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At last, the story!

Down in a deep valley on the dusty planet of Geonosis, an army of five thousand strong geonosians stormed into the valley from the south. Armored with leather chest plates, protective helmets and electro spears, the creatures looked fearsome in the morning sun. Riding alongside them were dozens of land speeders, each holding a driver, a spearman and an officer.

On the opposite side of the valley, three thousand clones marched into view. The clones were less disiplined, their appearance less impressive. Their white armour was now a dusty brown colour and several clones had to keep wiping their visors clean.

When each army reached the battlefield they stoped and stared one another down, two hundred yards apart. They stood like that for what seemed like hours before, at last, two speeders emerged from both sides and met at the centre of the field.

Darth Sidious, Lord of the Sith, rode in his speeder with a driver and a gunman, whilst holding a golden Sith blade. His cloak had the symbol of the Sith emblazoned on it.

His counterpart in the Geonosian cart, Poggle the Lesser, did not project equal confidence. He eyed the size of the Sith army with evident unease. He himself held the Geonosian sceptre. A long wooden pole carved with lots of strange, but beautiful carvings.

Both leaders stepped down from their chariots and approached each other. They stared at one another for several seconds. Then Sidious smiled and looked up into the sky. Winged crow like creatures flew overhead.

"It's a good day for the crows," he said casually, but Poggle wasn't in the mood for pleasantries.

"I told you yesterday and I'll tell you again today. Remove your army from my planet."

Sidious smiled again and turned to examine the valley.

"I like your land. I think we'll stay. I like your soldiers, too. They fought bravely yesterday. Not well, but bravely."

"They'll never fight for you," Poggle snapped angrily, but Sidious just laughed.

"That's what the Corellians said, too. And the Tatooines. And the Utapians. They're all fighting for me, now."

"You can't rule the whole Galaxy, Sidious. It's too big. Even for you."

Sidious surveyed Poggle's army, seeming not to have heard him.

"I don't want to watch another massacre. Let's end this war in the old manner. Your best fighter against my best."

This caught Poggle's attention and for the first time, he looked hopeful.

"And if my man wins?"

"We'll leave Geonosis for good. I'm a generous man. If mine wins, you keep your throne. But Geonosis falls under my command, to fight with me whenever I call."

Poggle considered before nodding. He turned and shouted into his army.


The Geonosians murmured and stepped aside as a giant geonosian emerged from their midst, a foot taller than the other creatures, his face gouged with old scars. He marched out to his king.

"Here is my champion." Poggle introduced with a sly smile.

Sidious raised his eyebrows as the giant came closer. Then he turned to face his army.


The clones murmured amongst themselves, looking for Jango Fett. Nobody emerged and Sidious frowned as Poggle smiled.

"Boagrius has this effect on many heroes." he laughed.

"Be careful whom you insult, old king." Sidious snarled and turned as he heard an engine approaching.

An officer on a speeder emerged from the clone ranks to the center of the field. He bowed his head to Sidious.

"Fett is not with the army, milord." he said.

Poggle laughed and looked up at Boagrius, who chuckled. Sidious growled angrily.

"Where is he?" he demanded to the clone, who backed off slightly in shock.

"I sent a Clone to look for him," he replied but this didn't seem to set Sidious' mind at rest. He had been stood up infront of his entire army, and the geonosians. Jango would pay for this.



A Clone on a speeder zoomed through the woods to a nearby camp. He rode into the camp where scores of tents stood on the banks of a river. The only men around were cooks tending to the fires and armourers who were mending armour and weapons.

The Clone dismounted at one large tent in the corner of the camp and pulled open the flap to step inside.

He paused for a moment inside the tent, his visor adjusting to the light to allow him to see clearly. Evidently last night was a wild party because jugs of wine were everywhere along with the remains of a large feast. Sleeping on a far rug was a man wearing only a cloth around his waist. His armour and helmet stood off to one side, along with an ancient looking jet pack.

The clone side stepped to avoid a broken jug, then bent to tap the sleeping man on the shoulder. Before his fingers made contact, however, a hand shot out and grabbed his wrist, pulling him to the floor. The clone found himself flat on his back with a pistol to his throat.

"Shh," Jango Fett mumbled. The clone stared into his eyes, wondering how he could have managed to sieze him and put a pistol to his throat without moving more than a few inches.

"I was having a good dream..." he muttered again.

The clone nodded, momentarily struck with fear, which was unusual for a clone. He knew that Jango was the man he had been cloned from, but that didn't mean that he wasn't shocked everytime he looked upon the man all the clones thought of as their idol. However, the clone hadn't come to stare at his maker. So he cleared his throat to relay the message.

"Lord Sidious sent me. He needs..."

"I'll speak with your Lord in the morning," Jango interupted, rolling over as if he wished to go back to sleep.

"But milord, it is morning," the clone dared to correct him.

Jango frowned and got up, pulling on a robe and walking to the tent flap. He lifted the flap and stared out into the empty encampmen.

"They're waiting for you," the clone finished his message and watched to see Jango's reaction.

Jango simply walked over to the pile of armour in the corner and began to pull on the undergarments made of strong leather. Then he pulled on his chest plate and the clone assisted him by fixing the shining silver greaves to his legs.

"Are the stories about you true? They say your mother is an immortal goddess," the clone asked curiously as he fixed the last shoulder pad. Jango simply pulled on his jetpack and said nothing.

"They say you can't be killed," the clone continued.

"I wouldn't be bothering with armour then, would I?" Jango replied as he walked out of the tent, followed by the clone.

"The geonosian you're fighting --he's the biggest creature I've ever seen."

Jango ignored him and mounted the clone's speeder.

"I wouldn't want to fight him," the clone admitted. Clones were trained to fight and not be afraid, but that didn't stop them from not wanting to fight now and again.

Jango, however, was bored of talking by this time. He turned on his seat to the clone.

"That is why no-one will remember your name. You will never be anything more than a clone, a mere soldier who no-one would miss if you were killed."

And with that he sped away, leaving the clone standing alone.