Kingdom Hearts: Sin Angel

Prologue: Symphony of Voices

(A/N: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any character not created by me. This is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts Chaos Angel, so if you haven't already read that, you should do so; this might make more sense to you.)

Three months ago… his voice left me.

Three months ago… more Princesses of Heart fell to the darkness, their lives ended by the tyranny of the dark.

Three months ago… I decided.

This time, I'll fight.


The darkness is such an ironic thing.

I've only seen him once, the child, the wielder of darkness. His eyes like mine.

Despite the beauty of darkness, it became the thing that separated me from my son, and his son from him.

Only now, as I observe the darkness, as I continue to study the Heart and the Soul, do I see the connection between me, my son, and the curious wielder with eyes like mine.

Such is why I'm grateful that the Dark Swan will return.

I can see my grandson once again.


Three months in darkness… eternal darkness?

Not while I'm still me, not while I'm still thinking.

Kairi, are you out there? It's me. I need your help once more.

But I'm not alone in the darkness. I met this kid. The wielder of the dark.

Together we talked, we fought, we watched each other's memories.

And as for freedom, when I leave this darkness and find you…

We can save the universe.

We'll go together.


Abandoned memories, abandoned friends… all I fought for.

Even Rob and Sora forgot me… or are they dead?

What I get for being selfish.

Maybe darkness or light ain't the way to go.

Maybe I have to awaken from this my own way.