Summer Vacations are always full of happy memories... Even for a Zodiac Member.

Angela: Usual Disclaimers apply, don't ask, I won't tell. I forget exactly which volume of Fruits Basket they have that summer vacation in, but it's taking place there, that day they set off the fireworks Momiji brought. Enjoy.

Tohru smiled to hersel watching Yuki, Kyo, and everyone else happily set off fireworks. They'd had a wonderful summer, and even though they'd had to spend quite a bit of it with Akito, it had been her best summer ever. As Yuki handed her a sparkler, her smile grew.

'They're all so... Wonderful!'

They truly were the best friends she'd ever had, besides Hana-Chan and Uo-Chan. Her life, even with her losses, was truly a blessing indeed. As the sun set and they headed back for one last dinner in that house, she felt her heart swell with happiness. A small thought crossed her mind, causing her to gently smile again.

"Are you happy, Honda-San?" Yuki asked softly. Kyo paused to listen to her answer, not looking back, as the others trudged forward.

"Yes... I am. Yuki-Kun, Kyo-Kun... I am so very, very happy... Thank you."

And she decided that... Maybe next year, she could teach them all how to make paper lanterns...

Angela: OK. End. One-shot, never gonna be continued, don't ask me to please and thank you. I know it is short, I'm sorry, but I've had that idea and the title swirling around forever, and they got so annoyingI got it out.I've got a meeting to get to right now, I'll see you all later. This is my first Fruits Basket fanfic, in case anyone hasn't noticed, since Wi just started reading them this month, and finished one through eleven. Haru... Mmm, he's awesome. -smiles and wanders off to read more of them.- I started doing some fanart too, but it's not very good, so we'll avoid that subject. Ishi.