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Lately I've been thinking
Lately I've been dreaming with you
I'm so resistant to this type of thinking
Oh, now it's shining through
I was alone for the last time
Before my night's vacation with you
Alive from the first
Now I'm denied by the ghost of you

"Ghost" Howie Day

It had been utter madness for him to stay the night with her. He never should have touched her to begin with. Never should have reached out.

It was her bloody fault really. If she'd just let him be, if she hadn't pestered him so, he'd have never even considered...

He'd gone out of his head.

That one taste had him ready to beg for a fuck, which would have completely destroyed what was left of his pride.

He'd not had to beg though, she'd been willing enough to comply.

At first, he'd thought it was pity. But pity would not have made her so eager. Pity wouldn't have made her so... industrious.

Her hands, small and capable, slid beneath his clothes with wicked intent.

And he hadn't been touched in so long...

Even now, the memory of it was enough to heat his blood.

He'd not even asked if she enjoyed it, but from the sounds she'd made beneath him, it was fairly undeniable. And at the time, he'd not cared.

It wasn't something he was proud of, it made him wince to think on it. Then his thoughts would invariably turn to more enjoyable recollections, like the way her skin tasted, or the scent of her hair, or the way she arched beneath him.

And then it would no longer matter that he was lying alone on the cold hard ground on the outskirts of Fenrir's pack, his body would harden insistently and he'd be forced to take matters in his own hands, so to speak.

It was lowering that a woman/child such as she could force him to such measures.

Because of her, dignity was a thing of the past.

And so, to preserve his pride, and his sanity, he went out of his way to avoid her.