Yes, I know, it's shocking, but Teen Titans isn't the only thing I write about! -collective gasp- I know, I know! Moving on...

This story isn't going to be very long. I'm estimating four chapters at most. And they're short chapters too. I just didn't want to cram it all into a one-shot.

This is a Fire Emblem story, taking place during Eliwood's story in Fire Emblem, known in Japan as Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, sometime after Eliwood's group saves Lyn and her knights from a painful defeat at Castle Caelin. This story focuses on Eliwood and Lyn. They're just so cute together I can't stand it! So I had to write about it. Can't beat that logic!

Disclaimer: I do not own Fire Emblem. I do, however, have both Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for Gameboy Advance! The first one is way better, just for the record.

Chapter 1: Of Coins and Campfires

Numerous campfires spread out across a dark valley between forested hills and a glassy black river, giving the appearance of orange and gold stars in the nigh sky. It could have been a mirror of the star-studded black canopy on such a cool, clear night. Smoke drifted lazily over the heads of the many battle-worn travelers crowding around the fires for shelter from the frost. Knights, archers and mages alike talked and laughed with their fire-mates as they relaxed and recuperated from the difficult battle they had all faced mere hours before.

"After that fight, I'll be sore for a month," Hector, young lord of Ostia, complained loudly.

The thief, Matthew, allowed himself a laugh. "Maybe you wouldn't be so sore if you didn't spend all of your time in the middle of the battlefield, swinging your axe around like a pendulum and cleaving everything in sight," he said with an officious nod.

Hector scowled. "You wouldn't know much of the battlefield, would you Matthew? You're always lurking somewhere in the shadows," he replied crossly.

A mischievous grin spread across Matthew's face. "Rebecca understands, don't you Rebecca? The middle of the field is far too noisy," he said, leaning toward the young archer who was sitting on Hector's other side.

Rebecca laughed good-naturedly. "You have a point. Staying at a slight distance has countless advantages," she replied airily.

"Now don't bring her into this," Hector said with mock indignation. "She's innocent. You're the one who can't even lift an axe, let alone wield one. Yet you insist on mocking those who can."

"Ouch, that one got me deep, Hector," Matthew replied, wincing dramatically. But he shrugged resignedly. "I guess my only consolation is the knowledge that I can steal your hair off your head and you wouldn't even notice."

"Come on, don't start fights where they don't belong," Guy, who was sitting beside Rebecca, said quickly, cutting off Hector's scathing reply.

Matthew and Rebecca were still laughing when Guy looked over at Rath. "Something wrong, Rath? You've been awfully quiet," he asked.

Rath glanced at the others, who were all looking in his direction. He returned his gaze to its previous position, staring past the flames and out at a smaller fire placed farther away from the others where two people sat.

There was a smaller fire several yards from the mass of large fires at which most of the travelers warmed themselves. This fire was used by Hector, Lyn, Eliwood, and their faithful tactitian. They would sit for a short while after setting up camp to discuss their journey. The four of them usually went to different fires afterward, joining their companions. But lately, Lyn, princess of Caelin and Sacae, and Eliwood, heir of Pherae, had stayed behind at their own private fire, spending hours upon hours talking and enjoying each other's company.

Hector and Rebecca followed Rath's line of sight. They both smiled.

"Ah, so you've spotted the lovebirds," Hector said, adding exaggerated emphasis to the last word.

"Oh don't make fun," Rebecca said, smiling as she watched them as well. "They're adorable."

Matthew made a quiet sound of distaste. "Women," he muttered, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. Guy nodded in consent, allowing himself a smile.

"Lyn'll be kissing him any minute now," Hector said with a smirk.

Guy shook his head. "No way. Eliwood will kiss her first."

Hector cocked an eyebrow. "What makes you say that?" he asked.

"Lyn's a Sacaen," Guy said simply. "It's Sacaen common courtesy for the man to make the first move."

Hector shook his head. "But Eliwood isn't Sacaen, now is he? No, Eliwood's too sensitive to make the first move. He'd be afraid she'd reject him. He's got some major insecurities when it comes to women," he said. "I'd know, I'm his best friend."

"I've got to agree with the big guy on this one," Matthew said, still watching Eliwood and Lyn. "Eliwood can be pretty insecure at times, mainly when Lyn's involved."

Rath glanced back at the group. "Would anyone be interested in a friendly wager?" he asked. "I'll put five gold pieces on Lyn. Guy is right, it's Sacaen common sense."

"I'll do the same," Guy said. The two of them tossed some gold pieces to the ground near their fire. Matthew and Hector put down ten coins each. They all turned to Rebecca.

"What about you, Rebecca?" Matthew asked curiously.

Rebecca smiled. "Under regular circumstances, it could go either way. But tonight, I'll put twenty coins on both of them," she said quietly.

"Both of them?" Hector repeated.

Rebecca nodded. "Yes. They'll both go in at the same time, you'll see," she said, still smiling.

"We'll split the winnings when we win," Matthew said to Hector. Rebecca just smiled again and turned back to watch Eliwood and Lyn.

The chapters will get longer, I hope. This was more kind of an intro I guess. Fun times. Tell me what y'all think!