Title: Partners of the Heart

Part: 15+ of 15+

Author: SilverWing

Genre: Romance/angst/general?

Pairing: YxYY

Rating: PG

Warnings: None. un-beta'd

Summary/Description: Yuugi is wondering about mou hitori no boku. Wondering just who is this spirit, living within the golden encasings of the millennium puzzle. Some how he will know who mou hitori no boku is.

Doesn't take place in the series. Uses the Japanese names. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not, never have and more than likely never will, own Yu-Gi-Oh

Authors note at bottom!

Epilogue. The Beginning of an End in Sight.


"Bless you."

"Thanks Yami."

I grinned over to him, what to everyone else would be empty space, but I wasn't worried that everyone'll think I'm insane, and grandpa didn't mind, he understands. I think he's getting used to it, now that Yami spends more time outside of the puzzle.

It's been approximately two months since that fateful day in my soul room (a fateful day that was repeated quite a few times in the space of two months), and things seem like they're settling down. It's routine for me now to look over at Yami's partially translucent form, murmur a good morning, and kiss him wherever is nearest before falling abysmally from bed.

Yami sleeps in a bit longer than me, which I'm grateful for. I get to see him while he's sleeping, expression unguarded and soft. He looks a lot more like me when he's sleeping that he ever does awake. He's awake by the time I madly dash out the door to school, feeling him slip back inside the puzzle, crawl into my bed and fall soundly back to sleep again. Staying out of the puzzle too long makes him tired.

At school, Anzu and Jounouchi seem to be relaxing a bit more, and creeping back towards me with all the good intentions of a lollypop. The mysterious murders/insanities in the area have dropped to an all time low from the high it was after the puzzle was solved, it might be even lower if Bakura wasn't running around, trapping the cafeteria ladies in spoons and ladles.


"Bless you."

"Thanks Yami."

I rubbed at the end of my nose, settling the display box of duel monster cards back on their appropriate shelf, having just dusted said shelf. I climbed down the small stepladder, casting a look over at Yami who was leaning casually against the bench in front of grandpa. He smiled a little, that warm little smile that he manages when he sees me, even if he has been watching me all day. Today is one of Yami's "All day stint-outs!". One of the few days, where he spends the whole day, outside of the puzzle.

Grandpa can almost seem him now. I asked him and he said that he knows when Yami's about, where in general he is, and sometimes even glimpses his faint outline. Yami's slowly getting better and better at this being out of the puzzle thing. It makes me glad. Maybe one day he'll be visible to everyone, and we can walk around and I can talk to someone who people will see answer back.

"Anything else you want Grandpa?"

"No, that's enough Yuugi. You know I don't like those top shelves, you can handle a fall from there, I'd break something. " He chuckles, a soft good humoured sound. "Anyway, I'm sure that Yami's spent enough time sitting around the Game Store."

"I don't mind."

He answered although grandpa is unable to hear him. I heard him in that double echo, the voice in my mind and the softer, muffled one, in my ears.

"He says that he doesn't mind Grandpa, but thanks anyway. I think we'll just head upstairs and play games for a while. It's always fun to play against Yami, he doesn't just roll over and die."

Grandpa and I chuckled, I more so because I'm able to see the look on mou hitori no boku's face at the small joke. He's changed a lot over the course of the past two months or so. He smiles a lot more, and jokes more, although his sense of humour is darker than mine, but that's appropriate to him. He's more comfortable, relaxed not so weary of me, and while he's still slightly weary of Grandpa, he is willing to let that weariness fade. He's relaxed here, in my home, and in our soul rooms. It's good to see.

I head out the back door into the house, head up the stairs, and spring into my room, which is remarkably clean. The door clicks shut behind me as mou hitori no boku enters in a slightly more dignified way, smiling at my enthusiasm.

"Okay Yami, we've a choice between Halo 2 aaand The Diabolical Delinquent."

He snorted and smirked. "Sounds like Bakura."

I snicker lightly, the ongoing rivalry between Yami and Bakura, was one of the things that mou hitori no boku seemed to take pleasure in, strangely enough. Maybe it was just to have another in this world that acknowledged his existence, or maybe it's just the thrill of having someone to fight against who isn't as easily defeated as your run of the mill homicidal manic. Who knows. But the mentioning of the Thief King never went past without some sort of comment, and while there's hatred there, I don't think he'd actually ever completely kill him.

"So which one?"

"Hmm." He walked over towards me, leaning in to make me just that little bit nervous. He likes doing that. A hand ghosts my thigh, and I mean ghosts.

"I'm not sure, aibou."

Oh, and did I mention that remarkably, mou hitori no boku is quite…clingy for lack of a better word. He likes to touch, to be close. I think it's the isolation or the lack of libido freedom he was granted within the puzzle, but whenever possible he touches me or is close to me, never far. I love it.

There's a hand resting on my hip, and his head tilts down to nuzzle his face into my neck, lightly kissing the pulse point there. His voice vibrates against my skin. "What do you want to do?"

Oh, I could think of a few things. My face is steadily turning redder and redder. This always ends with either of us in control of my body when he's like this.

"Uh, anything's fine."

I relax as his arms wrap round me and grip me, my voice a breathy sigh as he kisses one of the tighter tendons in my neck.

"Really we-"


We jerk in unison at the loud, obtrusive, voice crashing in and spoiling the beginnings of a mood. Though… I wonder who it could be. Jounouchi and Anzu couldn't possibly have plucked up the courage since the last time I saw them to come to my house. That really only leaves Ryou.

"Wait here."

I give the soft command then gently ease out of his slackened arms, slipping over to the door and vanishing out, trying not to see the disappointment and irritation on his face.

I make my way down the stairs at a face pace, wondering why Ryou would be here, if it is Ryou. That's the most likely answer, or it could be that nut Kaiba. He's been looking at me strangely all week. It started when he walked past as Ryou and I were having a friendly duel with our new Duel Monsters Decks. He sort of paused, looked down, looked back up, kept walking, sat down and watched us while he thought we couldn't see.

Hmm, Kaiba hasn't approached me at any time during school though, so I hardly think he'd just show up at my home. But he wouldn't have to ask for my address, being the computer genius that he is, he'd just go home and look it up, should he feel so inclined to. There's something peculiar about him, that's for sure. Mou hitori no boku thinks so as well…

"Hi Yuugi!"

"Oh, Hi Ryou! I had a feeling it might be you…uh, is it raining?"

Ryou was soaked from pale head to pale foot. His usually fluffy white hair was plastered to his head, his clothes clung and hung heavy around his body with moisture. There was a small puddle of water forming from beneath dirty, white-socked feet.

I mean it had been cloudy all day but I don't think it'd actually rained, although I can be very distracted from the weather by, other things.

"No, it's just um… a little trouble."

He shifted nervously from foot to foot, rubbing his wet-sleeved arm. He's probably got a right to be nervous. When it comes to Ryou, trouble usually starts with a B.

"I don't suppose I could borrow a towel?"

A faint blush on his face. Oops, I hadn't realised but I'd been staring in his general direction for a while.

"Oh, yeah. Of course. Sorry, just got distracted."


A gentle brush of mou hitori no boku's mentality washed over me, tinged with curiosity.

It's Ryou, he's… all wet.

I responded, walking quickly to the laundry to return with a towel for my poor friend.

"I don't exactly have any pants that would fit you, but I have a shirt that is sure to fit you, and you could just float around my house in your boxers until your pants are dry. I'm sure Grandpa won't mind."

He looked like he was about to protest or something, but instead he just closed his mouth and smiled. "Thank you."

"Not a problem."

I begin to lead him upstairs, after requesting he takes his socks off so he doesn't trek water through the house, and his jacket so I can put that in the drier. He'd taken off his jacket first and I watched as he removed his socks. He was wearing a white shirt that had turned translucent to a great extent from the water. I could clearly see the dark spread of bruises on his back, and sides, and I'm sure there were some on his chest too. Oh yes, little trouble indeed.

"Hello Yami." Ryou says upon entering the room, bowing slightly.


Yami acknowledges, voice almost warm, lips almost smiling, eyes almost kind, and a nod from his head. I have a feeling that someday this won't be an uncommon scenario. Yami sitting regally on my bed, Ryou suffering from some sort of calamity from the actions of one Thief King.

I head over to my draws finding one of the largest T-shirt I have.

"Here Ryou."

"Thank you, Yuugi."

After a bit of blushing and movement, a trip to the laundry, and an argument with drier, we eventually have a damp haired Ryou, clad in boxers and a shirt that even on him is a little too big, sitting on my desk chair while Yami and I sit on the bed opposite him. Yami's face is set to a kinder façade, though still harder than the face he saves for me. His elbows rest mid-thigh, hands crossing in the middle, leaned slightly forward with attentiveness, eyes alert and observant to everything around, though manly focused on Ryou. I can almost hear his thoughts turning over what that "blasted thief" has done this time. A small smile works it's way to my lips.

This is my life now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I turn my gaze to Ryou, expression turning to one of understanding.

"So what'd he do this time?"

Done and Done!

Well wasn't that a very disappointing little endy thing.

Okay, this leaves room for a Sequel.

I'll start planning it but no set-in-stone arrangement here yet. I have one particular person out there who's a very big Ryou and Bakura fan and they've been asking if they'll get together, well it has happened here I'm afraid but, the sequel to Partners of the Hearts however isn't going to be a Yami x Yuugi fic. It'll be a Ryou x Bakura fic following on from this point, though of course the Yami and Yuugi duo will be present.

I'm fairly sure it'll be first person from Ryou's point of view, Bakura's would be a little difficult for me to write I'm sure, cos he's no simple character, like Yami.

I hope you've all enjoyed the story, and now it's finally come to close. For the Puzzle shippers I may or may not be posting a recent story idea called "Price of Sin" which is all elves and sprites and whatnot, cos they're fun, but yeah be on the look-out for that.

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