By request, here is the epilogue! I figured I'd do it anyway.

"So what job did you get?" Soda asked me. I was expecting it, anyway.

"Well, I started working at the grocery store. You know, the one by the DX."

"What? You mean you worked right down the street from me for three weeks and I never noticed?" Soda said, exasperated.

"Well, yeah. I saw you a lot. You were usually working, so I didn't bother you. Plus, if you walked by, I'd hide."


"I didn't want you two to find out. I was afraid you'd make me quit, even though we need the money. I know how much trouble we were in, even though Darry's boss covered all the hospital bills. It just wasn't enough. I didn't want us to run low on money, or they might split us up."

"No," Darry said. "That would never happen."

"How can you be so sure?" I asked, sniffling.

"Because we're a family. And they can never tear a family apart."


"So when were you working? And doing what?" Soda asked, still confused as to my job.

"Well, I did three jobs in one. I'd carry people's groceries, be the janitor, and a cashier, if needed. It was hard work. It seemed like I was always carrying the heaviest thing in the building. That's why I always looked so haggard, I guess."

"Then why weren't you sleeping so much?" Darry asked gently.

"Well, I started worrying a lot. I was afraid I wasn't getting enough money. So I'd work more hours. On Mondays, I'd work for four hours, and by Friday, I'd be working about eight hours. Sometimes I'd work on Saturdays and Sundays, but I usually didn't because I was more likely to get caught."

"Oh, Pony. I'm sorry you had to go through all this." Darry said, patting my shoulder.

"It's okay, Darry. I was glad I was doing it. It made me feel better because I was helping you and Soda. That's all I thought about."

"Well, thank you." Soda said, punching my arm.

In two weeks, Darry got his cast taken off and he went back to work. I quit my job three weeks after Darry went back to work. My boss told me I could get another job should I ever need it.

I told Darry and Soda that I was thinking about working there next summer, so they wouldn't have to work so much and we could spend more time as a family. Darry said that it was a good idea, so I should have a job next summer.

Well, that's the end. Like how I threw in the part about them being separated? Like with, "Never Let Me Go?" I hope this was enough for you, and I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I appreciate the support.

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