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"Bye Winry," Christine called as Ed stepped out of the door. Ed waved back cheerily. He felt rather proud of himself today. His secret was safe and it looked like he wouldn't have to be doing this much longer if that weird man was the killer. Soon life would be back to normal. Edward was just about to turn the corner into the lot where Havoc waited for him when someone caught his hair and pulled him back and he let out a grunt of surprise as his back hit the ground. Then, the blonde's breath caught in his throat as he looked into the face of his assailant. It was that scary guy he had seen earlier. This man was the notorious killer and Ed was currently laying on his back at this man's mercy! It didn't take long for him to gather his wits and Ed's wits came to a unanimous consensus: Run! He made to jump to his feet but it was already too late. The vile creature pounced on Edward laughing, "No you don't, my blonde one."

Panic coursed across every synapse. Ed thrashed in his attacker's grasp and with true Edward Elric luck, his shin collided with a rather sensitive spot causing our villain's hands to rush to defend the family jewels so to speak. That was just the opening Ed needed to push the man off himself and flee for his life. The little alchemist probably broke the Amestris record speed for running in heels that day. He knew that once he rounded that last corner he would be in sight of Havoc and he'd be home free. Just as Edward approached the corner, there was a searing pain in his right leg and he fell to the ground just inches from safety. He winced at the energy that had grazed his leg and hit his goal corner, showering him with pebbles.

In that momentary lapse, the killer took the initiative and ripped Ed's automail arm out of the socket and tossed it aside. Blinded by pain, Edward was able to do little as his aggressor knelt on his legs and held down his remaining arm. This time there was no getting free. Tears sprang to golden eyes as yellow teeth bit chunks of skin off Ed's collarbone. He would have been screaming if not for the grubby hand pressed over his mouth.

The bites went lower and lower and soon, a horrifying thought came to Ed. What would happen when this guy found out that he was not assaulting a woman? What of he just decided to kill him? "No!" Ed thought, "I don't want to die like this!"

Just as despair began to descend, Ed heard footsteps and Havoc's voice saying, "Hands up, you're under arrest!" Slowly the killer let go of Ed but Ed saw his gaze flick to the stone on the ground next to him. Both attacker and victim lunged at the same time, but Ed was quicker. He snatched the stone and stumbled over to the squadron of regular soldiers and state alchemists. Edward Elric didn't see the end of the stand-off.


Classified Case File: The Nightclub Killer

… The Fullmetal Alchemist was taken to the hospital at which time his automail arm was returned to him. Regarding the perpetrator, Mr. Eugene Riley, he was taken into custody and interrogated in accordance with regulation 675B. During the first session the only information he gave was a muttering sounding like "Stole it form Zenetyme" when asked where he got that stone. He would say no more. The night after the interrogation, Mr. Riley hung himself from a pipe on the ceiling of his cell using his bed sheet. Prisoner holding policies will be edited accordingly.


A/N: A lot of people have said that this story ended to abruptly. I agree. Here's an excerpt from Residual Consequences, the sequel to this story.

His fingers tangled in soft golden hair as he kissed the most beautiful creature in the entire world. Slowly, sensually he pushed his love of the moment down onto the bed and slid a hand under a black shirt to squeeze a nipple playfully. He was rewarded with a deep moan. That pushed him to his limit. He could no longer bear to take this slow.

"Take off your clothes Fullmetal. That's an order."

"Yes sir, Colonel Mustang."

I finally know where I'm headed with this next story and it's going to be even crazier than the last one. If you liked That Blonde One, you'll love Residual Consequences. Also, check out my Yu Yu Hakusho fics: Under the Southern Sun and In the Family.