Chapter 1

He couldn't believe it. He was watching a major porno with his professor. Harry Potter was fifteen and he was in Professor McGonagall office watching a XXX Lesbian Movie. "Does this turn you on Mr. Potter because it does me?" "What are you talking about Professor?" Harry answered. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "I mean I want to fuck you into the next century." Harry couldn't believe it he was having feelings toward his professor that he had never felt. "Me to professor." "Well let's get busy than Mr. Potter."

Harry got up and walked over to his professor. He sat next to her and slowly kissed her on the lips. He wanted entrance to her mouth so she granted it. Their tongues battled each other for a good five minutes. After awhile McGonagall got bored. So she looked down at Harry's pants and saw a big bulge. "Well well aren't we excited" McGonagall said to Harry. She slowly unzipped his pants and stuck his huge cock in her mouth.