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A fleshy tongue crept between pink, cracked lips. It withdrew back into its moist hole; the dried petals were too rough for comfort. Its erratic movement made sloshing and clicking noises to which the dark orifice that it resided in responded with sharp wheezes. The blood-filled organ seemed to become angry at the slick hole's response and it bent backward to lick the dangling flesh droplet. Tohru sputtered awake at the sudden loss of air and clawed at her throat as her eyes began to roll into the back of her head. Instead of choking to death, however, the wet tongue slid smoothly down her throat as if it was an ordinary piece of food. Tohru could only make hysterical whimpers and incoherent moans as she grasped the air, her eyes still half-withdrawn into her lids. With a brutish sob her vision came back to her and she managed to get a good look of her surroundings.

Tohru rubbed her sore eyes from the brightness of the crusty white floor she crouched on. The place smelled sterile and was so blindingly white that Tohru felt a little nauseous, or perhaps it was her tongue that she had previously swallowed. The room, with metal plates and tools that had seen the inner workings of man, looked vaguely familiar. Her dull eyes flickered in realization that it was the operation room that she had glimpsed from time to time in Hatori's office. Tohru, being that it was rude and also brought up too many unwanted memories of her father's death, never dared enter. Tohru wondered if Akito ever had to have operations of such caliber. Tohru grimaced at the thought, her legs scrunching against her subconsciously.

A soft rustling of sheets tore Tohru out of her traumatized thoughts. Standing on wobbly legs, Tohru walked towards the medical bed. She could distinctly make out the outline of a male's body under the crisp sheet. Unable to control her overpowering curiosity Tohru uncovered the figure's head and torso. She cocked her head to the side when her eyes laid upon a grayish blonde man. He was handsome with barely any wrinkles and looked serene. His thin lips and long lashes were strikingly similar to Akito's that Tohru pondered if this could be the infamous father that Akito and Ren fought viciously for.

"DON'T TOUCH HIM!" Tohru jumped as a woman with midnight black hair screeched and hugged the lifeless body to her, Tohru could only respond by making a moan of apology.

"Ren-san! I need to examine the body, please!" A man with shaggy black hair and round glasses frowned. He was the splitting image of Hatori, only that he had long hair that was tied into a ponytail and was much older. Adorned in the lab coat that Hatori was occasionally seen in the man grasped the beautiful woman, who didn't look to be older than twenty, by the arms.

"NO!! Let me go! Don't touch me! You bastards! You're all bastards! You should have called me! I would have come! You should have called me!" Ren wailed as the man, who was most likely Hatori's father, gave her a binding hug.

Ren only continued to cry as she clawed at him, "YOU FUCKER, DON'T TOUCH ME! ONLY AKIRA CAN TOUCH ME! MY AKIRA!" Knowing that the devil himself couldn't stop the crazed woman, the man let her cry in peace as he walked out of the room.

Ren slouched and sat heavily on the floor next to her loved one, weeping incoherent phrases. "No one told me…I would have came. I would have been there. Why didn't you wait for me? You told me you loved me…" Ren trembled as she buried her head in her arms, her ebony hair flowing like a river down her back.

Tohru trembled at the image of a broken Ren, whimpering a noise that sounded something like "mommy".

"…YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME!!" Ren bellowed to the heavens as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Mommy?" The soft coo made Tohru turn in surprise. A boy that had the beauty of a girl peeked out from the doorway nervously. Tohru raked her brain in thought at who this boy could be; it felt as if something was blocking her from remembering who he was.

Ren paid no mind to the boy as she continued her rants. She didn't even noticed when the boy began to tug on the hem of her kimono, his nose running like a waterfall as he cried for her attention.

"Please, Akira! Let me be with you! I want to be with you!" Ren held her hands in the air in some sort of offering, the child's cries becoming howls at his mother's proclamation. Tohru's breath hitched as the familiar scene played in her head; her mother's shrieks making her ears burn and legs weak.

Almost when Tohru felt her insides were about to burst, the boy finally acknowledged her presence. Leaving his babbling mother, he walked towards her until Tohru fell to her knees in sorrow.

Sniffing slightly at the mucous that ran down his nose he stared at her coldly. For some reason or another Tohru became aware that she was nude, but the child ignored this as the innocent conscience of children often do. Tohru knew that this boy was Akito, his small but still vicious onyx eyes told her so, which tricked her before by hiding behind a visage of innocence. As if reading her thoughts Akito smiled and his eyes began trail over her flesh in mild amusement. Out of instinct and fear Tohru covered herself, which made Akito grin.

"Why do you hide from me? Have you eaten from the forbidden tree of knowledge?" The young Akito cocked his head in a disapproving manner. "Tsk, tsk, I warned you. Now you know of shame and guilt." Akito crawled over to Tohru, making her hug her legs close to her bare chest. Akito didn't stop until he was a mere inch away from her face, his hand pressed against her pulsing sex. Tohru whimpered an aroused groan; powerful feelings of disgust gripped her abdomen like an orgasm.

Akito became angry at her obvious displeasure, "you should have listened and never let the snake slither into your womb." With a sigh his small fingers dug into her vaginal walls, all the way to grip her cervix and past.

"I banish you from Eden and curse you," the boy sang-song before tugging at a piece of flesh that must have served as a dam for blood and terrible pain flowed from her folds-- releasing a tissue-coated ovum that began to twitch and cry. As Tohru howled in agony of her holy menstruation the child watched in judgment.

"Humans sinned when they wore clothes."


Hushed sighs kissed the moist air as the sky's tears soaked the cotton sleeves of Yuki's light blue shirt. The withered bronchia of his lungs wheezed in protest, causing him to stumble. He caught himself, the jagged pastel surface of the wall next to him scratching the underside of his palms. It was now, after running for God knows how long, did Yuki rest. His stone gray hair clung to his flushed cheeks as his smoky pupils widened and shrunk with each haggard breath. The rain had softened, as if it's attempt to purge the filthy place and the people who resided in it a failure. He ran a hand through his silky locks, a few strands shedding to wrap around his fingers. He made a sneer of disgust, as if the mere hairs were a type of fungal disease. He was disgusting and no amount of rain could wash away the soot of his eyes or the grime of his hair. Of course not, these traits were what marked him as a cursed being. Yet, she never noticed, she who embraced his deformities so casually. He remembered how she had touched his hair the day of the festival where he had to be submitted to wearing a ridiculous dress; she thought him cute and smiled.

His mouth went dry at the image of those perfect lips. His heart ached at the thought of those lush petals ever crippling, ever being marred by wrinkles of frowns. With a fierce determination Yuki rose, his lungs calmed that each breath brought the sent of his flower. Eyes drifted across the damp courtyard before settling on a small barred window that was tucked away by a barren tree. He could feel his lungs start to shrivel again but suppressed it with the bitter hatred that fueled his veins. Yuki stalked towards the solemn place, not noticing the scent of flowers had vanished.


Haru ran as fast as his long legs could carry him, the icy wind stabbing his skin like needles. Hana sprinted along side him, her black boots not hindering her at all. If in a different situation, Haru would have wondered how the girl managed to keep up with him when she had the lowest gym score ever in the school's entire years of existence. At one point he thought he might fall behind as his breaths became shallow. Hana, on the other hand, barely sighed as she continued her hurried pace.

"I really need to cut down on the cigarettes," Haru coughed, his blood red Doc Martins scratching his ankles until they were raw. "And start wearing socks apparently."

"Hurry up, you're as slow as a cow," Hana replied sardonically.

Haru paused before chuckling at her remark," I resent that." He unlaced his boots quickly and stuffed them in his pack before running to catch up with Hana. She glanced at his bare feet with a glitter of amusement but continued on. Winded and sore they both reached the Sohma estate. Hana scanned the land silently as Haru tried to pick a rock that had lodged itself in his foot out. The air felt tense and Hana could feel a bubbling of chaos waiting to burst from within the core of the house. She was taken by surprised when she felt Uo-chan's presence but was calmed that she was not in any danger as far as Hana could tell. Tohru's aura, however, was very faint and fragile. It felt as if she was lost and Hana was having trouble pinpointing where she was.

"Come on," Haru grunted, breaking Hana out of her focused state. He nodded toward a tall fence covered in vines. With one hand he leaped over it and waited for Hana on the other side.

After a few moments Haru frowned, "you need help?"

"No, why?" Haru zipped around to find that Hana was standing right behind him.

"Wha? But you...I mean--"

Hana stared at him curiously before shrugging, "you're weird." She continued on, leaving Haru to fall comically on the floor in shock and confusion.

They walked together in silence, the cooing of birds and whispers of the wind serving as their only form of communication. As Haru's mind began to drift he felt that Hana had stopped walking. He turned to find her staring intently at him and he swallowed a nervous blush.

"That girl, are she and you together?" Hana asked bluntly. Haru had to think for a moment on whom she was referring to before responding.

"Well…we were but--"

Hana's pointing finger cut him off and Haru blinked in bewilderment. " She's calling you, go to her." Haru followed her finger and saw that it was Hatori's office that she was pointing to.

"It's always hard to lead a horse to water but be patient and they'll follow you."

Haru's eyes widened and he whipped his head around but found that she was gone. Glancing once more at where Hana had once stood Haru knocked on Hatori's back door softly. There was a rustling before the screen door slid open quickly, revealing a rather tired and frustrated Hatori, meaning that it was really just a normal Hatori and everything was right in the world. Haru didn't feel that way, however, as he noticed that Hatori had his doctor's coat and gloves on. He tried to glimpse inside but the door to his room that served for patients and examinations was closed.

Hatori looked over Haru solemnly, making sure that he didn't need any serious attention, before letting him inside.

"Where's Rin?" Haru questioned quietly while staring fixatedly at the closed door. Hatori sighed but Haru didn't let him answer as he stomped towards the door. Hatori didn't bother stopping him, knowing that it would only invoke Black Haru and that was the last thing he needed was a trashed office and a black eye.

Haru rushed the door until it opened and it slammed the wall in protest. Hatori almost screeched and tore at his hair at Haru's brutishness.

"It was unlocked you buffoon!" Haru heard Hatori bellow from the other room but he ignored him for the time being as he saw a bandaged Rin come into view. She lied on a patient's bed as still as a board. Her right arm was bandaged and so were her hands. Her once long and beautiful hair was torn to shreds. Haru couldn't help but caress the silk strands like he used to when she would fall asleep after lovemaking. He noticed her cheeks were starting to become hollow and her arms skinny. He began to trace and kiss the scratches on her face but was stopped when they turned away from him.

Rin had awoken to find Haru kissing and petting her. She swallowed the urge to return his affections and faced away from him. He had hurt her, that was true, but she had struck the first blow. She had stopped talking to him and broke up with him so that he would stay out of her way. She wanted to help him; she wanted to break the curse for him. The fact that she wasn't the one broke her heart. All the sweat and time she had wasted was for none. She had shunned him and had nothing to offer him in forgiveness.

"D-don't touch me," Rin wheezed threateningly but it fell on deaf ears as Haru stroked her cheek.

"I said don't touch me!!" Rin turned to yell but Haru silenced her with a capture of her lips. She trembled as hot tears streamed down her cheeks, her hands clawing at his jacket and face.

He licked her bottom lip before breaking away to whisper in her ear, "Rin will you go out with me?" Rin could only throw her head back in a sob as Haru began to kiss under her robe. His hands that played with her breasts were really touching her heart and she only cried louder.

"H-horny b-baka," Rin hiccupped, causing Haru to grin before embracing her lips again.

Hatori, who managed to fix the door enough to give the couple some privacy, sighed, "this isn't a teen soap opera people this is my office." Hatori couldn't help but blush though when he heard a moan erupt from the room. "This isn't a motel either!!"

Kyo, who was asleep on the couch, woke up to the ruckus with sleepy eyes. "What are they doing?" Kyo yawned while cocking his head to the side, noticing that the door to the room was closed; yet Hatori was standing in front of him. "Huh, Haa-kun? Aren't you supposed to be doing that?"

"N-no!" Hatori stammered before turning around, his shoulders slumping slightly, "...I haven't gotten any patients like that in years."

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The leaves under his feet shattered as he crouched behind the protection of a few rugged hedges. Who knows where Akito was, and the place just gave him the shivers. So many times had he clawed the bars in a fit of desperation to escape. Now, he sought a way into his personal hell. He knew that Akito would steal Tohru away and lock her in Yuki's so called "favorite" room. Oh God, he almost vomited at the horrid memories, memories of being tortured, taken, and tormented by Akito's twisted sense of affection. The man cooed words of love while driving broken shavers into his skin or whatever he thought would be fun to use on Yuki's beaten body. Yuki gagged, his stomach failing him. Wiping away the bile, he crawled over to a disturbed bush. Pushing it with his hands, Yuki uncovered a hole. He had found it after a particularly brutal visiting from Akito. He escaped and ran to Shigure's house, locking himself away until Shigure convinced Akito to let him stay. It was a bit snug, having grown quite a bit since that day, but Yuki managed with only a few minor scratches. Shaking the debris from his clothes, Yuki found himself in the storage closet where Akito kept his pains, sinister devices, and so on. Yuki shuddered at the familiar, cramped room before finding the door handle. He pressed his ear against the door to listen intently for any signs of Akito—it was dead quiet. Yuki turned the knob slowly and silently, not daring to breathe. Only opening the door partway, he shimmied his way out. He shut the door behind him but had to bite his tongue to keep from gasping.

Yuki couldn't imagine how the room could ever be worse, but it had grown darker, and if possible, more demented than ever. Paints and artworks were strewn everywhere, he only hoped the crusted, red streaks on the walls were paint. Curses were carved into the walls, some so horrid that Yuki looked away in revulsion. It was as if a storm of spitfire hate and obscenity had hit the place. Yuki jumped as the sound of water dripping came from the bathroom. He followed the crystal echoes and clutched the bathroom doorframe in horror.

"Tohru!" Yuki ran towards Tohru who lied curled and shivering in the half-filled bathtub. Yuki hauled her out the cold tub and into his arms, making sure to keep safe enough distance from turning into his zodiac animal. She seemed to be suffering from hypothermia, because Yuki's attempt to dry and warm her gave no reaction.

"Oh, Tohru. Tohru, please wake up, please!" Yuki pleaded. He cried in frustration that he couldn't hug her. He kept rubbing her arms in hope that she would warm up. Yuki swallowed, a lump growing in his throat as he frantically looked about the room for some type of cloth. He only found dirty rags but it would have to do. Picking the cleanest ones he could find he dried and covered her. Even in such a horrific time, Yuki looked away with a blush at Tohru's obvious nudity. There were more important things then to wonder where the hell had those been the whole time she resided at Shigure's house. Yuki mentally slapped himself at the perverted thoughts and continued trying to warm Tohru. Eventually, her shivers became short pulses.

"Tohru," Yuki whispered, "Tohru, please wake up. What has he done to you? That bastard, I'll kill him." Yuki vowed while resting his cheek against her own. He noted the small creases in her closed eyes. Yuki smiled bitterly, knowing full well that Tohru had shut herself away like he had during Akito's tortures.

"Tohru," Yuki cooed softly," once, when I was a young boy, I met this pretty little girl. She was lost and crying. Though she was hurt, she kept following me until she found her home again. I never saw her again but I gave her my hat…she was my first love…my only." Yuki shifted to cup Tohru's quivering cheeks in his hands.

"Tohru, follow me, please. Tohru…" Yuki mumbled while placing his lips on her own. A choked sob made him break away and stare into drowning hazel pools.

"Y-Yuki," Tohru wept. She reached for him blindly, breathing heavily. Yuki smiled, letting Tohru cry violently until she almost fainted from the force. They remained silent for a few moments, Tohru trying to get her wits together. Small, painful thuds began to resurface as Tohru used the rags to cover herself as best she could. Yuki frowned in concern but would have to tend to her wounds after they were a good distance away from Akito.

"Let's go."


A shrill scream erupted from the oak walls as piercing nails carved their messages of hate. Akito panted in rage, his arms outstretch like a bird in flight with claws outdrawn to wreak havoc on any nearby prey. Eyes bloodshot from sleepless nights of self-loathing, Akito tore his hands away from the ripped walls to rub at them until his lashes created a burning friction. His brain battled with coherent thought as his chest constricted painfully. His blood pressure caused him to see dots and his veins to pulse feverishly.

"K-Kureno," Akito wheezed before grabbing a nearby vase and smashing it to a million pieces. He moved on, not caring that the broken shards vengefully dug into his foot.

"I-I don't n-need him," he rasped angrily. Thoughts of Kureno embracing Arisa plagued his mind until he tore at his black locks. A sneer of disgust contorted his lips until his pinkish gums were visible at their words of love and adoration. His feverish brain could not take anymore of the mental abuse and rebelled by sending a terrible ache down Akito's spine. With a shout Akito fell to his knees in numbing pain, the shards in his feet delving deeper. His vision became hazy as footsteps vibrated against his cheek. Bare feet stopped in front of him as a pair of strong hands reached for him.

"Don't touch me," Akito drawled more out of habit than anything else. The hands only paused before curling under his arms and hoisting him up none too gently.

"What plagues my beloved Akito-sama?" A masculine voice purred in his ear, which made Akito cringe at the moist warmth.

"Don't play with me Shigure, I'm in no mood," Akito attempted a growl but it only came out as a harmful whisper. Shigure tilted his head in mock confusion before releasing Akito's arms and relocating his hands to the slim boy's waist before laying the boy's back against the wall.

"Oh, but I do it so rarely," Shigure pouted before leaning against Akito to keep him from falling. "Now, tell me what troubles my Akito-sama."

Akito squirmed at the pressure that Shigure was inflicting on his chest but it seemed that he wasn't going to be relieved of it anytime soon. He stopped his writhing to glare daggers at the tall man.

"How dare you disobey me and take advantage of my weak state so audaciously! You are treading on serious grounds, Shigure. What if a servant were to see you? I could scream rape and you would be banished from this family," Akito clicked his tongue threateningly.

Shigure only seemed to smile at Akito's empty threat; he knew that Akito wouldn't dare do such a thing because the servants would pay no mind to his screams and most likely grin in satisfaction. Besides, Shigure could always keep Akito's mouth preoccupied with something that would make him unable to utter even a syllable. His heated thoughts were broken by Akito's voice mumbling something in his ear.

"Kureno has betrayed me," Akito spoke quietly, his eyes hiding behind his bangs.

With a sigh Shigure rested his cheek against Akito's, "he was no good for you." He then pressed himself against Akito's thigh, " you can always take out your frustrations on me. It's been awhile, ne?"

Akito rolled his eyes at Shigure's blatant desire, "you disgust me. I have no need for that, not from you anyway." Shigure blinked in surprise as he released his hold on Akito somewhat.

"What new Sohma have you taken now?" Shigure asked dryly. Akito smirked at the familiar tone.

"What are you more bothered by Shigure? That it is a Sohma or an outsider?" A malicious grin stretched Akito's cheeks as he watched creases in Shigure's eyes form.

"Don't think I am so naïve to not suspect anything, let alone from you, my hound. I know what you were trying to do from the beginning. Tohru was your savior, no? She was your blossoming flower whose charms were irresistible, even to me. Did you not think of the fact that she is just a mere girl while I am, well, me? If none of the Sohmas can withstand me, then how can an ugly orphan girl such as her defeat me? Do you think me weak, Shigure?"

"No, Akito-sama," Shigure murmured, his hands shaking slightly.

"You are truly vile, Shigure. Using a girl's innocence against me. Do you know what I did to her because of you, hmm?" Akito chuckled before craning his neck to lick the rim of his ear.

"Exactly what you did to me."

Shigure let go of Akito as if he were on fire. "That's not fair, you asked me to. You told me you wanted it." Akito wrapped his slender arms around his neck, his long fingers stroking his cheek.

"At first yes, but I told you to stop didn't I? And did you? No, you kept going. You wanton slut! You just loved causing me those few moments of pain!" A hard slap resounded from the halls as Shigure's face throbbed.

"I'll never forgive you. Now, remove your robe and kneel like the slut mongrel that you are!" Akito commanded harshly. Shigure chanced an anxious glance at him before untying his sash and doing what he was told. His nude body tingled as he felt Akito's eyes rake over his form. He shuddered when he felt his lean body caress his back. It was wrong, but he enjoyed this, he craved it.

"Do you want me? I know you do. I knew ever since I was a child that you lusted after my young body. I think that could be labeled as pedophilia, Shigure. But guess what, I have a new bitch to take." Akito hummed seductively. He felt the body under him tense and he felt a swell of power.

"You see, Shigure, your plan was a success. The young flower is mine now. Isn't that what you wanted? Didn't you want her to come here and try to change me? Well, she did. At least, she's changed my orientation. You can't have everything, can you? You know what I think? I think that you really hate Tohru. You can't stand that I've lain inside her. You hate to think that I've planted my seed in her like a fucking faucet."

Akito ran a pale hand along Shigure's side before digging his nails into his tan skin, causing Shigure to yelp. "Or is it that she is the loyal dog who God favors? Are you jealous that you are not my pet, my servant, and my lover? Jealousy is an ugly trait, Shigure." With that Akito unhooked his nails from Shigure's side, wiping the blood on his behind like a dirty washcloth.

Akito prepared to walk away but paused and took a long side-glance at him, "by the way, I never have to fake it with her."


"Let's go," Yuki helped Tohru up and let her encircle a hand around his waist. He stared at her curiously as she seemed to recoil from his touch a bit. Did he disrespect her by kissing her? Yuki thought she was too caught up in her crying to notice that he even touched her. Then again, she had been in this room with Akito for what he could guess a day and that was more than enough to become reclusive.

"Honda-san, what did Aki-" but Tohru, who let go of him as if it pained her to be next to him, cut him off. Her disheveled chocolate hair hid her from him as she tried to stop her quivering hands.

"Mom must be ashamed," Tohru let out a choking sob, her trembling hands covering her eyes before traveling down to rest on her abdomen. She held that pose for what seemed like an eternity, silent tears traveling down her cheeks. Images of her dreams fleeting by only to return with full force. As if hearing a clock strike, her eyes widened and a fresh batch of tears enveloped her.

"Mother must hate me. She must hate her sinful daughter," Tohru wailed so loud that Yuki was taken aback at the sheer agony of it. Tohru barely yelled let alone cried like the damned. After a few moments Tohru quieted down to whimpers as she looked down at her flat belly.

She sniffed while rubbing her stomach, "but I won't." Yuki frowned at her cryptic message before his eyes widened in horror and disbelief.

There was a violent slam as Akito ripped open the screen door, tearing it off its hinges. He had heard the piercing cry and recognized that the voice belonged to his angel. At first, he thought it to be the cry of suicide and his thin blood coursed threw his sickly body so fast that he thought it would leak from the pores of his skin. He saw his beloved kneeling with her hands on her belly next to what seemed to be a horrorstruck Yuki. Akito clenched his fists and found his legs bringing him closer to the boy.

"Get away from her!" Yuki heard a shout and managed to see a deranged Akito coming at him like a rabid dog. He dodged his punch and grabbed Akito's arm, bending it slightly so that a high-pitched yelp erupted from him. Tohru stared at the two in shock, clasping her belly tighter as she saw Akito pounce on Yuki.

"Don't you dare touch her you filthy rat!" Akito roared before he was flipped on his back harshly.

Yuki felt a surge of rage build up in him and channeled his fury to get the upper hand. "Me?! You-You are the filthy one! How dare you take advantage of Tohru!"

"It's your fault she got hurt! You're all to blame!" Akito struggled against Yuki angered that he had the gall to defy him. Yuki seemed to be besting him and Akito growled as he felt his arms being twisted in ways they weren't suppose to be.

"Or are you angry that I got to her first?" Akito hissed, throwing Yuki off guard enough to throw a punch and roll him over.

"I know you want her, Yuki! You think you can take her away from me just because she loves you? Huh? JUST BECAUSE SHE LOVES YOU YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE HER AWAY?! YOU SPOILED SHIT! YOU STOLE FROM THE BANQUET, YOU RAT! YOU ALWAYS STEAL FROM GOD, CONNIVING RODENT!" Akito bellowed while pinning Yuki's arms beside his head.

He then lowered his head to Yuki's ear to whisper deadly words, " she is mine. I will die and she will die with me. The loyal dog will die with her master." Yuki gasped as his pupils dilated at Akito's words.

"I won't let you!" Yuki roared while kneeing Akito in the stomach before connecting his fist with his jaw. Yuki felt something fracture as Akito stumbled backward, blood dripping down his chin like a waterfall. Akito felt himself jerk forward, his head bobbing from the force. Yuki tightened his hold around the scruff of Akito's neck, his fingers itching to wrap around the annoyingly frail neck.

"You think you're God? Well, I have news for you, gods don't bleed," Yuki scoffed as his hands gripped harder, making Akito wheeze for air. "They don't die either." Akito's eyes shook as he began to claw at Yuki's hand, his nails becoming tinted with crimson.

"Yuki!" The surprisingly soft voice made Yuki do a double turn as he saw Tohru weeping profusely. She had watched the grotesque scene until her head and heart began to tear in two. Her legs buckled at the sight of Akito, the painful throb in her womb reminding her of previous events and dreams. It was selfish of her but she did not want Yuki to kill Akito because she cared for him. She just didn't like the thought of violence but also didn't want the reflection of her demons to die as well, not like this. The child in her dreams that was Akito really portrayed the hurt and agony she had experienced when her father had died. Her mother rejected her existence for a time and only thought of her deceased father. Her feelings of that time had been bottled but now are starting to resurface. It was strange and hard to admit but she knew what Akito was feeling, if only a fraction. He embraced them unlike her and was rotting. She knew she couldn't break the curse. She could never embrace her bitter feelings towards her mother and would never, could never, embrace the one person who was decaying from those same emotions. She had failed. She was a coward.

"Please, Yuki, don't be like him. Only Akito would ever hurt someone," Tohru whispered softly. Yuki's legs almost betrayed him from those pleading eyes and he let go of Akito, not being able to live with himself if he were to be the cause of her misery.

"Come on, let's go," Yuki said quietly. Tohru walked away with him, her eyes glued to the floor, not daring to see what vile things could be burning behind those dark coals. If she had turned, perhaps taken a glimpse, then perhaps Tohru would have seen not love, but heartbreak. She would have seen Akito cry.


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