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Author's Note: Thanks to all who have read and reviewed my stories in the past. It's always appreciated. This is a sequel to the story History Repeats. It starts shortly after History Repeats ends and is therefore in the History Repeats universe—(Rory never quit school etc.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I would love to hear what you think!

"Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Richard asked, coming down the stairs with a book in his hand.

"Lorelai's," I answered without turning to look at him as I grabbed my already packed bag that was propped up against the staircase.

Playfully, he put down his book and then grabbed me around the waist and pulled me back towards him. "Richard," I pretended to be upset, "She's waiting for me."

He turned me around towards him and smiled, "I think Lorelai's known for a very long time that her father is madly in love with her mother. I think she'll understand." He smoothed back the hair out of my face and then kissed me. I relaxed into the kiss, not caring what maid might be passing by, not caring if the whole world was watching.

"I really have to go Richard," I said smiling after we'd broken off the kiss.

"Alright," he said, and looked down at my bag.

"Microwave popcorn, licorice, and something called 'E.L. Fudge', my dear you will never be able to keep your figure this way," he said wrapping his arms around me again.

"I think if our daughter can do it, I can do it." I said, reaching up to kiss him quickly one more time. "Besides, it's our new thing. I bring the junk food, and she brings carrots and celery and then we both have to eat some of the others food." I kissed him again, "And I really have to go, I want to get there before she puts Alicia down."

"Alright," he sighed. "Kiss our girls for me, and I shall try to not miss you too much. I will just sit here all alone in the den and be miserable reading my book in this terribly quiet house."

"Have fun Dear," I called and waved as I headed out the door.

I started the car and pulled out of the driveway, looking forward to the ride to Stars Hollow. The sun was setting, and it was such a beautiful scenic drive. I had never really noticed in all the years I had been coming there—probably because I was too busy thinking about what I was going to nag Lorelai about as soon as I got there. It was amazing to me there were a lot of things I had never noticed. If anyone would have told me a few years ago that my life would be the way it was today, I wouldn't have believed it. Things weren't perfect by any means, but things were so different. Richard was kissing me on the stairs and more involved with the family than he had ever been, Rory was thriving at school, Lorelai and Luke were settled with a new baby and I was going over to Lorelai's house for movie night. Finally, after all these years I had what I wanted. Finally I was getting to play in the mother/daughter fun and it was delightful. Life was good.

I pulled into the house just as Luke was walking out,

"Hi," I said stopping, and rolling down the window.

"Hi," he replied,

"Are you headed to the diner?" I asked.

"Yeah, I have a late night ahead of me. She's waitin for ya. Have fun," he said smiling and I'm trying to remember a time when I didn't like this man.

"Have a good night Luke," I replied.

"Thanks Emily," he said smiling and waved as he walked down the road.

I walked up to the house and rang the doorbell,

"Come in Mom!" I heard her shouting. I shook my head. Some things never change.

I walked in, "I hope you're not holding the baby while you're shouting, you'll scare her half to death." I said as I came into the living room. She was smiling at me, in that little impish way of hers. I can't help but smile back,

"I'm sorry," I said. "I promised I wouldn't nag until I was in the house for at least five minutes." I bent down and gave her a quick hug,

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Fine," she replied.

"Are you lying?"


"Would you tell me if you were?"

"No," she replied and smiled impishly again.

"Where's my granddaughter?" I asked, shaking my head at her.

"Which one?" she asked, "The one that's on a hot date tonight or the one that's in the bassinet waiting for you to say goodnight?"

"I'll take the one in the bassinet right now, but I want to hear all about the hot date in a minute." I replied making my way to the nursery.

They had done the nursery all in vintage pooh bear. The walls were painted yellow—which I had even helped with, and the boarder was filled with Pooh Bear, Piglet and Christopher Robin. There was a white rocking chair with Pooh stenciled on it, and a shelf with a Pooh lamp on it, a changing table and in the center of the room was a white bassinet where I could hear the cooing sounds of Alicia Emily Danes. I tiptoed over to her and saw her lying there. She was such a beautiful baby. She was four months old and already I could see her mother's personality in her. She was so lively, taking in everything around her as though she was assimilating any knowledge she could get her hands on. Gently, I scooped her up and walked over to the rocking chair. I sat down and began to rock her, singing Lorelai's song to her. I looked up and saw Lorelai standing in the doorway smiling.

"What do I do?" I asked as I painfully made my way out of the bed. "I don't really know," Richard said walking around the chair with a proud smile on his face. "Do you realize Dear that I put this contraption together all by myself?"

"Yes, are you sure it's not going to collapse on us once I sit down?"

He frowned for a moment and then sat down in the chair himself. "No, it's quite sound Emily." He then rocked back and then forward again, "I think this is all you do Emily. This is supposed to soothe the child." I shook my head at him. What were we doing? We were parents—two people who had to make something like a rocking chair complicated. He got out of the chair and held it steady for me as I sat down. Then he went over to the bassinet where Lorelai lay.

"Here we go," he said, reaching down and gently picking her up. I loved the nervous expression on his face, the one he always got when he held Lorelai—as if she was made of porcelain. He walked slowly over to me and placed her in my waiting arms. I began to rock slowly back and forth.

"Like this?" I asked. Richard reached out and began petting the top of my head.

"I think that's the general idea," he replied.

I reached down and took one of my little angel's hands in mine. She was so perfect, so beautiful. I began to sing to her, a song that I didn't even know I remembered, from a long time ago, what seemed another lifetime and when I sang it I could hear my mother's voice.

"That's beautiful," Richard said, kneeling down beside me and kissing the side of my forehead.

"Life is beautiful Richard," I replied and leaned into him, rocking my baby back and forth, wishing time would stop and I could keep it like this forever—just the three of us.

"I think she's asleep," I whispered softly to Lorelai and I slowly got out of the chair and walked over to the bassinet. Very gently I put the sleeping child down. Lorelai walked over and tenderly kissed the baby and then together we walked out of the room.

"Did you bring the stuff?" she asked.

"Don't ask me that like I'm a drug peddler," I said.

"Mother, did you bring the stuff?"

"Yes! I brought the stuff," I said grabbing my bag and joining her on the couch. She held out her hand for the junk food but I shook my head, "Oh no, I see you eat two slices of celery before you have any of this." She grabbed two slices of celery and ate them up quickly.

"Okay, now, let me have the goods." She said

"You have a serious problem you know that?" I said, handing over the bag and going for the celery tray.

"Nu-uh," she said sharply. "You have to have two pieces of licorice and an E.L. fudge before youget the celery!"

"Not fair!" I protested

"As someone I know used to say, 'fair is where you go to see the pigs.'" she countered. We just looked at each other smiling for a minute and then as I slowly reached out to take a licorice, we both started giggling.

Yeah…life is beautiful