How You Remind Me

The feeling had been way to damn good. And it had been wrong. Sheldon Jeffrey Sands had crashed and burned!

He wanted to bash his head against the brick wall while the little chiclet boy stood front him. Just...bash the livin' shit out of it! Go out in a blaze of fire.

He had to pay now. To pay for all the crooked little schemes he'd ran. For all the sitting up and watching them fall.

She'd told him, three years ago. WHY hadn't he listened to her! If he didn't listen to any one else, WHY hadn't he listened to his Cherry?

"Never made it as a wise man
I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealin'
Tired of livin' like a blind man
I'm sick inside without a sense of feelin'
And this is how you remind me "

The words echoed in his head like a dull pain. "This is how you remind me of what I really am." So much power in those eleven little words. Eleven words, for the eleven commandments. He should've payed much more attention to them.

Thou Shall Not Get Caught. Well, he got caught.

"It's not like you to say sorry
I was waiting on a different story
This time I'm mistaken
For handing you a heart worth breakin'
I've been wrong, I've been down
To the bottom of every bottle
Despite words in my head
Scream "Are we having fun yet?"
Yet, Yet, Yet, no no."