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"Crash Bandicoot? What am I thinking? Simple, keep it simple. Tekken! Yeah, he only used to mash the buttons anyway." Shaun threw his battered copy of Crash Bandicoot onto the pile and placed the shiny disk of Tekken into his Playstation.

"So, how's your day been?" Shaun turned to the left of him. The large zombie that was Shaun's best friend looked at him, his glazed eyes showing no expression.

"Of course, you've been stuck in the shed. You wouldn't have gone out anyway." Shaun chuckled to himself as he lifted the controller. Zombie Ed copied him, giving the black, plastic object his usual confused look.

"Okay, it's Tekken today. Y'know?" Shaun punched the air and shouted like a martial artist. Ed gave a slight nod and stared at the screen. The bout began and Shaun's fighter was immediately thrown to the ground.

I wonder if there's an award for the most intelligent zombie? Shaun mused whilst tapping the button rapidly. Hearing noise from the house, Shaun paused the game and jogged out of his shed.

Liz was washing some dishes in the kitchen sink, not her usual chore but Shaun needed some quality time with his zombie.

"What is it? Actually I'm happy you called as my ass was being kicked out there." He flashed his girlfriend a smile to which she pointed to the newly purchased kitchen television. An old professor of some sort was deep in a speech to some journalist. Shaun was about to ask but Liz hushed him.

"Yes, I am saying that the attacks of Z-day were not performed by 'zombies' but of humans in a deep catatonic state. It's a type of virus that slows the mind, so all it can focus on is a primal instinct. Food. I'm not saying it makes it any better, it just means we can cure them. We have produced a vaccine that we are currently testing on the tagged contaminated, those in jobs. If another epidemic was ever to happen, it can be quickly targeted and eliminated."

Shaun leaned on the back of a chair for support. Could this mean that Ed, his best friend, could possibly be cured?

"You okay Shaun?" Liz asked, wiping up his Z-day beer mug.

"We can cure him, can't we?" Shaun asked, needing reassurance.

"You aren't meant to have him, Shaun. Only tagged zombies are being vaccinated." Liz gave a sympathetic smile.

"What do you mean?" Shaun looked at of the window and into the garden. He could just see Ed moving inside.

"I mean, LEGALLY. It's impossible. But I'm sure you can think of some way around it. He's your best friend and he nearly died for us, well that is if you can bring him back."

How can she do it? Shaun thought. How can she always have the right words to cheer me up?

"I'll go tonight, isn't the government laboratory thing in Chelsea?"

"It's down the road Shaun."

"What don't we live in Chelsea?"

"If we did, do you still think I'd work at that IT company?" Liz joked.

"Well I better finish of that game with Ed. I think he's tried eating the people in the TV again."