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Now, the disclaimer, with your host Yami and his guest…


Regal: -staring at cards- Ah… fascinating. These are astounding!

Yami: Could I have them back so I can go?

Regal: In a moment, I'm not done memorizing them all.

Yami: o.c.; You're memorizing every one of my cards!

Regal: Indeed…

Yami: You… do that… -edges away- Y'know what… keep the cards… I have plenty and I think you contaminated those…

Regal: YAY! Shadow doesn't own Tales of Symphonia, Yu-Gi-Oh, or these fantastic business opportunities!


As Raine was treated for severe embarrassment, the show continued as planned. Kratos was still receiving hateful glares from the group but he shook it off easily, glowering back at them all for being jealous. "You should be happy!" He snapped, "It's not my fault that you all have no—" He stopped when a touch of sweat shone on his brow as six (Excluding Colette and Raine) sets of knuckles cracked threateningly, "…no reason not to have wondrous talent!" He substituted with a light sigh.

"Our next performer is the one, the only, the Mana Master himself Genis Sage!" The young Half elf gulped and was pushed on stage. "Breathe… breathe…" He whimpered, grabbing the magitechnology device uneasily as his hot pink jumpsuit seemed to sparkle in the light.

"…Yeah… Anybody find me somebody to love…

er… can't barely stand on my feet?

Take a look in the mirror and cry

'Lord whatcha doin' to me?'" Sweat rolled down the side of his face as his mind blanked out. What were the words! What were the words!

"Um…Um… I spent all my years… believing you… Er…

I just can't wait to be free, Lord!" He froze up again and the music carried on without him, "GAH!" Genis cried, "I CAN'T DO THIS!" With that he turned tail and fled to the safety of Raine's arms while the audience rubbed their ears from his terrible high notes.

"Whoa… freak out a little, Brat?" Zelos cackled, only to be slapped by Raine, who glowered hatefully, "Leave him alone, Zelos."

"Yeah!" Lloyd added tensely, "At least we didn't mistake him for a wet cat."

Zelos glared at Lloyd. "They all loved me, thank-you-very-much. They were screaming or an encore." He folded his arms smugly and Presea sighed quietly, "They were screaming in pain, Zelos." She explained quietly.

"Oh, well…"

"…And now! The man who made all of this possible in the first place, Regal Bryant!" The crowd cheered as the president strode out. When the cloak came off, however, Lloyd, Yuan, Genis, Zelos and even Kratos' laughter echoed through the entire room.

Regal was wearing a normal Tai-Kwon-Doe uniform and was also boasting a fair-sized pair of nun-chucks. "OH MARTEL!" Yuan wailed in amusement, "If you could only see this!" He wiped his eyes and leaned on Kratos for support, who was against a wall, laughing and shaking his head. "I don't know if I should be amused or disgusted…" He admitted.

Zelos squealed and pointed at Regal, "Lloyd! Look at that! LOOK! Regal's gonna whack our heads off with some sticks!" He feigned a cowardly position and Lloyd cackled with him, "He looks like he's ready t-to take a shower!" He cried falling onto his rump.

Regal glowered at them all irritably but found his cheeks tinged red. "Ugh…" He looked at the crowd and sighed. ( A/N: Bare with me, Folks. I was without lyrics while writing this so I'm a bit clueless)

"Oh-ho-ho-hooo… oh-ho-ho-hoooo…oh-ho-ho-hooo…oh-ho-ho-hooo…" Everybody was kung-fu fightiing,

Those cats were fast as lightning,

In fact it was a little bit frightening,

But I fought with expert timing."

Regal lashed out at the air fancily and swung the nun-chucks around.

"They were funky China men,

From funky Chinatown.

They were chopping them up

They were chopping them down."

And then it happened. A singling nun-chuck whapped his head soundly as Regal took a flying leap. Temporarily dazed he kept going… and going… and going until he got in the way of a brick wall. "Ooh… My head…." The president moaned.

"We're going to have so many medical bills… Oh? This is on!" the announcer sweat dropped, "Er… Okay! Time for the Chosen of Sylvarant to make her mark! Here's the one and only Colette Brunel!" The audience clapped hesitantly and Colette walked out wearing her a dark blue shirt and a lighter blue skirt.

She opened her mouth to start singing but tripped over a wire. In a domino effect, the entire stage went dark, as did the room. "Oh no! I did it again!" Colette whined, "I'm sorry everyone!" She cried, hearing the confused yells from the crowd. "Sorry! Ohh… I'm so sorry! I messed up!"

"INTERMISSION!" The announcer screamed in frustration, tearing at his hair. "I'm going to lose my job and live life as a hobo or a lawyer!" He wailed, running for the bathroom.

"I think I made him sad..." Colette whimpered, "I'm sorry, Mr. Announcer..." She sniffled and Lloyd sighed melodramatically. "Looks like Presea and Yuan weaseled out of an embarrassing moment–" He was cut off when another, female announcer popped out of no where, "Alllllllrightey then, Folks! We're back and now the lovely Presea Combatir will join me on stage singing Nature Boy!" Her excitement immediately riled up the crowd again and Presea walked out to loud cheers.

She eyed the microphone quietly and slowly reached for it. Opening her mouth she began to sing... well... speak, really. At least her gray dress was pretty.

"There was a boy

a very strange enchanted boy

they say he traveled very far, very far

over land and sea..."

"Sing, Presea! Remember? Go with the melody?" Lloyd hissed from back stage.

"Oh... yes, of course, I apologize, I forgot this was a song..." Persea bowed to the audience and continued with a surprisingly high and sweet singing voice.

"And then one day

a magic day he passed my way

and while we spoke of many things fools and kings

this he said to me

the greatest thing you'll ever learn

is just to love and be loved in return."

The song soon finished and the crowd erupted in delighted applause, having missed the normal performances... eh, who would expect Persea could be normal?

Backstage Persea was applauded as well, and Kratos scowled angrily. Why did she get congratulated for her job while he got attacked? "Hmpf..." He grunted, folding his arms and turning away from the group feeling an odd emotion. Regret? No... pity? No... perhaps disappointment? Not the right word... Ah, it was, Kratos realized with a jolt, rejection. He watched Persea taking the congratulations and sighed inwardly, walking over to Yuan, who was trying desperately to calm down. "Don't worry." The swordsman said quietly, "You'll be the end act."

"Wh...WHAT!" Yuan yelled, "The last act? You aren' can't... this isn't happening!" The rabbit-man took on the fetal position and rocked on the floor whilst Kratos sighed loudly, "Yuan, you were bragging about your song's simplicity half-an-hour ago..." He stated calmly.

"What does that have to do with this! A man can change in half-an-hour! I am a changed man, Kratos!" Yuan shook his fist at the other seraph, who now looked quite bemused.

"What happened? Did you get a gray hair or something?" Kratos guessed, having seen, over the years, many a man lock himself in his room at the first sign of aging.

"I HAVE A GRAY HAIR!" Yuan shrieked. "It's this stress! It's giving me gray hair!"

Kratos shook his head and began to walk away. Yes... way too much Yuan for one day. "Kratos! Wait!" He paused short of his step and wheeled around to see a much more dignified Yuan striding up to him, "Er... I need your help." The blue-haired half-rabbit admitted, looking away.


"I need you to sing in my song..."

"No. Get Lloyd or Persea... or Regal when he wakes up."

"I already did, and Regal wouldn't stop talking about birds." Yuan clasped his hands before his face pleadingly. "Please, Kratos?"

"Ugh... fine." Kratos glared at Yuan as he whispered his plan into his ear. A moment passed and Kratos raised his eyebrows. "I have to admit, Yuan. That seems like a decent idea."

Meanwhile, Sheena was walking on stage baring a bright pink jumpsuit and a blank baseball cap. She grinned at the audience as the beat began, (Yeah, this has the word 'Shit' so... Boo.)

"Uhuh this my shit,

All the girls stomp their feet like this!

A few times I've been around that track so it's not just gonna happen like that

'Cause I ain't no Hollaback Girl

I ain't no Hollaback Girl."

Considering the song really required little singing talent (Sorry Gwen Stafani fans.) It was rather hard to tell if Sheena could sing. However, she was making the crowd excited with her feet stomping.

"Ooh, this my shit, this my shit

Ooh, this my shit this my shit."

The song continued with minimal errors, Sheena had slipped and fallen onto her bottom once, but it didn't do any harm, though Zelos commented that, "I'm surprised she didn't break the floor!" Needless to say he was missing several teeth within seconds.

And finally, it was time for Yuan's performance of the century. "Ladies and gentlemen! May I present the last performer of the night, none other than Yu–" Kratos walked out holding a microphone, "Uh... Kratos... Aurion?" She blinked but walked away nonetheless as harmonica notes filled the air.

Kratos forced himself to smile slightly as he sang along

"Love, love me do,

you know, I love you

I'll always be true,

so ple-e-e-ease..."

Yuan slid through the curtains on his knees with a beaming smile and an orange tuxedo, "Love me do-oo!" he sang in a surprisingly magnificent voice. Unfortunately, he continued sliding until he slipped off the front of the stage.

"Er...someone to love..." Kratos walked over while singing,

"Somebody new..." Came a groaned response

"Someone to love..."

"Someone like you!" Yuan was on his feet and beside Kratos again when it hit him like a load of bricks... all the people in the audience... all those faces... all those cheers...

"...So ple-e-e-ease..." Kratos stopped for Yuan's line.

It didn't come. Instead, the blue-haired seraph swirled on his feet and fainted. "All the faces..." He moaned, "So many... faces..."

Kratos stopped his fake smile and sighed gently, "Well... this is just... great." He grunted, lifting him onto his shoulders and waving to the crowd, which had begun cheering for what part of the song they heard.

Backstage, Raine was poking and prodding at Yuan, trying to wake him. "Yuan! Wake up!" She finally yelled.

"Holy! ATTACK!" Yuan sat up straight and thrust his fist into Raine's face, who squealed and fell backwards. "My nose!" She cried.

"Whoa! The rabbit has a mean uppercut!" Zelos applauded while Raine healed her wounded face and pride.

"Huh? Where am I?" Yuan looked around nervously.

"Backstage. You fainted half-way through the song." Kratos muttered from a corner. "Anyway, get up and ready, we have a final song to perform."

They all looked up in confusion.

"We had such an impact on the audience that they demand an encore of sorts." He pulled out nine sheets of paper. "You have forty-five minutes to memorize it." He instructed.

"How did you find out about this before us?" Regal asked suspiciously.

"They came looking for the Eternal Swordsman, but found me first, so I promised to give them out." Kratos said simply, shrugging.

"You mean you took my job?" Lloyd whined, "Aw..."

Kratos frowned darkly, "I would have guessed you might be grateful. At the time, you were feasting on the food set out for the workers. I could have easily gotten you kicked out for that." He watched Lloyd's eyes widen and smirked inwardly.

"You saw that?" Lloyd finally gaped. "I thought everyone was practicing!"

"No, I watched you eat every cracker, sandwich and hot dog on the table." Kratos said casually, "I can't believe you didn't get indigestion."

"Alright,alright! Thanks!" Lloyd raised his hands in defense and sighed melodramatically. "Damn.. You see everything."

"Actually, I don't. I guessed you were eating. You just confirmed it for me." Kratos replied with a wicked, amused glint in his eye.

"What! That's not fair!" Lloyd yelled. "I...I lied!" He said.

"Yes... I suppose that explains why you smell like ham and cheese."

"Could we just study this song?" Genis piped up irritably.

"Alright... come on, everyone, let's get started!" Colette announced cheerfully.

Forty-five minutes passed too quickly for any of them and soon they were set up on stage with the curtain closed. They were each wearing identical black suits and looked like a large, nervous blues band of some kind.

"Okay, do we all remember our parts?" Lloyd called. They all nodded weakly. "Alright! Let's get this show on the road, then!" With that he shoved Zelos toward the curtains.

The chosen grinned and walked out. The audience winced visible but sighed when he didn't begin singing. "Hit it!" He yelled with a Cheshire cat grin. A familiar beat began and he stamped his feet twice and clapped once to the rhythm (Bet you can't guess the song!). Soon enough the audience was following his example and with that Zelos slipped back into the curtains as they opened.

Lloyd jumped out first with Genis beside him. Putting on a mock scowl he pointed at the younger half-elf, "Buddy you're a boy makin' big noise playin' in the streets gonna be a big man someday," Raine joined him, "You got mud on your face, you big disgrace! Kickin' your can all over the place," Genis took a deep breath and smirked, "Singin' We will, we will rock you! We will, we will rock you!" Considering his earlier performance, Genis sounded quite good.

Their side of the stage faded into darkness and the spotlight landed on Zelos, Regal and Presea.

"Buddy you're a young man, odd man shoutin' in the streets gonna take on the world someday!" Regal sang, looking at Zelos, who feigned insult. "You got blood on your face, you big disgrace! Wavin' your banner all over the place" Persea added with mock hatred.

"Singin' we will we will rock you!" The six sang, "We will we will rock you!"

Next the spotlight was on Colette, Sheena, Yuan and Kratos. "Buddy you're an old man, poor man pleadin' with your eyes gonna make you some fierce(Nyah, once again, lacking lyrics ) one day," Colette and Sheena sung, though Colette looked rather guilty.

Yuan stepped up next, "You got mud on your face, you big disgrace! Somebody better put you back into your place!"

"We will, we will rock you! We will we will rock you!" Kratos, Zelos and Genis sang in unison.

"We will, we will rock you! We will we will rock you!" The rest sang back. Music started to play and they all grinned at each other and shared high fives while there was time. As the ending drew closer they all took on random poses across the stage.

Lloyd with a peace sign,

Genis with his hands on his hips and a huge grin

Raine simply with her hands clasped behind her back,

Sheena was punching the air,

Zelos smiled charmingly at all his hunnies,

Regal just stood straight,

Presea leaned on her axe,

Kratos folded his arms and leaned back,

and Yuan bounced in front of them all and waved to the crowds happily, "Good night!" He yelled to them all before running back and catching Kratos in a one-armed embrace, causing the auburn-haired man to cough hysterically and stumble into a curtain, which covered him like a blanket, blocking his movements as he tumbled off stage and into the crowd, squatting an innocent young woman who, unlike her male friend, had no problem with the seraph in her lap.

"Ugh!" Kratos scrambled away and stood up, only to trip over the curtains around his ankles. "Gwah!" He yelled, falling into Yuan, who stumbled into a table. The half-rabbit breathed a sigh of relief until he heard it... a tremendous creak from behind him. "Hmm?" He turned slowly, and yelled when the table broke beneath him. "Whoa!" Yuan gasped in shock and wondered why the crowd had fallen silent. "..." The answer came when a massive bowl of punch landed on his head.

"ACK! Blood!" He cried as red fruitpunch seeped into his hair and clothes. "Oh... never mind." He stood up and used what remained of the table for support. There was another creak and what could go wrong, did go wrong. The table flipped the one beside it, which landed on a stone statue, which shattered.

One of the statue's debris flew into a window, shattering it, while another hit what appeared to be a magitechnology-powered speaker. The expensive machine fell back and caused a domino effect with it's duplicates. In the commotion the guests had hit the floor, so when the dust cleared it was only a sopping wet Yuan, trembling in fear as Kratos stood up wearily. "Come on... I suggest we all leave before the manager gets here..."

Regal looked fit to cry as he stared at the destruction, "Lezareno owns this building!" He finally yelled, "I amthe manager!" He hung his head and Persea patted his arm sympathetically.

Yuan looked at the rest of the group and tried to smile, "How... about we all... just go?" He suggested weakly. They all nodded and headed for the door, watching as Regal began to hyperventilate at the thought of practically rebuilding the whole room.

Lloyd, however, was staring at Kratos and Yuan in shock. "That had to be a Colette-worthy trip." He breathed to Genis, who nodded, having just stepped over the original announcer, who had fainted from stress.

Poor dear.