A poem dedicated to all S.K. fans out there! Enjoy!

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Unspoken Words

(From Hao's point of view)

I wake in the morning

With tears in my eyes

To tell you the truth

I don't know why.

All my life

I had never cried

Not until now

My feelings were kept inside

A knock on the door

The mailman was there,

Delivering the letter

I couldn't bear

'No doubt about it'

Is all I can say

The letter was from Italy

It came from Mei,

"I couldn't be better"

It said in the letter

"For my love for you

Will Always be there"

"When I said

I'm leaving,

I was hoping you'd say

'You're kidding'

"When I said

I'll miss you

I was hoping you'd say

'I'll miss you too'

"And when I was

To board the plane,

I was hoping you'd say

'Please remain'

"No matter when

No matter how,

I'll never stop loving you,

My dear Hao."

I don't know why

I feel so weak

Tears were now rushing

Down my cheeks

I never thought

You're feeling were the same

I never thought

This time would came

I love you Mei

I really do

I just couldn't show you

My love is true.

All done! Hope you like it! (This is longer than the other one so I hope you'll review! Onegai!)