Short man, dinner's ready" "I be down in a minute grandpa" Arnold yell back through the door from where he was sitting. "Ok Arnold" He put a hand to his head "Man I lost track of time" he said to himself, he got up and left to have dinner. When Arnold was finished he went back to his room to continue packing for the Senior Trip which was the left after the graduation ceremony the next day.

It was Friday and the ceremony was almost over, one by one everyone received their diplomas. Arnold couldn't help but star at Helga as she walked up to the get her diploma, she had grown so much and so gradually that he hadn't noticed until recently. She was beautiful even if she didn't wear make up, there other popular girls and the guy didn't really think she looked great, then again it was Helga. He figured beauty was in the eye of the beholder, like a two people can look at a piece of art, one person will think it was the worst he ever seen, while the other will think it was the greatest thing he ever seen. Soon it was over and the parents mingled with the graduates congratulating them on their graduation. Arnold looked for Helga but he couldn't find her, then Gerald came up to him "Hey Arnold" Gerald saw the look of concern on his face. "Arnold, what's wrong?" Arnold snapped out of his trance "huh oh sorry Gerald" "Well, what's wrong with you? You seem distracted" "oh I don't mean to be, Its just I have a lot on my mind right now" "Ok whatever you say man, hey what do you say if we go find our friends" "Sure Gerald" they went off to talk with their friends.

Helga just starred at the scene from the bleachers holding her locket that she had for years, looking at the picture of Arnold. "Oh my love, why must I torment you? and why must I hide behind this mask hiding my true feelings for you? Why? I promise that this trip will be a trip not to forget, and I will finally reveal my love for you" she let out a heavy sigh " I know I said that a thousand times but this time will be different, this time-" "Helga come on we need to get to the buses" Phoebe interrupted her. Helga put the locket away, and ran off toward her friend. Everyone was already at the buses, and piling on to the buses. Phoebe had beet Helga to the bus. There were three buses, the first two had filled and Helga ran onto the last one, she found an empty sit, she would have sat with Phoebe, but she was with Gerald.

The seats filled up quickly then Arnold came aboard and found that all the sits were taken except for one, it just so happened to be with Helga, he just shrugged it off and sat down. Helga was starring out the window oblivious to the fact that Arnold sitting next to her, then the buses started off toward the airport. Helga felt the buses move and looked around and noticed Arnold sitting there "Arnold!" she was surprised to say the least. "Hi Helga, sorry there was no other open spaces" Helga put her bully mask back on. "Well don't get to comfortable bucko" "whatever you say Helga" he leaned back in the set. 'What was that about?' Helga thought to herself, 'can he see beyond my disguise? Its like whatever say to him doesn't seem to phase him one bit, like he can see right through me' She just shrugged it off, she figured it must have been from years of bullying that it doesn't phase him anymore.

The buses arrived at the airport a half hour later, as they got off the buses the students were handed out the tickets showing the set there at. Soon everyone was boarding the plane, Helga found her set, it was a window set behind the wing, she looked out the window, just starring, totally lost on thought. Then Arnold came in followed by Gerald and Phoebe. Gerald and Phoebe sat down at the sets across the aisle from Arnold. As Arnold found his set he was shocked to see Helga sitting there at the window. 'this can't be possible, it just can't. there's no way' Arnold though to himself. "Helga?" She looked at him "Chrimany, not you again football head" "Nice to see you to Helga" said Arnold sarcastically. "Just sit down hair boy" Arnold sat down and put on his seat belt. 'This is going to be a long flight' Both of them thought to themselves.

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