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Temporary Just Won't Cut it

"This can't be happening… This is a bad dream," The hyperventilating bunny winced when his holder shook him rather roughly. "Oh Martel, please let this be a dream!" Who was this blue version of Bugs Bunny? Why none other then Yuan, our favorite Renegade. And who was said Renegade-gone-bunny's captor? Our very own Kratos Aurion!

Yuan let out a cry that escaped his mouth as a pitiful squeal. Kratos looked down at him, amused. "I wouldn't do that, my dear Yuan." He chided, leaping over a log and continuing his sprint. "It's hunting season, and you don't want to be the hunted." Yuan sniffed indignantly. This was pitiful; he was being carried around a forest by Kratos. Nonetheless, the half elf rabbit found his mind wandering elsewhere. 'I wonder where we're going? Is it far? I'm hungry… I wonder what rabbits eat. I've never like carrots...' The Renegade tried to slap his forehead but found his little paws could only reach his chin. Kratos looked down at him; "You're reacting better then I." He admitted, remembering his severe fit of meowing. Yuan glared up at his fellow angel furiously. "Let me go! NOW!" He roared, though it came out as another shrill squeal. "Keep doing that and I can't guarantee what's for dinner!" Kratos threatened when Iselia came into view. If he hadn't been covered in bright blue fur, Yuan would have paled.

Kratos looked thoughtfully at Genis' house, then at Yuan. "They'll realize it's you. We can't have that, can we?" He smirked and sat down, holding Yuan, who was squealing pitifully, against the ground lightly. "Stand still." He warned, pulling a knife from somewhere in his winged cape.

"He's going to skin me!" Yuan fretted, "I'm gonna DIE!" Aware of what he was yelling, Yuan thumped his head against the ground in frustration. It came as a surprise when his head hit the earth at a faster speed then predicted. Why did his head feel so light? "You didn't…" Yuan turned around to look at Kratos and saw said Seraphim dangling a thick wad of blue stuff in his face. "You DIDN'T!" Yuan began to panic and shook his head, causing several short pieces of hair to tumble into his eyes. "You… you cut my hair! You chopped off my hair!" He screamed indignantly, lunging at Kratos and doing the first thing that came to mind: He sunk his little teeth into his fellow angel's hand. "GAH!" Kratos yelled, standing up and clutching his throbbing limb close to his chest. "You bit me! Yuan! That was uncalled for! Hair grows back! Fingers don't!" He picked the rabbit up nonetheless and walked towards Colette's home. "Oh, and just for that, from now on, your name is Binky." Kratos added before pushing the door open.

Yuan cursed loudly and tried to climb away, but Kratos held him tightly, so much so that the half elf had trouble breathing momentarily. "Colette?" Kratos walked in and heard voices in another room crying 'Happy Birthday!' "Ah," Kratos acknowledged, looking down at Yuan, who had contented himself by knawing on the hilt of Kratos' sword, it seemed satisfying somehow, just sitting there, and chewing. "Yuan… why are you chewing on my sword?" He yanked the rabbit away from the metal and gasped. There was a massive hole in the leather surrounding the handle. "YOU STUPID RABBIT!" He roared while Yuan made a break for it, slamming into none other then Colette's legs. "Huh? Oh! A bunny! Is he a birthday present, Kratos?" She scooped up Yuan, who was having a great deal of fun sticking his tongue out in Kratos' direction while the seraphim nodded quickly. "Er… happy birthday. Its name is Binky!" Yuan squealed loudly, drawing more attention while a group of seven people crowded around. "Wow, Kr-Dad." Lloyd mentioned, "You've never seemed like much of a birthday-present-getting kind of guy." He looked at Yuan, who had taken to staring crossly at his now short hair that flopped over his eyes. "Say… that looks like Yuan!" the eternal swordsman exclaimed excitedly. Yuan sat up in Colette's arms. "YES! Yes! Give the boy a prize! It's me! Yuan! SAVE ME!" To his evident disgust they all began to laugh. "It's not Yuan, Yuan's on Derris-Kharlan, he called me a while ago with his little box thingy." Colette pointed towards where the communicator had been. "But I stepped on it after I cleaned up the vase I broke." Yuan's mouth fell open, and his eye began to twitch dramatically. He'd spent years perfecting those communicators!

"Say, Colette," Lloyd addressed his friend, "Why d'you think it's blue? I've only seen brown and white rabbits." He scratched his head until Raine stepped in. "It may be that it's a new kind of rabbit! Magnificent!" she reached out and plucked Yuan from Colette's arms, holding him against the light. "Hmm…" Yuan squeaked and tried in vain to get away. Colette gasped. "Professor! I think you're hurting him!" She clapped her hands together in concern and Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, mentally thanking the chosen ten times over when Raine passed him back into her safe arms. Without another thought the renegade leader burrowed his head into her elbow, hiding from the world while contemplating what to do next.

Meanwhile, Kratos watched it all with a wide, growing smirk, trying very hard indeed not to laugh, whether he had done the same things or not was beside the point. This was just too damn funny! He turned away and fell into a fit 'coughing'.

Lloyd looked up and noticed his father doubled over, hacking. "Hey, are you okay?" Lloyd rushed over and Kratos stood up straight. "Er, yes, I just… had something caught in my throat." Lloyd shrugged and looked at Yuan. "I still say he looks a lot like Yuan. But that's just me."

"It's just you, Lloyd." Genis said with a laugh. Lloyd blinked, not getting the insult. "Huh?" He asked.

Yuan looked at them all quietly; "They haven't changed at all." He moaned positive that that was not a good thing.

Colette smiled down at the rabbit in her arms, fiddling with one of his ears (which, for the record, is not comfortable) before laughing out loud. "I know what he needs!" She declared happily.

"What, Colette?" Lloyd and Genis asked in unison. "I bet he's jealous that Kratos got to wear my old doll clothes!" She giggled excitedly.

"What? No…no… NOO!" Yuan cried while being carried upstairs to the hell that awaited him.

"Shouldn't we stop her?" Genis asked nervously, fidgeting with the fabric of his shirt.

"Well, I mean, if it makes Colette happy…" Lloyd answered with equal hesitation.

"I sure the rabbit is fine, you two." Raine assured them, but not before glancing up the stairs nervously, where sounds of an evident struggle could be heard.

Lloyd nodded and smiled. "So, anyone wanna play cards?" He asked, waving around a deck.

"Sure." Genis said in a relieved tone.

"I suppose." Kratos shrugged.

"I can't see any harm." Raine sighed, sitting down at the table with the rest of them.

Ten games later

If you were to enter the Brunel household, you would find three people, staring in shock at a fourth, younger one, who had before him about twenty chocolate chip cookies.

"What just happened?" Lloyd gasped, staring at the empty spot that had once held five cookies.

Kratos gulped, "I believe the phrase is 'we got our asses kicked.'" Yes, odd language coming from said seraphim, but what would you say after losing poker to a twelve year old?

"When did Genis get so good at poker? Honestly, I thought Kratos would beat us all." Raine stuttered, making said angel scoff. "Heh, I have never been much of a poker player." He admitted.

Genis cackled mockingly. "Now who holds all the cookies? Huh?" he joked.

Rain and Lloyd laughed at this and Kratos chuckled until they heard a door open and close. Looking up they came to a sight that few have ever see. A bright blue rabbit dressed in what appeared to be a doll's 'Cinderella' gown. Kratos promptly collapsed on the floor laughing while the others giggled and chuckled tentatively.

"I think she's a girl!" Colette finally announced.

Yuan gaped up at the girl. She what? Obviously the other were giving her the same looks, for she explained. "Well… I mean… I didn't, you know… see anything." She explained, flushing bright red.

Yuan followed suit, and, under his fur, was burning a brilliant crimson. Kratos, also, was blushing slightly, he then coughed. "Well, I doubt that you could see what you're talking about." He said through a rather clenched voice. Oh Gods was he ever glad that Dirk got to handle that part of Lloyd's education.

"Er, Guys? What're we talking about?" Lloyd's voice flowed into the conversation ad they all froze. "You don't know?" Raine asked hesitantly. "Any God with pity let him know!" Kratos prayed quietly.

"Remember Lloyd?" the professor said hesitantly. "We discussed this once in class." Lloyd eyes widened, "Oooh!" they all sighed. "You mean that class. Remember, Professor? I missed that day of school."

"Lloyd… come here." Kratos and raine led him to a corner.

"Kratos… did any of your genes make it through that boy's thick skull?" Yuan sighed, shifting in the dress and eyeing a piece of wood on the floor hungrily.

Before he could carry out some of his rather ravenous thoughts, lloyd, Kratos and Raine returned, Lloyd was glowing bright red and Kratos and Raine were all but banging their heads on the wall. "Heh… I know what you're talking about now." The eternal swordsman said weakly.

Yuan hung his head and shook it. "This is going to be a long day." He moaned, thudding his head against Colette's arm. His eyes fell on the wooden leg of the table again. Why couldn't that just get out of his mind?

It came as a shock when Colette laid him on the floor. "Go look around." She encouraged. With a loud gasp, Yuan took a step forward, and fell onto his face. "Right. Rabbits hop." He scolded himself, bouncing up and down as a test. With that, he took off through the house in a mad dash, with little idea as to what he was so scared of.

Yes… This was going to be a hard week indeed.

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