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The air was cold and the wind whistled a soft lullaby as Tohru was escorted by a maid to the main house of the Sohma family. She stifled a sniff as echoes of her footsteps entwined with the smooth silk sound emanating from the pearl fountain. Tohru stopped in front of a wooden door. Its wooden polish fading from the heat and cold. There was a sliding noise as the maid opened the door. Hazel met dark brown as Tohru stood in front of the handsome dragon, Hatori. He gave her a smile and told the maid to leave.

"Hello Tohru. I'm sorry you had to walk out here in such harsh weather," he said stoically while taking her coat.

Tohru smiled at him while respectfully discarding her shoes, "Oh its all right, I used to walk home from school in worse conditions." He turned to her, a frown gracing his flawless features.

"Tohru, you don't have to do this," he said--his eyes creasing slightly with pity and disappointment. He walked toward her and rested a hand on her shoulder.

She smiled sadly, "I know I don't have to, but I want to. Or else, I wouldn't be able to see Yuki or Kyo, and the rest of the Sohma family again."

He remained silent; all objections were quieted by her smile. "This way," he spoke in his usual monotone voice and lead her down the dim lit hallway. She followed obediently, the soft scent of plums tickling her nostrils. Her mind soon began to wander towards yesterday when the announcement of her departure was told.

"What do you mean she has to stay at the main house?" An orange headed boy yelled.

Shigure rubbed the back of his head as he grinned apologetically, "Kyo, Akito says that either Tohru stays at the Main House or she doesn't stay with us at all." He said giving a sorry look to the wide-eyed Tohru.

"But why? What is he planning to do to her?" Yuki said while clenching his fists until they were snow white , trying to control his rising anger and fear.

"Oh come now Yuki, I'm sure Akito isn't going to do anything. Not while he's sick, he's harmless..." A sweat drop dripped down his forehead, hoping this would relax Tohru a bit. Although knowing that last part was fairly true. While only getting silent death glares from Yuki and Kyo.

"I'll go…," a soft voice broke into the deadly silence. "I'm sure he must have a good reason for wanting me to stay." She smiled at them reassuringly while trying to calm her nerve-racked brain. The boys stared at her, but said nothing. They knew that none of them held the power to disagree with Akito. But most off all they didn't have the power to object to a smiling Tohru.

"Well that settles it; Tohru shall stay at the Main House. Don't worry Tohru I'm sure it won't be too long and if anything happens you can always call." Shigure smiled at her and rubbed her head reassuringly.

She blushed. "I'll go pack my things." With that Tohru ascended up the stairs quietly, leaving the group of men to themselves.

"Don't look at me like that. You know what Akito says is law, there is nothing I can do." Shigure said with unusual harshness while pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.

Kyo grounded his teeth, "You're a bastard you know that?"

"I agree, you even have some morals Shigure," for once Yuki nodded in agreement. A heavy silence settled on them as the scent of tobacco filled the room.

"You're both foolish to think such things of a starving hound. Morals and rules do not exist when you're hungry." He said while taking the cigarette from his mouth and stared at its sizzling center. "Our flower has bloomed, but as all flowers, our flower will soon wilt."

The pitter patter of footsteps stopped as the pair halted at a white screen door. Hatori stepped to the side and bowed. "Akito is waiting inside." Tohru nodded while swallowing hard and opened the screen door. Shutting it she sat down in the center of the dim room, looking around silently wondering where Akito was. Then the sound of soft silk sliding across the floor danced its way towards her.

A pale foot could be seen crawling out from the darkness, which was soon followed by a sickly pale body. Tohru's heart caught in her throat as she saw the beautiful but frightful Sohma stare at her with frigid eyes.

His robe sleeve fell to his side, reveling his snow-white shoulder that delicately curved into his left arm. A frowning smile was plastered on his cracked peach lips as his midnight hair rested on his left eye. His right was half lidded and seemed to glare into her very soul. He gracefully lifted his hand and placed it atop Tohru's head, wrapping his delicate fingers around her chocolate hair--snow embracing the color of new spring, entangling itself within the beauty of a bare damp willow.

"Hello Tohru-san, the flower that has my poor Junnishi spellbound with her intoxicating scent." He gave her hair a yank, making her stand up to eye level. She blinked back tears as the hot pain surged throughout her skull as she stared into his cold dark eyes. There was a loud smack and a red mark could be seen branded into her cheek.

"You have no right to look at me with such disrespect, bitch! "He yanked her head so that it was facing the floor. "This is how you treat me? I've given you more than efficient living quarters. But yet you corrupt my Yuki with childish hopes and dreams! I let you stay here, but now you disrespect me in my own home! I've been nothing but hospitable towards you and this is how you treat me!"

There was silence as a tear drop splashed on the floor wooden floor. "I..I..I..didn't corrupt Yuki or anyone's mind. I opened them. When I found them they were numb and frozen, I gave them the warmth to help them feel." She said turning to him and looking him in the eye with determination.

He snarled and threw her to the floor. "You chose to stay here for their sake. Fool… sacrificing yourself for idiots. You're all a bunch of idiots! I don't know what they see in you. You're nothing special! You're just some ugly orphan girl!" Akito held his head and sighed his mood changing. "But I suppose you can't help being a burden to everyone. It's okay; I'll make you learn not to care so much." He said while embracing the tear stained Tohru. Lowering his head to her ear and whispered to her like if singing a soft lullaby, "My lonely little flower, a burden to the world. I will crush your petals and give you thorns."

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