That Blonde One: Prologue

Hey all! This is the author (no duh!). Okay, this introduction is the main reason for the rating. The rest is pretty tame so feel free to skip to chapter 2 if you want. I hope you like the story and if you don't, please tell me why. I'm always looking to improve. I also want to make sure you all know that at no time do I take this story seriously. My goal was to write the most ridiculous things I could think of.


There she is. Finally, I can be satisfied. It seemed to take forever for her to leave the club. I could hardly control myself watching her dance all night. She is exactly what I like: small, lean, long hair. She is perfect. Just a little longer and I will have her. I can rip and tear and slash all I wish. There, there! She's turning a corner. I begin to walk casually, discretely. I'm getting closer. She's entering the alley. I follow. Closer. Closer. She's noticed me now and I can't help but let and evil grin slide onto my face. She's scared. She starts to run but I am too quick.

I grab her long, soft hair and I pull her over to me as the blood rushes to my crotch. I know she wants to scream now but that would alert the authorities to my location and then this lovely experience would end. I whip this beauty around and slam my fist into her jaw. I feel a snap beneath my fingers as the mandible slides to the side. All the woman can bring herself to do is whimper. That's so hot! Now I bring out the stone.

My exploits have gotten much more arousing since acquiring this stone. I send out a flash of energy. In the instant before the bolt reaches her, I see her eyes widen like a poor, innocent animal just as a hunter's gun bangs. The energy hits her in the chest, searing off her clothes. Oh! This is bliss! I can feel the climax approaching. I come so quickly now that I can do such sensual things to my lovers. I have been sated. I have no more need for this thing. I will return home now before the military gets here.


Wow! I can't believe that came from my brain! Yeek! What would Freud say? I think I got into this person's brain a bit too much but I hope this gives you an idea of what Ed is up against. Have a lovely day and remember to REVIEW!