A Walk in the Park

By Mayhem's Angel and Dark Nuriko

Warnings: Explicit sex scene between two males. In other words, yaoi. Don't like it, don't read it. Edited for FF.NFor the complete lemon, please visit either AFF (MayhemsAngel) or Gurabiteshiyon (Mayhem) or email me and I can send you the uninteruppted version.

Notes: This is a RP that Nuriko and I did online a few days ago. She's responsible for Eiri, while I got the kid on a permanent sugar high.


Eiri Yuki glared as he sat in front of his computer, busily typing away at his latest novel. His pink haired lover ran into the room, who Eiri just ignored, continuing to work on his novel.

"YUUUKKIIIII! Let's go somewhere! All you do is sit in front of the computer all day!"

A vein throbbed in his forehead at the yell and he worked hard not to flinch. "I've got work. Leave me alone," he growled, his fingers still flying over the keyboard.

"You can bring it with you! Take a notebook with you. We can go to the park, and you can sit and write in the fresh air!"

He sighed and glanced back at the pink haired idiot. "Have you been sniffing the sugar? I won't get any work done with you pestering me."

"Yuukkkiii! I won't bother you; I just want you to get out. You can't stay as sexy as you are now with out some effort!"

He smirked, looking over Shuichi's slender body with a very suggestive glance. "I think I do all right," he commented.

Shuichi stamped his foot in impatience. "Sex is not enough exercise! It barely counts!"

Eiri sighed and saved his work before shutting down the computer and standing up. "Fine. We'll go out. But on one condition."

"YAAY! What is it? I'll do anything!"

"You leave me alone once we get back so I can finish this."

"I promise!"

He sighed and slipped on his shades before grabbing up his jacket and keys and walking toward the front door. Not even waiting on the pink haired idiot.

"Wait!" Shuichi screeched, hopping around trying to put on his shoes, falling into the wall, as he became unbalanced.

Eiri shook his head with a sigh and rolled his eyes. "Hurry up, baka," he mumbled, waiting at the open door.

"Coming!" He fixed his shoes, jumping up and bouncing out the door, grabbing Eiri's hand on the way out.

He rolled his eyes at the boy's actions but couldn't help the small smile that crossed his lips. He really did love the brat, even if he was annoying.

Shuichi bounced along, entirely oblivious of Eiri's uncharacteristic smile. "Come on! This is going to be fun! It's such a nice day out!" He turned, and beamed a bright smile at his lover before racing off to the elevators.

Eiri, once they were in the elevator, pushed his smaller lover against the wall, a small grin on his lips. "Remember our first kiss?" he asked in a husky tone, his body pressing Shuichi into the wall.

Shuichi blushed at their new position. "Y-yes." He murmured, lowering his eyes so that his long lashes covered his violet eyes.

Eiri smiled at the embarrassed expression of his lover. He leaned down and softly kissed his lips.

Shuichi returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around Eiri's neck. And that's when the elevator doors dinged open, revealing their elderly neighbor, Mrs. Scottly. "Oh my!" She tittered, stepping past them on to the lift as they left, Shuichi embarrassed for real now.

Eiri simply smirked and bowed his head. "Sorry ma'am," he said, giving his irresistible smile toward the woman.

She just nodded in response, hiding her laughter behind her hand. Young people these days. The doors shut, and a reddened Shuichi grabbed his lover's hand and dragged him out the door.

Eiri followed his smile still on his lips. "Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?" he asked, as the neared his car.

"No, but I do mind scarring Mrs. Scottly." Eiri started to unlock the car. "What are you doing? We're going out for exercise, so we're going to drive to the park that's 5 blocks away!"

Eiri paused and relocked the car door before pocketing his keys and beginning to walk, both hands in his pockets. "Fine. Yet Mrs. Scottly has never had a problem with our relationship before."

Shuichi rolled his eyes. "Like that wasn't obvious, her laughing at catching us like that. But it could have been someone else. Like Mr. Fujiwara. He's not a big fan of ours."

"So I should just hide the fact that I'm with you when people don't like it?" he asked, slightly hurt by the idea but not showing it.

"Nnnooo, that's not what I'm saying. It doesn't matter who sees us. Half of Japan already has if they watch television."

He nodded, unable to fault those words. Yet he still walked with his hands in his pockets, mostly to keep from grabbing his little lover and dragging him back upstairs.

Shuichi skipped along side him, babbling about something that had happened the day before at NG, involving Ryuichi and a missing kumagoro. "Look! Aren't the cherry blossoms pretty?" He asked upon reaching the park.

Eiri smiled softly and nodded. "I suppose," he answered. Yet he really did think they were. Especially with his love running through them.

"Come on!" He shouted, running around through the park, stopping when he got to the bench marking the spot where they had met.

He looked around, his golden eyes seeming to take in this area and he looked back at Shuichi with a smirk. "Isn't this were I told you that you had zero talent?"

He nodded; a soft smile upon his lips. "Yeah. Sure proved you wrong didn't I?"

"No," he answered, looking out at the view the park provided. "You still can't write lyrics."

"Yuukii! I've gotten better!" He said, latching on to the novelists' arm and admiring the view with him.

"I don't know about that," he teased.

He pouted. "You're so mean, Yuki. What did I do to deserve it?"

Eiri turned the younger man toward him and kissed him softly. "You're just fun to tease," he admitted.

Shuichi turned his puppy eyes on him, a pout curving his lips. "That's still not a good reason." He murmured, leaning in for another kiss.

He laughed softly. "Then why are you letting me kiss you?" he asked, kissing his lips once more, before pulling back to look into his violet eyes.

"'Cause I love you. Jerk." He said, looking up into the golden eyes that for once seemed to show love.

"Hm, and I should say I love you too, shouldn't I?" he laughed softly.

"Yes, that's what most people would say now."

"Well, then I suppose I love you too, baka," he said softly, feeling as if he was getting lost in those violet eyes that just glimmered in their love.

Shuichi smiled brightly, reaching up to twine his arms around his lover's neck, licking softly at his lips, before Eiri opened his mouth and their tongues began a sensual duel.

Eiri didn't hesitate at the offer and kissed the smaller boy back with as much passion as he put out.

He carefully guided them back from the pathway to the bench standing behind them, sitting down when his knees hit the seat, pulling Eiri with him. Breaking the kiss for air, Shuichi looked up with shining eyes, running his hand over the smooth plane of Eiri's cheek. "Beautiful." He murmured, before the words were stolen from his mouth with another kiss.


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He listened to the thump of Eiri's racing heart, his own just as fast. Opening his eyes, he pressed a kiss to the pulse beating strongly inhis lover's neck. Turning slightly to get comfortable, his violet orbs suddenly widened. "Eiri..."

He smiled and kissed his lover's forehead. "What?" he whispered.

"We...we just had sex in the middle of a public park!" He whispered in horror.

Eiri smirked even bigger. "Yep," he answered, not embarrassed by that at all.

"We could get arrested! Let's go! I don't want to spend the night in jail!" He wailed.

Eiri laughed and slowly removed himself from inside of Shuichi and handed him his shorts. He then slowly stood up and pulled up his pants.

Blushing brightly, the vocalist pulled on his shorts, looking around to make sure no one was around or might have heard them. He was rather loud sometimes.

Eiri sighed and started off back toward home, not even wanting to deal with a boyfriend who was going to flip on him after something that had been so wonderful.

Shuichi ran up to him quickly, grasping his hand. "Eiri...that was nice. Thank you for coming with me."

Eiri smirked at the double meaning and kept his eyes diverted. "I thought so." He then looked at him. "And you're welcome."

Catching the look on his lover's face, Shuichi hit his arm lightly. "Not like that! I meant coming with me to the park!" He looked down for a moment. "...and you did kind of get exercise." he half mumbled.

Eiri smirked and pulled Shuichi in front of him, his back against his chest. "If that is considered exercise, can we do this more often?" he whispered into his ear.

He squirmed, visibly uncomfortable with the possibilities of this position in the middle of the park's pathway. "If it'll get you out of the apartment more..."

He smiled and leaned down, lapping at Shuichi's neck. "Um, it might," he whispered into his ear, keeping him right where he was.

He squirmed again, feeling Eiri's hardening erection against the curve of his rear. He was becoming affected by the hot breath in his ear as well. "Let's go. We can be arrested for public indecency another day." That said; he took off, heading back to the apartment.

Eiri laughed, watching his younger lover rush off back to the apartment. He took his time, enjoying the evening.

Waiting ahead a few feet at the entrance to the park, he watched Eiri walking through the cherry blossoms, the street lights offering a different view than the setting sun had earlier.

The blond eventually caught up to his lover, a small smile on his lips. "I thought you were in a rush?"

"Not without you. Nothing to go back to if you're here." He told him, love evident in his words and gaze as he took in the relaxed state of his lover.

Eiri smiled and took Shuichi's hand as he passed, pulling him toward him. "Then let's go home," he whispered.