Author Note: Last chappie guys! But don't worry. I've tweaked the ending so it's slightly happier than the film...and it brings two characters together, like in the Star Wars movies. I won't spoil it anymore, because you'll find out who it is in roughly 26 lines!

The Imperials were victorious. The beautiful city of Theed was a ruin, with smoldering pillars and burning embers littering the city. Nubian prisoners were led off in chains, after being captured because they were lucky enough to not be killed, but unlucky enough not to escape. Imperial soldiers carried gold treasures from the lavish temples and palace, and funeral pyres filled the square. One pyre, taller than the rest, rose in the center of the square. Maul stood atop this pyre, staring down at the body of Jango. For a long time Maul looked at the dead man's face. He knew the world would never see another Jango. Finally he reached inside his tunic, pulled out two gold coins, and placed them over Jango's eyes.

"Find peace, my brother."

Then he climbed down from the pyre. An officer handed him a torch and he threw it in the kindling, starting the fire. The dry wood quickly caught fire and black smokes rose toward the circling crows.

Everyone stood around, watching their hero burn.

Maul watched the flames rise, and was glad to know that Jango hadn't been alone. There were rumours that Princess Padme had sat with him till the end. Then when the other soldiers had arrived, they had allowed her to go, mostly because they were in shock over the death of such a mighty warrior.

Maul smiled at the thought of the young princess, and made a silent vow that if he ever saw her again, he would thank her for just being there.


To the East, a small band of surviving Nubians marched towards the rising sun. Padme, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Sabe, Beru, Han and the others...all alive and well.

They walked towards the Nubian mountains, heading for a secret valley called Varykino, deep inland. Beru walked at the back of the pack, and as an old man stumbled beside her, she stopped to help him up. When he continued on, she stayed for a moment and looked back towards the ruins of Theed.

She was watching the black smoke from Jango's pyre rise above the smoldering city, rise above the circling crows, and fade away into the deep blue sky.

"It's Beru isn't it?" a voice said behind her and she turned to come face to face with a young man. He had a cut above his right eye, and it was obvious he had been half way through shaving the stubble around his mouth.

"I'm Owen...Owen Lars. I noticed you seemed troubled about something?"

"No...not really. I'm just sad to leave the place that I grew up in. I always thought Theed was a safe city."

"So did I. But look how wrong we were. Come, we must catch up with the group. Your cousins will be wondering where we are."

And with that, he gently took her hand and led her back to where the others had paused to wait for them.

Obi-Wan, now King, hobbled along, his right arm heavily bandaged. He didn't know if he wanted to be King anymore, but when he saw the faces of the few survivors, he knew how lucky he was to still be alive. As long as he was King, he promised, he would let nothing bad happen to his people.

And so the long march continued...deep into the mountains, until at last they came to the beautiful hidden valley of Varykino. And there, in the distance, lay the secret lakeside palace that was to be their home.

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