A Love Story- by Aneko-chan

Summary: Kinomoto Sakura was a 16 year old tomboy and a very beautiful one. Even though she was a tomboy, the whole male population would swoon around her and would ask her out. She rejects them. But then one day her father tells her that she's engaged to a certain boy called Li Syaoran.

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Chapter One- The engagement

By Aneko-chan

On a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, Kinomoto Fujitaka was reading a letter given to him.

Kinomoto Fujitaka,

I am coming to Tomoeda with my son and four daughters. I hope to see you later.

From, Li Yelan

Fujitaka smiled at the letter. His daughter's finally going to meet her fiancee. She never knew she was engaged since she was little because no one told her about it. He sighed and putted the letter down. He went upstairs and knocked on his daughter's door.

"Come in." A female voice said gently. Fujitaka entered the room and smiled at his 16 year old daughter Kinomoto Sakura. She turned and looked at him with her beautiful emerald eyes.

"Yes, otou-san?" She said, staring at him. Fujitaka sighed and took a deep breath. He looked at Sakura.

"Sakura, I have very important news to tell you." Sakura stared at him, suspiciously.

"Uh…what important news?" She said slowly, making Fujitaka more nervous to tell her.

"Your mother's best friend, Li Yelan will be coming to Tomoeda with her son and four daughters from Hong Kong." He said slowly, making Sakura nervous.

"Uh huh, there's more?" She said, nervously, afraid where this going.

"Yelan and your mother, Nadeshiko, agreed to have an engagement between you and Yelan's son, Li Syaoran." Sakura's eyes widened.

"Did you just say I'm engaged? To who? Li Syaoran? Li Yelan's son?" Sakura asked dangerously. Fujitaka nodded. Uh oh. Here come's the lecture.

"WHAT! HOW COULD MOM DO THIS TO ME! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT I HATE GUYS! GRRR…wait until I tell Touya about this…" She growled, not noticing her dad leaving her room.

"Don't worry, it won't be bad. Besides, I heard he is a very handsome young man." Fujitaka said, smiling and closing the door behind him. If she told Touya, her older brother who's at Tokyo working now, that she's engaged, Touya would instantly come back to Tomoeda and spoil the engagement. He went downstairs and started cooking dinner.

Sakura, in her room, was still pissed at the fact she was engaged. She decided to call Touya later, so he could help her break this engagement by pissing that Li Syaoran guy a lot. She laughed evilly to herself. She hated guys from the beginning they started asking her out. She hates it. Why couldn't they leave her alone! Thank goodness she knows martial arts. She gets to kick each and every one of the guys into space and got them in the hospital for two weeks. She frowned and decided not to tell anyone of the engagement or else they'll be like asking her questions about him, how he looks, is he cute, and all that stuff. She sighed and went back into doing her homework.


Li Syaoran stared out the window looking at the clouds floating everywhere. He was pissed, really pissed. A few days ago, his mother, Li Yelan told him they are going to Tomoeda, Japan to stay for a few years and most importantly, he was going to meet his fiancee, Kinomoto Sakura. When she first told him that, he was surprised and didn't want any engagement. But Yelan insisted it because Kinomoto Sakura was her best friend, Nadeshiko's daughter.

I hope that Kinomoto Sakura girl isn't a fangirl or anything. She better not be so flirty or overtalkative. Why did mother had to engage me to a girl I don't even know! I hope this engagement will be spoiled soon and fast. If I want this engagement to end soon, then I better be mean and evil towards her. I wonder what's her reaction's going to be. Syaoran thought, chuckling to himself. He tried to ignore his four older sisters conversation about that girl he was going to be engaged to. He sighed.

This is going to be a very longggg ride.

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