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"What's going on?" Sabrina asked.

"What are you talking about?" Aunt Zelda asked, trying to play dumb, and it worked.

"Nothing," Sabrina said, she didn't want her aunts to think she was insane.

"Now for that snack," Aunt Zelda said, relieved that she escaped that question.

"But, don't I have to unpack first?" Sabrina asked.

"No, you can let your Aunt Hilda do that," Zelda answered. "Now into that kitchen, go!" Zelda almost pushed Sabrina into the kitchen.

Sabrina just sat down at the table, thinking over the day's events. Was it her imagination, or were her aunts really weird? She decided it was her imagination, she didn't need her aunts thinking she belonged in a psycho bin. Sabrina pushed everything that happened to the back of her mind, and decided to ignore anything else weird. Little did she know, that would be easier said than done.

She drummed her fingers on the table and hummed an annoying song stuck in her head, while wondering what was taking Aunt Zelda so long.


"Hilda," Zelda whispered, "what do you think you're doing?"

"Helping Sabrina unpack?" Hilda half-asked.

"No, you're blowing our cover!" she lectured.

"I am not!" Hilda argued.

"The witches council will be furious if Sabrina finds out she's a witch before her sixteenth birthday!" Zelda said.

"Oh she won't find out," Hilda said.

"She already suspects something," Zelda argued.

"Sabrina has no idea we're--," Hilda began.

"Terrible cooks," Zelda interrupted, seeing Sabrina come through the kitchen door. "You're right, Hilda, we really should take Sabrina out to eat, instead of just cooking something here."

"Am I going to unpack?" Sabrina asked.

"Later, later," Zelda said. "For now, let's just go and eat at a mort, Moroccan, restaurant."

"Aright," Sabrina said. That was weird, she thought, but just pushed it to the back of her mind, like she'd promised herself.

Zelda, Hilda, and Sabrina traveled all through the town, trying to find a Moroccan restaurant.

"Have you guys ever actually eaten in a Moroccan restaurant around here?" Sabrina asked.

"Well, no," Zelda said truthfully.

"We've never actually eaten at a restaurant around here," said Hilda. "We normally go the other realm. Oops!"

"The other realm?" asked Sabrina.

"The other realm is a, uh, um, it's a," Hilda started.

"A club," Zelda interrupted.

"Right, a club," Hilda agreed.

"Yeah, when Hilda said we never eat at restaurants around here, she wasn't counting the club as a restaurant, but it's where we always eat," Zelda explained, lying through her teeth.

"You go clubbing?" Sabrina asked.

"Not that kind of club," Zelda said, "it's different, special."

Sabrina's head was still buzzing with suspicion and questions, but she pushed it to the back of her mind. Soon the trio came across a Moroccan restaurant.

"Finally!" Hilda exclaimed.

They walked into the restaurant, very much ready to eat.

"A table for three," Zelda said to the host.

"Sorry, but there's an hour wait," he said, "maybe longer."

Hilda gave an exasperated sigh, "Listen buddy, we most certainly will-"

"Wait," Zelda interrupted. "Thank you."

Zelda, Hilda, and Sabrina sat on a bench nearby.

"Zelly," Hilda whispered, "why did you do that? I could have gotten us a table!"

"I don't want you to get us a table by getting into a fight with the host!" said Zelda.

"Well, maybe I wasn't going to fight him," Hilda said.

"I didn't want you to use magic, either," Zelda informed her.

"Maybe I wasn't going to use magic," Hilda said, even though that's what she was going to do most likely.

"I don't even want to think about the remaining possibilities," Zelda said.

After about ten minutes of Hilda sighing, Zelda grinning in a stupid, false way, and waiting, Sabrina spoke up, "I wish the people occupying the tables would leave sooner!" About two minutes later, the tables were empty. Everyone had stopped eating, dropped their forks, paid for their food, and left.

As soon as the tables had been cleaned, the confused host came over to them. "It seems we have a vacant table now." He led them over to the nearest three-person table. "A waiter will be with you in a moment," he said.

Since no one was there, they got their food fairly quickly. When Sabrina's arrived she was disappointed. This isn't what I wanted, she thought, I wish I could've gotten what I wanted, I'm so hungry. No sooner had she gotten it, than her food miraculously changed into something she liked. Sabrina stared at her food in amazement. "That did not just happen," she assured herself quietly. "It was a trick of my eyes." Then she started eating, in pure bewilderment.

When they finished eating, the trio traveled back to the house.

"That was really weird tonight," Sabrina said.

"What was?" Zelda asked in false ignorance.

"You know what she's talking about," Hilda said, not noticing the hand signals Zelda was sending her, "tonight at dinner when everyone left the restaurant."

"Oh that," Zelda said, throwing Hilda a dirty look, "that was a bit peculiar, but it happens quite often here. People will just simultaneously decide to leave."

"Really?" said Sabrina. "But I thought you didn't eat at restaurants here?"

"It, um, happens at the club all the time," said Zelda.

"Oh," said Sabrina, not fully believing her, but deciding it was the best thing to do.

"Huh?" asked Hilda.

"Can I talk to you for a moment, Hilda?" Zelda said as more of a command. Hilda followed as Zelda led her through the kitchen door. "What do you think you're doing?" Zelda asked in a harsh whisper. "You're going to blow our cover! Whenever she mentions anything 'strange' you have to play dumb!" her voice was now strained.

"Sorry, but Zelly, I hate this!" Hilda whined.

"It's just for a little longer," Zelda promised.

They went back out to the living room, just in time to hear a thunderclap from upstairs.

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