Well, here it is, the final chapter. It's painfully short, just to warn you. I just felt like I needed to wrap it up with an epilogue-like thing. Come on, I couldn't leave you hanging without seeing Eliwood and Lyn's reactions when they realized the entire camp had been betting on when they would start making out!

On another note, I just bought Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. It's pretty good so far, but it starts off kind of slowly.

Anyway, here's the final chapter! It's been fun.

Chapter 4: It Must Be a Girl Thing

The entire campsite went completely silent. Even the fires seemed to have ceased crackling. Every single occupant was staring wide-eyed at what was happening. They had all seen it coming, but it was still a bit of shock to see two of their leaders kissing right in front of them. The two leaders in question were completely oblivious, however. The two of them had absolutely no idea that the rest of them existed. They were a little busy of course. They were absorbed in each other, senses overwhelmed with the feel and taste of the other, not to mention the silence they had yet to notice. They were both completely beyond the reach of the others at the camp, escaping off into their own world.

But it had to end at some point. Eliwood and Lyn became very aware of their surroundings when the campsite broke into cheers. They jumped apart and whipped around. Every single occupant was watching them, clapping and cheering and whistling. Lyn and Eliwood both flushed dark red and groaned. Then they looked back at each other and smiled.

"It seems we lost track of ourselves," Eliwood said quietly. They looked at each other for another moment, not sure what to do next. But Lyn took initiative and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him fiercely as they laughed together.

"She knew. How could she have known that was going to happen!" Hector shouted angrily as he emptied the gold out of his pockets.

"I don't know," Matthew grumbled. "It must be a girl thing."

"What do you mean?" Guy asked as he too fished more gold from his pockets.

Matthew pointed over at the girls. All of them seemed to be collecting a large amount of gold from the men of the camp.

Rath smiled a little as he stood to give them their gold. "I guess I should have placed my bet with Rebecca after all," he said quietly.

"You sure should have," Rebecca said as she sat back down at the fire. Hector and Matthew shot her withering glares. She just smiled. "It's your own fault."

The boys merely grumbled in reply. Wil suddenly appeared next to her. He wrapped his arm around her waist and grinned at her. "If I give you a kiss, do I still have to pay you?" he asked smoothly, wiggling his eyebrows.

Rebecca raised an eyebrow and shoved him into Hector. She smiled mischievously. "Nice try. Pay up," she said simply.

With all of the noise around the camp, no one seemed to notice Eliwood and Lyn, who were still sitting by their fire. Lyn's head was on his shoulder as they stared up at the stars, talking and laughing quietly. All bets were off on this one.

The End!