"My lady, we are almost closed in on Prince Zuko's ship." A Fire Nation soldier said to Princess Azula, with a bow.

"Very well. Prepare for boarding in the morning."

"Admiral, we are just about closed in on the Prince's ship." The captain on Zhao's small wooden non-Fire Nation boat.

"Good. Get the boarding team ready for boarding in the morning."

Everyone was at a town's party that night. When the town found out that the Avatar was there, they immediately threw a party for his presence. The whole group was the people of honor.

It was near the end of the party, and benders and warriors were giving demonstrations. An Earthbender had just finished when Zuko and Katara were pushed up onto the stage.

"Uh..." Katara started. Zuko grabbed her by the wrists and spun her around, his back facing the crowd. When Sokka saw this, he shifted in his seat on the ground.

"Ok. I have something planed." Zuko said fast.

"Good to know. Mind telling me what it is?" Katara answered fast.

"We'll act out our fight at the oasis in the Northern Water Tribe."

"Deal. I can't wait to kick your butt again."

"Um...Katara...I won."

"Only because the sun rised!"

"I still won!"

"If you and me at fought earlier, I would have so kicked your bu-" Katara was stopped abruptly by Zuko's lips pressed against hers. For the few 2 seconds, Katara's body tensed all over. Then she relaxed and snaked her arms around Zuko's neck. After about another two seconds, Sokka realized what was happening (poor boy, being so clueless) and started to charge up there, though Aang held him back.

When Katara and Zuko broke apart, Katara just stared at Zuko for a few seconds while catching her breath.

"Well, at least now I know how to make you go quiet.", Zuko said with a smile, "On with our demonstration now?"

Before they started, they had and Earthbender make an oasis, and with Katara's help there was water in the pool, and two Koi fish, though they weren't swimming in an dance. Katara had also made an ice Aang, though Sari had to help a bit.

After everything was in place, they began. Since it wasn't that long ago, the moves were exact. It went on, with some claps in the middle for a great move, and when it ended and Zuko was standing there with the ice Aang and he said, "You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.", The clapping went on for about 3 minutes.

After Katara and Zuko got off the stage, they went to separate ends of the audience. While Katara watched Aang and Sari prepare their act on the stage, she wondered how Aang was taking it. She knew he had a crush on her. He has told her, even if she didn't realize right there. Though he did hold Sokka back from attacking Zuko, and up there on the stage he did look ok.

Sari and Aang were still deciding on what to do as their demonstration. Then it came to Sari; it would be a scene from her latest story. Sari whispered the plan into Aang's ear and they each took a stance. Sari did a move to make it all foggy. Aang, from behind the fog where no one could see him, made blooms of ice appear on the sides of Sari, while she acted like she had no clue what was going on. Aang started bending water, giving it the shape of a huge dragon. He controlled the dragon so it attacked Sari. Just as she was going to send a blast of air towards the ice dragon, two lizards with firebenders ran into the audience. The girl on one of the lizards shot a blast of blue fire towards the stage. Sari and Aang just dodged it and Sari cleared the fog. Zuko saw who it was and cursed.

"Zuko", Katara whispered, "You know who she is?"

"Of course. I would know my own evil little sister anywhere."

"Avatar! There's no where to hide now!" Azula shouted as she searched the audience. She saw the two others she hunted.

"My lucky day. Uncle and ZuZu!"

Zuko shot a blast of fire towards Azula, yelling "DON'T CALL ME THAT!"

The other lizard rode up to Azula.

"Ahh. Prince Zuko."

"Zhao." Zuko growled.

"Ah. Who is you friend, ZuZu?" Azula said, noticing Katara standing behind Zuko.

"She is none of your business, Azula! How did you escape the Ocean Spirit Zhao?"

"Touchy Touchy, Prince Zuko. And not that it is any of your business, but I swam." Zhao said.

Zuko was about to send a fire blast at Zhao, but two fire balls were sent forward, knocking Azula and Zhao off the lizards. Zuko felt himself being pulled by Katara towards Appa.

Aang and Sari were sitting on Appa's head, ready to take off. Iroh, Zuko and Katara ran into the saddle, and Aang yelled "Yip Yip!" and they were off.

Later that night, Sari was steering Appa towards Omashu, while Aang and the rest slept. She heard the light whispers of Zuko and Iroh at the back of the saddle. She leaned back against Appa's fur and relaxed to the wind rushing past her face.

"We're wanted men now, Uncle. Traitors to our own nation." Zuko whispered.

"The Fire Nation is not our nation anymore, Prince Zuko. It will only become our nation again when Aang defeats Fire Lord Ozai, and you become the Fire Lord." Iroh said, before he settled down to sleep.

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