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Katara was at the ocean's edge practicing Waterbending with her teacher, Lena. Lena was Master Pakku's niece. Katara was learning the basics that she didn't know from Lena. Katara, her brother Sokka, and their friend, The Avatar, Aang were at the North Pole after the battle with the Fire Nation. Aang had to master Waterbending and Katara could learn it with him. "Katara" Lena said. "Let's start on the doub-"

"Katara, I need you now!" Aang yelled. Aang ran toward them. When he finally got to them, he said to Katara, "We need you at the medical tent, they need your healing skills!" Katara said to Lena "I'll be back" "Come on, Katara!" Aang and Katara started to run from the water and toward the village that they were staying at.

When they got to the medical tent, Katara and Aang ran in. Katara gasped when she saw what was on one of the cots. There was a girl, her skin was a pale blue and she was shivering madly. Katara ran to the girl's side and said to the girls in the tent " Please get me some hot water, facecloths, and some seal soup fast!" The girls brought the things and Katara started warming up the girl immediately. As she did this, she asked Aang how he found the girl. "Well" he started. " Sokka and I were flying on Appa, exploring the village and looking for food from the sky, when I saw a blue thing on the coast. So we flew down there and we found the girl. I Airbended her onto Appa and we flew here. Sokka went to get the doctors, while I tried to get the girl warm. Then the doctors came and took her here. Then I came and got you while Sokka went to go see if he could find any food. And now we're here" Aang ended.

As the girl's original skin color came back and she stopped shivering, the girl's eyes opened. She looked around for a second and then asked, "Where am I?"

Katara and Aang looked at the girl before Katara answered her question. "You're at a North Pole Water Tribe village. We found you on the ocean's edge and then we brought you to this medical tent."

The girl thought for a second before answering, "Oh. Can I get up and strech my legs?"

"Uh, sure" Katara said. The girl pushed back the blankets and got up. Aang and Katara studied the girl as she got up. The girl was wearing a blue parka like Katara's old parka, but instead of a skirt and navy blue pants she was just wearing pants like Sokka would wear. On her neck was a necklace, it was made of thin blue ribbon, blue and sliver beads, and in the middle on the necklace there was a gold clasp where a charm should have been. As the girl was stretching her legs, Katara asked the girl, "What is your name?" The girl answered, "My name is…"

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